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And the winner is..

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Posted 23 October 2004 - 09:55 AM

...Mr. Lang! He has won a beta slot.

Here's the winning concept:

The structure is split roughly into three different sections, each with
different details.

Administration - The "formal" research building where all the pen-and-paper
work is done. Supposed to look like a clean brick German structure. The
front door may or may not be barricaded with sandbags and tank traps
depending on what people thinks looks best. There's a back door and a door
leading to the rooftop of the manufacturing building. The balcony on top of
the main door is a good place to hang a few flags off of, otherwise the
building is quite unremarkable.

Manufacturing - The place where blueprints and ideas materialize. This
structure should be a big ugly slab of concrete complete with generic
smokestacks, a generic pile of barrels, and generic ventilation shafts. The
rooftop may or may not be lined with barbed wire according to aesthetics. A
view of the back shows an open garage where a prototype German tank sits.
When something is being researched the windows should probably flicker to
let people know that evil stuff is happening inside. The structure should be
roughly the same size as administration.

V2 - The courtyard behind both administration and manufacturing is well-lit
and fenced-off for a good reason. The V2 should sit in a slightly depressed
pit lined with sandbags. To add atmosphere targetting equipment could be
nearby, connected to the V2 by a mess of wires along the ground. A path
through the V2 courtyard connects administration and manufacturing.

Posted Image
[Click to enlarge]

We also want to mention the second and third place.
2nd: Mr. Sklenitzka. Also his concept was very good. It was almost a tie but Mr. Lang's is better for an RTS, while Mr. Sklenitzka's is better for an FPS.
3rd: Uruk-Hai his shots from a Medal of Honor Level in of Call of Duty.

Thanks to everyone who sent his concept.
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