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Posted 24 May 2005 - 10:31 PM

i know the SDI has ended its activity, but i am posting here anyway, hoping someone might know ...
anyway, i am trying to get the AI to use my changes, so i read through the tutorials.
and it seems that BFME uses a different way, the AI isnt in script file (.scb) but in the same type of file that maps use (.map)
i think its done so the AI would apply to every map and therefore avoid hving to add the scripts to each map
also, i cant seem to be able to use the team editor stuff, BFME just uses a lot of scripts to create its AI
well i am getting a bit confused here, and was wondering if anyone who has knowledge on this could tell me some basic stuff about it, so i can really get started
thx a bunch for all these tuts SDI team

EDIT : a bit of progress, starting to understand how WB works with scripts and i realized i had to code Childobjects so dont expect any questions for the next 5 days :ohmy:
but BFME AIs is coded in maps file so at some point in the tut, i get stuck
guess i will try to load the .map file and do what the tut says :ninja:

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