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Posted 20 June 2006 - 09:49 PM

Name: Fydon

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Grey Jedi, Exile

Race: Human

Weapon: Single Green Saber

Age: 29 (DOB: 3989 BBY)

Appearance: Fydon has short-medium darkbrown hair, with slight grey due to stress from war and minor corruption. His fringe spreads scruffily across his face Fydon also had crystal green eyes and was average height.

Clothing: Dark-Brown Robe, hood is usually up unless in fight situations

Personality: A strong leader, Fydon was a former Jedi commander in the Mandalorian Wars. His personality is usually warm and friendly, and he is filled with the best of intentions. However, a bad situation can lead to his use of the Force in anger, to whatever consequences and ends. A loner and a rogue, his exile now leads him to only fight for himself. He studies both Jedi and Sith teachings, trying to strike a true balance of the Force, rather than being bound. Highly spiritual, his only real disdain is for the bureaucracy that he sees now festers within the Republic after the Mandalorian Wars, and can often be found to mutter such things if the subject is raised.

History: Location of Birth was unknown as Fydon was located abandoned on Tatooine as a young child by a Jedi. The Jedi found Fydon had remarkable force skills at a young age and brought him to the Jedi Order for training on Dantooine. After being raised and trained as a Jedi Fydon grew up to be a very wise and powerful Light Jedi. When the Mandalorian Wars broke out, Fydon as well as many other Jedi from the academy, unhappy with the councils inability to respond, left to join the republic and fight. Here Fydon saw many horrors however proved himself to the republic and soon became a high ranking commander. Fydon was a personal friend of Revan and fought by her side as well as planned tactics and battles together. However when Revan moved her fleet to Malachor V, Fydon was never to see Revan again. During his time in the war, Fydon saw many Jedi fall to the dark side, corrupted by greed, hatred and a false sense of power. After hearing of the victory at Malachor V, Fydon realised the war was soon coming to an end and returned to the Jedi Council. He was tried and exiled from the order for disobeying the council. Upon this moment he returned to the republic which was severely crippled by the war. He only found bureaucracy and began to hate all that he fought for. Fydon chose to exile himself from the republic and moved to Tatooine which was both out of the reach of the Republic and Revans new sith empire. Fydon had wondered why she of all people, had fallen to the dark side, why Revan had betrayed her core beliefs, what had she discovered on Malachor V that changed her so radically and caused her to fight against the Jedi and Republic. At this point Fydon became isolated and chose to only work for himself. He felt betrayed by the republic, betrayed by the jedi order and betrayed by Revan, he only had himself left to trust.

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Posted 20 June 2006 - 09:50 PM


Have phun :) Who knows, they may yet meet again..

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