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"No Community behind C&C Generals"

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#1 DraKon2k

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Posted 18 April 2006 - 02:47 AM

You can't be serious! There are still so many players online playing the game, more than in any other RTS! So why don't you just get back to work? ;)
I just tried your Mod today, and I was blown away, it was my new favourite mod, and that within ten minutes. So don't give up, continue work on 6.0(yay russian), the community supports you! :D

I hope you may rethink your decision to stop developing.

PS: How do I use that "GLA Special - Pray to great god Allah to ..." thing? I built like 10 palaces(because it says Palace is required) and was a 5 star general, still couldn't build/use it.


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