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March 1st Updates For You!

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Posted 02 March 2005 - 06:03 AM

Hey all, been a while since our last update. The TFH and Blitz II teams have been fully merged and things are working like a well oiled machine in the Secret Volcano Base.

We've got a new modeler, TopKnot, who's been doing a lot of new models for units for us and other DS mods. To call him a major help would be to risk tragic understatement. Our other modelers have also been busy, notably Mongoose with structures and Killa with TFH model conversions for use in Blitz II. Another new team member, Gustav, has been making some especially nice particleFX for us as well. Like always, the skins are slower in coming, but they do come with regularity. Same old, same old, sounds like eh? Well, not quite!

With the addition of the TFH team, a lot of new things have been planned for R3. And, as always, more additions means more time. Things are moving, but not moving fast enough to have R3 out in the foreseeable near future. So, I've decided to split the release up a little bit.

You're now waiting for Release 2.5

This interim release will feature mostly graphical improvements, bug fixes, audio updates, and balance tweaks to breathe new life into online multiplayer gaming. There will be little to no new game play content (no V2 or towed artillery etc).

This new release should be out fairly soon pending a few more graphics updates and bug fixes, so stay tuned!

And, because I hate posting without leaving a bit of eye candy, here's one thing Killa has been working on; our new Tiger. While the Blitz II Tiger looked alright and had an excellent skin, the animations were poor and the model was inaccurate. TFH had the opposite problem - an accurate model, but a lackluster skin.

So what do we do? Map the Blitz II skin to the TFH Tiger! If I say so myself, it looks very nice in the render, and even better in game.

Posted Image

For all of you who have bugs, graphics errors/flaws, or balance issues, visit the forum and post them in the support forum. I'll do my best to get them all ironed out for this release.
Posted Image

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