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#1 Detail


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Posted 17 January 2004 - 02:21 AM

Happy Birthday :p

An intresting peice. Very descriptive :min:
Only 2 chapters leave me in limbo, woundering where it goes.

When you finish this; i'd be happy to put it in Pagevision (which will be made sometime this week).

#2 BlckWyerve


    The end of Tech civilization

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Posted 17 January 2004 - 02:25 AM

Wow, VERY nice. Excellent work, can't wait for ch. 3. :p

#3 Carnivean



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Posted 18 January 2004 - 06:59 PM

heres Chapter 3, it may not seem to be linked with the main story but all shall come together in time :p

Chapter 3 – Exhilaration
Heather stood under the constant hot flow of water from the shower, she watched with empty eyes as the slowly drying human blood was washed off her skin and from her hair gathering in a mist under her feet, she sighed and slowly sat on the floor, her mind screaming at her… Quietly sobbing to herself she rose from the shower and went into her bedroom to dry herself, a set of watery red footprints trailing her through her home. Heather quietly lay on her bed thinking to herself about her day “Why? Why did I do it?” The flow of tears didn’t, couldn’t stop, not for something that made her hate herself to the very core… Approaching the living room she stopped and went into the kitchen and pulled out a can of beer, “My only solitude…” she stopped muttering and simply drank deeply and started staring out of her metal home’s windows, staring at the empty snow covered landscape around her.
Heather had been living alone for many years, she found it natural to keep her home as her own and only hers, of course, this had helped her settle into her job easier. When Heather had turned sixteen four years ago she had been offered a high paying job with a new government funded firm known as 010, at the time they were in the news for their work on helping the homeless and pouring almost all of their company profits into third world and cancer charities, of course they were simply building themselves a nice image to hide the inner workings of their company, She had been basically hired because of her past, no family, few friend, not the sort many would miss, they had used her as a test subject for mind enhancing drugs, she had been pumped full of them for the last four full years, she could calculate almost anything mathematical in her head within seconds, mastering full languages just by being around people who could speak it, she was secluded from others, they feared her for she constantly analysed those around her learning their fears and working out their desires from people simply being themselves… Though she did not hate what the drugs had made her she hated what the company had done to her, last year the company had started to include strength and appearance altering drugs in the daily injections, she had become the companies ideal human, highly intelligent, beautiful and in great physical shape.
Heather however had rejected the company, they wanted to use her as the new spokesperson and she refused, she hated the company for taking her and changing her into a person she didn’t know, into a person she didn’t even like. She had basically been exiled from civilisation and been forced to live in this frozen shit hole with the few others on the program. When she arrived she discovered that they were going to be trying mind controlling drugs and she tried to break free, she had ended up killing four of the other drug test subjects, 010 guards had forced a shot a neon-blue liquid into each of her arms, she didn’t remember anything other than the intense pain that had nullified her senses, the next thing she knew she could hear a voice telling her that she could return to normal and she instantly started to feel the blood all over her body and clothes and could smell death, when she first saw the corpses she simply collapsed and was dragged to her room.
Heather wanted to escape, Heather needed to escape, but Heather would have no place to hide…

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Love Me.

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