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Posted 20 June 2006 - 03:49 PM

Name: Kahlan

Gender: Female

Affiliation: Jedi

Race: Human

Weapon: Two single lightsabers, one green and one blue.

Age: 25

Appearance: Kahlan has darkbrown hair at about shoulderlength long. She has very bright blue eyes and a nice smile. She's just under the average height.

Clothing: Jedi Robe

Personality: Kahlan is in general a kind and warm person. Helping others gives her a good feeling and in doing so she manages to stick to the Light Side. She doesn't like to get messed with though and if you hurt her she will hurt you back.

History: She was born in Manaan, where her parents moved to two years prior to her birth. Because of Manaan's anti-violence policy, she was raised in a peaceful and safe environment, free from wars. Because of Manaan's water environment, she is an excellent swimmer. Manaan, being an independent country as it is, taught her the good things of independency. Therefore she was never on the side of either Republic or Sith, nor did she care for their disputes. She learned to be an independent person, however her care for others never slid away.

When she became fourteen, it was discovered she was gifted with the Force and her parents sent her to Dantooine so she could become a Padawan and later a Jedi. Her training went well and she progressed fast. Now and then she misses her family and Manaan itself, where she grew up. But she knows she cannot let it interrupt her Jedi training and fights for the good of the Galaxy. With the latest horrors of the Sith she is thinking of joining the Republic, in spite of her neutral education.

((OOC: If anything isn't right, please let me know and I'll fix it.))

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Posted 20 June 2006 - 03:54 PM

Looks fine to me. I assume she'll speak fluent Selkath :p

Tuyetanedanik-'ee :)



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