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Posted 21 June 2006 - 11:55 AM

Name: HK-47

Gender: N/A (Male Mannerisms)

Affiliation: Sith/Revan

Race: Assassin Droid

Weapon(s): Blaster Rifle (upgraded), Built-in regenerative deflector shield, built-in FlameThrower & a neural disruptor.

Age: N/A

Appearance: An orange metallic colour with some slight corrosion around some of the joints. The bodywork is made up of and abundace of flat and sharp angles to give the appearance of aggression.

Posted Image

Clothing: Level 3 ablative armour

Personality: Cold & harsh with ruthless tongue with a slight wit about it. He relishes all forms of violence, and is a cunning strategist, but is loyal to destruction to his 'Master'. Amusingly, he displays cheerful attitude towards all manners of senseless violence.

The Dark Lord Revan constructed the Hunter-Killer unit shortly after the Battle of Malachor V, to the quintessential assassin. While completely loyal and 'friendly' to those he identified as 'Master', he had no regard for any form of life, and was driven by a pre-programmed lust for blood. The term 'meatbag', commonly used by the droid, was generated when Malak had asked HK-47 what he thought of him. Revan found the insult, and Malak's annoyance at it, to be funny, and so reprogrammed HK to refer to all organics by the term.

Many assassination missions were carried out under Revan's order by the droid, all of them beings who Revan saw as possible threats to Galactic stability. As part of HK-47's programming, he was given excellence and delight in all manner of violence, as well as regular protocol-droid programming including multiple forms of communication, including Tusken. Presumably due to Revan's foresight about possible targets, she even gave the droid masterful insight into the removal of Jedi targets.
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Posted 21 June 2006 - 12:17 PM


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