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Blazing Angles

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Posted 19 April 2006 - 08:12 PM

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Blazing Angles, so far the best damn WWII fighter sim I've played to date. You can fly anything from prop fighters and bombers to jets, from the Americans to the Japanese. Dog fighting Zeros over Pearl Harbor to bombing tanks with the fearsome Stukka. The AI isn't the smartest, but they put up one hell of a fight. The ground textures lack in detail, but the planes are marvelous. Despite the lack of explosive weapons for you to use, when you get the rockets everything goes to hell, you pretty much have unlimited ammo, but long reload times. Don't try hitting planes with rockets unless you know you will hit them, otherwise you are bound to hit something you shouldn't. They also put in the ability to land your plane in the game, although despite all efforst I was unable to land infront of parliament and warn those inside of the approaching bombers.

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One of the new features brought to this game that other fighter sims don't have is the ability for the player to black out when they turn to tightly or for to long. Doing it properly is kind of difficult for me due to the inability to change your controls. I would have to say that another plus would be when you are in Africa and are flying over some AAA sites and there are tanks shooting at your plane with their main guns (I got a kick out of that). Well you can deal with them in two ways, do or don't, I prefer the do, since you get to drop loads of bombs on them, then just watch the fireworks. Also the feature to look at your target and have the plane turn and face the target just by pressing that button and tilting the joystick is pretty nice, although kinda defeats the purpose of looking for the target aircraft.

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All in all this gets an 8 out of 10 from me, to the designers, I leave one word of advice add a little detail to the ground textures, and add some vegitation. I would also prefer to beable to change my controls so that way I don't become used to those and then not used to the way I have them on other games.
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