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Generals Abilities/Superweapons targetting

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#1 Akkrand

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Posted 04 June 2004 - 12:45 AM

I'm looking for a way to change the AI's targetting priorities for their General's Abilities and Superweapons.
I play after hours at my workplace in a LAN with 3 others, the 4 of us vs 4 computers. Problem is, a couple of the guys play Laser General and build very large defense batteries, and this means that the AI's MOABs, Spectres, Carpet Bombs, A10 Strikes, etc, never make it to the base. Also, the superweapons target power and supply lines, which annoying, doesn't help them take out the massive defences, hence their army breaks against the bases like water.
I wanted to alter their priorities for these attacks, so they blow apart the laser lines so their ever-constant stream of ground based attacks makes it into the base proper. In our experience, any base that has been penetrated by a group of tanks has found it difficult to fight the attack off and rebuild.
I find this is a common human tactic for these weapons also, as I take someone's defence down with my superweapon/ability then waltz into their base with my army.
Could someone direct me to where in the scripts/INI files/whatever that these priorities become set?


#2 Mithril



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Posted 04 June 2004 - 04:28 PM

You'll have to do this using the "[Team]Use commandbutton ability on an object" command. Refer to the Adding new Superweapons for basic knowledge. I've explained this in greater detail at this thread
Command & Conquer: Red Alert - ReGeneration

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