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Darth Revan

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Posted 20 June 2006 - 01:57 PM

Name: Revan (now Darth Revan)

Gender: Female

Affiliation: Dark Jedi/Sith

Race: Human

Weapon: Dual Lightsabers (one red, one violet) or dual Baragwin Assault Blades (very powerful vibroblades)

Age: 28 (DOB: 3988 BBY)

Posted Image

Darth Revan's Star Forge Robes.

Darth Revan, as Dark Lord of the Sith, is a sinister and evil mind, as well as a brilliant tactician. She is cold, calculating, and efficient. She despises weakness, and is ruthless with her enemies, and even more so with her allies.


Not a lot is known of Revan's past. Certainly born after the fall of Exar Kun, Revan is probably not a likely candidate for Dark Lord of the Sith in terms of her age. It is said she was born on a planet in the Outer Rim, but this is not certain. What is certain is that her potential in the Force was discovered at a very young age, and very soon she was whisked away to be instructed by Jedi Master Kreia on Coruscant.

She and her close friend Malak had an impossible appetite for knowledge. Practicing the Form-X or Niman/Jar'Kai style of lightsabers, she also has accumulated a knowledge of other saber techniques. Revan left Kreia still hungry for more, and visited Master Zhar Lestin for additional training. Despite the concern this caused among other Masters, Zhar dismissed it as exuberance and eagerness, believing that Revan's sheer power with the force would make her perhaps the greatest Jedi ever to grace the Order. She then went on to study beneath other Jedi Masters, including Master Dorak and Master Kae. It was only Master Vrook Lamar who noticed that Revan had sought knowledge of ancient Sith Magics later on in Revan's career.

It is the general thought that Revan was of immense power, however extremely headstrong and proud, dismissing the dangerous lure of the Dark Side and believing that she could protect herself from it and not succumb to its temptations.

The Mandalorian Wars were the beginning of Revan's rise to power. The Republic's military was in desperate need of assistance, pleading with the Jedi Council for aid against the oncoming Mandalores, but they refused. The Sith War had not long since ended, and the Jedi were hesitant to go to war, and sensed something amiss about the situation, though no true threat had appeared. Some Jedi, however, like Revan, were much more quick and eager to provide assistance. The Battle of Cathar, which resulted in the near total annihilation of the Cathar species, was Revan's perfect opportunity to rebel against the will of the Council, calling hundreds of Jedi to arms. From all Jedi ranks from Padawan to Master they rallied to the charismatic young Revan's call.

Revan was not only an incredibly powerful Jedi, but was a strategist like the Mandalorians had never seen before. She was an almost flawless general, winning victory after victory, and soon gaining control of a full third of the Republic fleet. By the Battle of Althir, she'd been able to decimate the Mandalorian army with ease. Revan, however, embodied the Mandalorian philosophy and showed them their own weaknesses. She began to despise weakness and indecisiveness, turning muchly into the very thing she was seeking to defeat.

In the Outer Rim, she set down on Malachor V as she searched for military bases. Normally, anyone who set foot there would've been consumed by the dark Sith energies, and yet her force of will was so strong that she was able to overcome and feed upon it. That said, she was never the same again. Particularly not when she discovered the Trayus Academy, a relic of an old Sith Empire. There, she discovered more about the Dark Side than any living person currently knew. She learned of the Sith Empire's continued existence outside of the galaxy, and she concluded the answer to many questions, the first of which being the defence against this Empire should it ever return. She decided that there was no way that the Republic could stand up to them in their current form, and embarked upon a mission from then on to save the galaxy through its own conquest; forge a galactic Sith Empire of her own to protect it from the threat that loomed outside of the Galactic borders. She adopted the mantle of Dark Lord of the Sith, and the moniker of Darth Revan.

Uncovering still more secrets, she eventually unlocked the key to the Star Forge, a relic of an Infinite Empire tens of thousands of years before, and an instrument of purest evil. Revan had found her answer. She could rapidly produce ships and weapons and conquer the Republic. Her plans to prepare it for the attack from the ancient Sith had just taken a big leap forward.

But for now, there was a war on. The battle over Malachor V was perhaps the bloodiest battle in all of the Republic's history. An Iridorian had invented a special superweapon device, a Mass Shadow Generator, to crush the Mandalorian fleet, along with that of a fiercely patriotic Republic fleet who presented a threat to her conquest purely by virtue that they were not fervently loyal to her cause.

Sure enough, the device obliterated the Mandalorians, and also smashed the Republic fleet. Despite the casualties, the Republic still saw Revan as a hero and a saviour, despite her trip down the dark path, taking many Jedi, including her powerful second-in-command Malak with her. Revan executed Mandalore in front of his surviving followers, and denied them the right to choose a successor. She stripped them of their weapons, armour and Basilisk war droids, and dispersed them far and wide throughout the galaxy.

Amidst the celebrations, Sith teachings spread throughout her followers, and yet more turned to her cause. She took what remained of her fleet under the guise of a search-and-destroy mission hunting down some Mandalorian ships. She in fact found the Star Forge, and disappeared from the pages of history, spending time reforming the Republic forces that had followed them into the armada of a new Sith Empire.

And so her story continues...


Interdictor-Class Star Cruiser Leviathan
Posted Image

As commander-in-chief of the Sith Armada, the Jedi Civil War begins with her at the helm of the flagship Leviathan. Under her is a near numberless horde of Sith Troopers, the fallen Dark Jedi, and an army of battle droids. Not to mention a fleet that seems to grow with each passing day.

(God Bless Wookieepedia.)

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