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Carth Onasi

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Posted 21 June 2006 - 06:25 PM

((If we get lots of people coming to this RPG, I will give Carth up if someone wants him. Currently, I've got no Sith people to RP with...everyone's playing good guys :( ))

Name: Carth Onasi

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Republic

Race: Human

Weapon: Twin custom-made blaster pistols.

Age: 32

Posted Image

Standard-issue Republic flak jacket and officer's uniform

Personality: A calm, collected and peace-loving soul, very little fazes Onasi. He is wisecracking and flirtatious, yet he loves his family ((OOC: Don't forget, he hasn't lost his wife yet)), and loves the Republic. He fought in the Mandalorian Wars, and they have affected him. But they have only steeled his resolve to destroy the Sith following their betrayal. He despises being misinformed by superiors or comrades.

History: Born and raised on Telos, Carth joined the Republic Military at a young age. A spotless career led to him being positioned as Captain of the Endar Spire, and his strategies saved the ship from countless dire situations in the Mandalorian Wars, where he was one of the most highly-decorated ship captains in the fleet. Serving under Admiral Saul Karath, Carth was one of his lieutenants throughout many campaigns.

His skill is highly respected among the military, although he dismisses all such praise. He does his job, and nothing more. About the only thing he loathes is Mandalorian bloodlust and the preying on innocents of warriors. He is a highly skilled pilot, having been trained in A-Wing combat, and also learned to fly generic spacecraft of various grades. As such, he also pilots the Endar Spire as well as captaining it.

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