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Supply centers

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#1 masterquinn

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Posted 04 October 2004 - 01:27 AM

doesnt seem like lots of ppl msg here often... should i stop?

i asked in another forum, and got a mixed message.. i dont quite understand wher eto put things, and i got no response back.. sooooooo

i want to make exploding supply stashes (the supply areas where you get money FROM), to do that i would assume i would have to give them hit points... i think 5000 seems reasonable to test out... but as it explodes or loses all 5000 hit points, i want it to explode supply crates in a small radius.. like about i dunno... $10,000 worth or if there is less on the stash itself, then that amount in crates... what i got was this as an answer..

You have to create a new OCL and add it into the Supply Center Behaivor if you want to have Supply Boxes to appear after Destruction, just create a OCL that spawns those Crates

Short Example:

ObjectCreationList OCL_SupplyCenterCashes
ObjectNames = 1500DollarCrate

And then add this Tag to the Supply Center:

Behavior = CreateObjectDie ModuleTag_66
CreationList = OCL_SupplyCenterCashes

i can;t find any supply center line other than what i created in object creation list.. i dont get it... and shouldn't i have to put hit points somewhere? i know how to code c++ and all that but these ini files are damn annoying.. writing everything 6 damn times...

Thanks for the help.. much appreciated, im working on a mod with all existing units and such, but better balancing :p

this is for zero hour, sorry.. andthanks for help with the others, much appreciated! this should be my last annoyance. hehe

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Posted 04 October 2004 - 02:38 AM

[forces object to dynamically restore itself - module is triggered when object is REALLYDAMAGED or at 30% of MaxHealth]
	SelfHealingSupression = [integer, milliseconds]
	SelfHealDelay = [integer, milliseconds]
	SelfHealAmount = [integer]
I believe this is the module you are looking for. I think this is what allows you to adjust how much money is in a supply dock depending on the level of health. Otherwise, I suggest you check at Deezire, as he has done something like this in his Pro:Gen mod.
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