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Generals ZH v1.03 Community Patch released!

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Posted 31 August 2004 - 04:28 AM

One of the best Generals ZH players out there, AgMLauncher, has faithfully created, with the help of EA Germany, a solid v1.03 Patch for ZH! Its a "community patch" and yes its not official but its easy to integrate and test as it uses one .BIG file.

Patch can be obtained here: http://users.wpi.edu...ue/patch103.zip

Here is the thread on the official Generals/ZH board where he talks about it:


Here are the changes the v1.03 patch makes (remember, these changes are based on months of pro-player feedback so you know its good!!!!):

Beta version 1.01 - End date 8-20-04
>>Emergency bug fix: fixed an issue with USA laser lock. It was firing the wrong weapon.

Beta version 1.00 - End date 8-20-04
>>Generic: all tanks except overlords have a range increase from 150 (default) to 160
>>Generic: all overlords have a range increase from 175 (default) to 180
>>Generic: all scorpion rockets have a range increase from 150 (default) to 160
>>Generic: all rocket infantry have a ground range decrease from 175 (default) to 165
>>Generic: all rocket infantry have an air range increase from 175 (default) to 185
>>Generic: all GLA rocket infantry on bikes increase ground range from 175 (default) to 185
>>Generic: all GLA rocket infantry on bikes increase air range from 175 (default) to 195
>>Generic: all GLA rocket infantry on bikes gain stinger site AA tracking
>>Generic: all gattling tanks have a ground range decrease from 150 (default) to 140
>>Generic: all quad cannons have a ground range decrease from 150 (default) to 140
>>Generic: all technicals do Gattling damage from Comanche_Vulcan (default)
>>Generic: all radar van's stealth detection range increased from 200 (default) to 275
>>Generic: all GLA tunnels (non toxin) have a damage increase from 10 (default) to 20
>>Generic: all humvees take 30% damage from small arms. 50% is default
>>Generic: all humvees take 30% damage from gattling. 50% is default
>>Generic: all humvees take 200% damage from armor piercing weapons. 100% is default (tanks stonger vs humvees)
>>Generic: all avengers gain new armor class identical to the humvee armor prior to the vulnerability to armor piercing (the avenger shouldnt suffer because of the humvee)
>>Generic: all laser lock missiles do explosion damage. default is armor piercing. (does not affect anything that can be laser locked as anything that can be laser locked has identical vulnerabilities to exlosion damage and armor peircing, but if I kept it armor piercing it would mean LL hurts humvees, gatts, and quads too much because of the following changes)
>>Generic: all gattling tanks take 150% damage from armor piercing weapons (tanks stronger vs gatt spam)
>>Generic: all quad cannons take 150% damage from armor piercing weapons (crucial as quads still do small arms)
>>Generic: smallpoisonfieldweapon range reduced from 12 (default) to 7.5 to match its upgraded version
>>Generic: smallpoisonfieldweapon damage reduced from 2 (default) to 1
>>Generic: smallpoisonfieldweaponupgraded damage reduced from 2.5 (default) to 1.5
>>Generic: all USA flashbang's primary damage increased from 25 (default) to 35
>>Generic: all USA pathfinders now require a strategy center to be trained
>>Generic: all hero units now have a new armor class. Identical to HumanArmor except more resistant to sniperfire. The same applies for Burton's chemsuit armor.
>>Generic: all jarmen Kells do 360 damage up from 180 (default). This is to compensate for hero units being 100% more resistant to sniper fire.
>>Generic: all Helixes' hitpoints reduced from 300 (default) to 275
>>Generic: carbomb bug fixed by increasing the attack range of the suicide car bomb from 5 (default) to 7
>>Generic: all china carpet bombers charge time increased from 150000ms to 240000ms
>>Generic: all microwave tanks' infantry_missile damage resistance increased from default by 30% (for reference the toxin tractor is 80% resistant)
>>Generic: activated the second PDL on all Avengers.
>>Generic: reduced the ROF of each PDL by 25%. (500 default to 625). The net effect is a PDL system that is 50% faster.
>>Generic: all gattling tanks' air weapon does gattling damage. Default was SMALL_ARMS (wtf??)

