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Transports help!

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#1 Lion

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Posted 30 August 2004 - 07:21 AM

Right, i have my own mod and everything, but theres ONE thing i never, i mean NEVER got the AI to do, and its one of the most stupidly easy ones id guess (as even the EA AI features it)... GETTING UNITS TO LOAD INTO A TRANSPORT!!!
Look i tried adding load into transports, do it sequentially, and even just do that at all. i tried with battlebusses (which arent kindof=transport so its ok it failed), humvees, chinooks, helixes, etc etc etc!!
i must be doing something terribly wrong yet simple and overlooked.
Can anyone post me in full (as in showing if its active or not, etc in detail) a script that will fill up a transport (eg combat chinook with 8 men) and then hunt? Since you are being a nice person and posting the script could you also add any information about the team im creating to do that?
i tried so many times now... they never go in the damn transports!

whoever posts a solution first that i manage to get working will get a first hand help from me on how to impress your mates by having a flying artillery/hospital/missile protector/AA battery and stealthed unit detector- ALL IN ONE, in the game unmodded.. works multiplayer and involves nothing more than playing the game as AF gen...

Please help lol im desperate now :grin:

#2 Akkrand

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Posted 30 August 2004 - 10:20 AM

Alright Lion, my units are getting in their transports with a sequential script. I don't know if the sequence is necessary or not, but I know it works and like the way it looks. ^_^
So, there are 2 scripts. The First, "Load Into Transports", goes thusly:

*** IF ***
*** THEN ***
Team '<This Team>' executes Script 'Load Team into Transports Sequence' sequentially.

The second, thusly:

*** IF ***
*** THEN ***
Team '<This Team>' change their attitude to Normal
Team '<This Team>' will move towards the nearest 'Base Buildings' within area '[Skirmish]MyInnerPerimeter'
Team '<This Team>' load into transports.

Now, you shouldn't need to change their attitude if you've already set it to 'Normal' when you make the team in the Teams Editor, in the scripts I use to tell my teams to attack, I set the mood to aggressive there. Saves me having to worry about it later, since I know their always in the right mood for the right job.

I'm not 100% sure if it matters, it may well since I seem to do this exclusively now, but I always tell my teams to load into their transports in their "On Create" tab. It means my guys are always loaded when they are called upon to attack/defend/whatever. I remember you saying you changed how the AI launches its attacks, I hope you can use this approach...
If you need your 'On Create' behaviour for something critical, then put the script in the Generic tab, but add the line:
Set Team '<This Team>' to 'Loaded'.
into either the first script, or the first line of the second script. Also, add the condition:
Team '<This Team>' state IS 'Loaded'
to the first script. This will prevent the script from running every frame, eating up resources.

I hope this works for you, let me know if it doesn't and I see if I can work out why.

Also, I don't need to know how to create the uberunit you mentioned, as I remember a post of yours about it before, and used it, and yes its friggin insane! I love it.
I wonder if I can make the AI do it? :grin:

Lord Akkrand

#3 Mithril



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Posted 30 August 2004 - 02:21 PM

I'm not 100% sure if it matters, it may well since I seem to do this exclusively now, but I always tell my teams to load into their transports in their "On Create" tab

I'm pretty sure this matters- RVMECH said you should never confuse an ACTION with an EVENT - the event being "On Create". The original bombtruck scripts ONLY worked in the On Enemy Sighted tab for example.

But transports are generally evil! Especially the battle buses! DZ made a thread about this a while back - he added the TRANSPORT flag to it in the INI but it still didn't work - I was working on a challenge map once and tried the same - no success. Thudo (and lion probably too) got this to work ..I assume it all has something to do with the difference between a script ACTION and a script EVENT.

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#4 Lion

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Posted 30 August 2004 - 06:30 PM

Thanks Akkrand, im gonna be testing this, but just in case it fails (it probably will knowing me and transports) do either these scripts deactivate? thanks!


God this is frustrating! Still not working... soldiers all get stuck in barracks untill they are all done, they all come out as a big pack, move to the humvee/combat nook and then... NOTHING! the humvees runs off leaving them behind, they all die and the AI wasted like 3k!

im going insane over this bad style, but i didnt know about the normal mood or the on create.. ill try variations of the same thing and see if it works!

Ahhhh its done, its working... so glad!
Thanks a lot Akkrand! You saved my mental stability! It was great seeing one Humvee blowing up a load of dozers and a warfactory!

Ill get working on Mobile platforms of doom now (aka combat nooks), and then ill try and make them leave transports when damaged and go on foot with laserlock :)

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#5 Akkrand

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Posted 30 August 2004 - 10:58 PM

Let me know if you ever get them to disembark when the transport gets damaged. That's something I want to know about.

EDIT: Lion neither of these scripts should need to deactivate. Firstly, the sequence script is called by the first script, so it will only run if the other one does, and the first script is "On Create", hence it only happens once.
From what you've said I gather the main reason it never worked for you was the team not being in the 'normal' mood. As far as I know and can tell, its pushing things expecting a team to follow specific orders if they're aggressive. Normal behaviour to set up your units, then switch to aggressive when you want then to kill. :)

Lord Akkrand

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