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How Convert Yr Desert Maps Into Cnc:r

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Posted 16 January 2005 - 09:34 PM

(LAST UPDATE: 11-23-2003... mm-dd-yyyy)
This Tutorial will be "a help" to all Map Maker that would like convert Desert maps in the TS terrain that have CnC:Reloaded (I remember you that the Desert Terrain was change by the TS terrain but aren't compatibles the maps, sorry :blink: ) & I'll recommend use Final alert2:YR (RA2/YR Map Editor... I recommend the ultimate version 1.02 from this site).

If I Compare the tutorial to convert TS maps (of the TS game) into the TS map of C&C:Reloaded (YR mod :) ), this second tutorial is VERY easy to a map maker & very quickly... I start now:

1º) Disable C&C: Reloaded Mod (if you have enabled the mod, of course).
2º) Open FA2 & load your Desert map.
3º) Select the option Edit >> Copy Whole Map & close Final Alert 2.
4º) Enable C&C:Reloaded.
5º) Open FA2 & load your Desert map (will look a very damaged map, no problem).
6º) Select the option Edit >> Paste Centered.
7º) Save your map with the prefix " ts_" on the file & "TS " on the name "in-game".

And all done, in 1 hour you can convert a lot of maps but is recommended see & test the map if exist any type of error... :)

The reason of the map prefix:
TS maps should have names that start with "ts " to make it easy to identify online when a TS map is being used & that start the name of the file with "ts_" ( "fs_" to maps that have tiles of TS:Firestorm). An example can be the filename called "ts_sup_bh_r.yrm" & the map tittle "TS Super Bridgehead Redux (2-8) " (I added (2-8) to specify the min & maxim number of players). If is a Fs map... the example is... if is called "four cornels" the filename could start with "fs_" (is optional, if not with "ts_") but in-game with "TS ".

C&C:Reloaded -> 5 different armies: GDI, Nod, Allies, Soviets & Yuri... & converted TS Terrain!!

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Posted 29 December 2005 - 01:34 PM

Is it possible to do the same thing with temperate or utban yuri maps? Or just possible with desert maps?

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