>>USAF: carpet bomber removed completely. No need for it with the humvee's gatt and quad killing ability and better USA flashbangs. It hurt other uSA's too much and was simply too inflexible to allow for the balance changes I actually wanted to use. USAF has early spectre, thats plenty.
>>USAF: King Raptor PDL restored to that of the rest of his aircraft. No more super laser. Good day for other USA factions.
>>USAF: King Raptor missile count reduced from 6 (default) to 4 to compensate for reduction of PDL.
>>USAF: King Raptor missile damage increased from 125 (default) to 168 bringing the total damage to 672 (was 750)
>>USAF: King Raptor LGM missile upgrade damage increased from 140 (default) to 210. The total damage is 840, EXACTLY the same as it is in EA's ZH 1.02 version. This is now a 25% increase compared to EA's 12% increase. The offset is that the KR is now weaker than it was prior to the upgrade, but just as strong as it normally would be after EA's 12% upgrade.
>>USAF: King Raptor benefits from the countermeasure armor upgrade.
>>USAF: King Raptor starting health reduced from 240 (default) to 160. These two changes make the regular raptor and the king raptor identical in armor. After countermeasures has been upgraded, the King Raptor is NO different than it is now, and since now it does not benefit from countermeasures, the net result is an identical KR. You just need to upgrade it to get it that way is all.
>>USAF: Comanche countermeasure armor small arms resistance nerfed from 38% (default) to 25%.
>>USAF: combat chinook carrying capacity reduced from 8 units 5
>>USAF: spectre gunship hitpoints at levels 2 and 3 increased to 1000 where they belong
>>USAF: spectre gunship hitpoints at level 1 decreased to 600 where it belongs. It only makes sense that if it's going to stay in combat longer, its going to need more health :S

>>Inf: minigunner ground damage reduced from 10 to 8
>>Inf: minigunner air damage reduced from 12 to 10
>>Inf: Lotus gains Infgen_heroarmor class. Identical to the infgen_humanarmor class except 100% more resistant to sniper fire.
>>Inf: Attack Outpost health reduced from 350 (default) to 300
>>Inf: Attack Outpost healing/prop effect reduced from 4%/4% to 1%/2% (without/with subliminal messaging)
>>Inf: Attack Outpost starting payload reduced from 4 (default) to 3. Total available slots unchanged
>>Inf: Assault Troop Crawler healing/prop effect reduced from 4%/4% to 2%/4%
>>Inf: Assault Troop Crawler stealth detection removed (why the redundancy? screws stealth too much IMO)
>>Inf: Assault Troop Crawler starting payload reduced from 8 to 6. Total available slots unchanged
>>Inf: Assault Troop Crawler build time decreased from 25 seconds (default) to 20

>>Stealth: radar van cloaks while standing still exactly the same way the listening outpost does
>>Stealth: tunnel vision/shroud clearing range increased from 200 (default) to 300
>>Stealth: tunnel stealth detection range increased from 150 (default) to 225
>>Stealth: Hijacker build time increased from 15 seconds (default) to 12.5 (the result is an actual 5 second build time reduction)

>>Toxin: rpg trooper loses stinger site AA tracking from the start (unless on a bike)
>>Toxin: rpg trooper regains stinger site AA tracking after gamma upgrade (unique to toxin)
>>Toxin: exhaust fx for rpgs on bikes corrected.
>>Toxin: corrected gamma damage for combat cycles from 40 (default) to 60 (consistent)
>>Toxin: chem_smallpoisonfieldweapongamma damage decreased from 2.5 (default) to 2 (now it's actually better than beta is, unlike before when they were equal)
>>Toxin: tunnel gun range (beta and gamma) reduced from 160 (default) to 155. This is to compensate for reduced RPG range, but actually makes the tunnel better than it was as the difference was 15, now its only 10. Rocket soldiers still cannot be killed directly with it, it must be force fired to kill them, and it works all the time now, before there was an issue with it.

>>Nuke: BM and OL and mig radiation damage reduced from 15 (default) to 5
>>Nuke: BM and OL and mig radiation range reduced from 25 (default) to 10
>>Nuke: Particle system graphics size multiplier for smallradiationfield set to 1 from 3 (default) This was to keep the damage radius the exact same as the visual radius This is how
>>Nuke: BM speed reduced from 45 (default) to 35
>>Nuke: BM damaged speed reduced from 37 (default, yes that number's right) to 30
>>Nuke: OL speed reduced from 40 (default) to 30
>>Nuke: OL damaged speed reduced from 40 (default, yes that number's right too) to 30 (also right)

>>Demo: Jarmen Kell no longer detects stealth.
>>Demo: Suicide upgrade now has two weapons. One is the normal one, the other is a weaker version
>>Demo: Normal suicide weapon no longer detonates if unit is killed by opposing unit. It can only be manually detonated
>>Demo: Secondary suicide weapon will only detonate if unit is killed by opposing unit. It has primary damage of 50 and radius of 60, and a secondary damage of 10 and a radius of 70.

>>SWgen: Aurora Alpha primary damage radius reduced from 100 (default) to 50. This translates to a total area of effect reduction of 30%. Not as extreme as the 50% damage radius reduction might have you believe
>>SWgen: EMP patriots eject three rangers when killed as other patriots do. This helps her slow down the mass of infantry that killed the first patriot, so that by the time they reach the second layer of defenses (which you should have) they are weakened slightly.
>>SWgen: Avenger no longer requires strategy center to be constructed.

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