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TS Research

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#1 Shine On

Shine On

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Posted 26 July 2005 - 04:51 PM

Here is my list of information i have put together and discovered about the Pre-Release Versions of TS:

GDI Campaign – The Paradox Factor (Original Campaign Title)
Nod Campaign – The Great Patriotic War (Original Campaign Title)


GDI Communications Tower - Removed

Threat Rating Node - Mostly Disabled. I think the code has been altered and so we will never know the full desired effect.

DropShip Bay - Disabled. All the SHP's and code is still in the TIBSUN.mix file.

GDI Component Tower - Originally had a Diamond shape to the top of the stucture.

Light Post - Orignally twice the size and obviously buildable

Light Tower - Disabled. But SHP and cameo still available in TIBSUN.mix file

Buildable Construction Yard - Removed though Cameo is still in the TIBSUN.mix file (This was possibly a fake building)

Power Plants - The Plugin slots were different(as can be seen on some screenshots)

Laser Turret - The Laser Was larger and more distinctive

Nod Sam Site - This originally had no distiguishable turret just a stump

GDI Tech Center - Originally from what i can tell of its cameo, the GDI Tech Center originally had a totally different design.
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Umagon - Disabled

Light Infantry - Different design. With more remapable colours over the body and a black hood.

Engineer - Different design. Exactly the same as the light infantry but holding a case instead of a gun

Disc Thrower - Different design. Exactly the same as the light infantry but with a grey backpack and no gun.

JumpJet Infantry - Same design as final release but in the style of the other basic infantry.

After having a close look i have discovered a mystery infantry of some sort, who or what it is can be anyones guess. Do you know?

Chameleon Spy - Disabled. Parts of the code don't work properly

Orca Transport - Disabled (However when enabled there are problems with landing etc)

Orca Bomber - Originally had a more bulky body as well as having two cockpits.

Orca Fighter - Like the bomber it had more of a bulky body

NOTE: 90% of the Vehicles had alot more of their surfaces covered in the re-mapable colours

Titan - It was 100% SHP and had a rounder top with a long black turret

Mammoth Tank - I think that the Mammoth Tank was an early Unit which was removed in early Beta Versions.

Nod Tick Tank - There was alot of developments involving what ended up being the Tick Tank. In early shots the tick tank had twin turrets and then eventually went down to one long one. (which was shortened in final release)

Devils Tongue - Dispite critisism i have discovered that the Devils Tongue was originally planned to be called the Dragons Tongue. Other then that pretty much the same

Nod Stealth Tank - Originally based directly on the TD Stealth tank (just with full remaps), and NOT a pre-release buggy lik i thought :blinky: Example: Example.jpg

Nod Artillery - Original Voxel Still hidden in the .Mix file. Not as good IMO but its still there

Wolverine - It was originally called Powered Assault Armour

Hunter-Seeker Drone Unit - Originally designed as a unit available when you build the HS control plug in, this later turned into a super weapon.

Chemical Spray Infantry - Disabled and its chemical logic is currently used as part of the Multi-Missile Super Weapon.

Super Weapons

Drop Pod Special - Disabled for TS but it did get used in FS

Meteor Storm - Removed, though the cameo still remains

Auxiliary Power - Removed. A one off crate special which only Nod could get, it would allow them to have full power for a specific amount of time and could only be used once (unless they got the same crate again).

Mutant Reinforcements - Totally Removed apart from EVA voices
and an icon

Threat Rating Control - Disabled. Not an actual Super Weapon but under a
similar class.


Ion Cannon - Originally had more particles to it. A form of blue sparks come of from where its has just struck

Building and vehicle Debris - I've noticed in some shots that the building have parts of its structure fly off when its destroyed, the same is with vehicles. :blinky:

Edited by Xeno, 03 September 2005 - 09:15 AM.

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#2 Shine On

Shine On

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Posted 29 August 2005 - 09:29 AM

Ok I've asked Blaat to move this thread to my forum here since i believe it surves a better purpose here.

Ok i've now updated the research alot with new desoveries etc i've made recently :)
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#3 Beowulf



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Posted 01 September 2005 - 01:08 PM

Someone remade the Ion Cannon particle thingy... Big Jah I believe.

That infantry reminds me of Tratos and the Mutant Hijacker.

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#4 Apollo


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Posted 01 September 2005 - 01:53 PM

that attack buggy thing is actually prerelease stealth tank.
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#5 Speeder



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Posted 01 September 2005 - 01:58 PM



#6 Shine On

Shine On

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Posted 03 September 2005 - 09:17 AM

Ok changed, i discovered that fact at PPM a couple of days ago. Stupid me :D

And its nice to see that people have been looking though the research, it proves there are SOME people interested :D
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#7 Carnotaurus

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Posted 12 October 2005 - 05:19 PM

Xeno. You anit gonna add pointless crap, right? Like hover mammoth tanks with laser cannons? and the Titan was a full voxel, originally. Get your facts straight, son. :unsure:

The Mystery inf is a Mutant, and the 'tech center' was GDI's equivilant to the Nod temple. It provided access to leet stuff like Drop Pods.

#8 Shine On

Shine On

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Posted 13 October 2005 - 09:08 AM

No, no pointless crap. In fact im not going to add all of what i researched. Only what would be best suited :)
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