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Weapon Technologies

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Posted 09 August 2006 - 09:26 PM


Lasguns, the standard-issue weapon for all Imperial Guardsmen, come in so many varieties that the number of known patterns in current use goes into the hundreds, but nevertheless include Standard, Short (for urban warfare) and Mars (outdated standard issue mark for the Imperial Army) Tanker (Short barrel and folding stock). It uses a small portable power pack which is effective when used en masse, but considerably less effective when used singly. They are, however, powerful enough to remove an unarmored human limb in a single shot fired at point blanc; however, these shots are individually not as useful against durable alien bodies or heavy armor. They are reliable, and easy to manufacture, and while not as powerfull as other weapons, they are certainly the most reliable. Many experienced figthers prefer the lasgun over more powerfull weapons, for these reasons.

Lasguns are easy to make and maintain, hence their use throughout the Imperial Guard. Lasgun power cells can be recharged by leaving them in sunlight, or (if totally desperate) in a fire, although this decreases pack-life. Lasguns can also use the overpowered hotshot power cell. This drains and damages the cell and barrel quicker, but gives a more potent and powerful shot. Certain types of lasgun have specific uses, most notably the more powerful long-las which is the catch-all term for sniper variants because they bear longer barrels.

Variants:(Posted in order of strength, increasing)

Las-Pistol: The laspistol is a pistol form of the lasgun, designed for fast wielding rather than firepower or range. It is often taken in conjunction with a close combat weapon by officers, as it is useable both in close combat, and at a range.

Las-Carbine: The lascarbine is a carbine form of the lasgun, designed for special operations and units, usely employed by drop troopers or scout units of the Imperial Guard. It is tweaked to fire rapidly, and to be deadly in close quarters, and is therefor not as favoured as its larger cousin.

Las-Gun: The standard lasgun, a very reliable medium range, low strength weapon. It is however effective when fired in large masses.

Needle-Gun/Pistol: The needlegun and needle pistol (or needler) are silent and deadly weapons that uses both laser power and poisened needles. The weapon fires a laser bolt like the lasgun, but, nearly simultaneously, it fires the needle. The bolt melts and cuts through armour, leaving the skin (or other vulnerable parts) behind vulnerable for the needle, which knocks out or kills the target. It is a valuable weapon which needs specialised ammo and care, more so than the sniper rifle lasgun, and is therefore usually reserved for more elite troops or outfits.

Multi-Laser: The multilaser is a rapid-fire heavy weapon, ideal for destroying lightly-armoured vehicles or infantry formations. Due to its power requirements and weight, it is usually mounted on vehicles such as Chimeras or Sentinels.

Las-Cannon: The more powerful lascannon is one of the favorite weapons of the Imperial Guard. Its high strength and armour piercing ability make it a formidable weapon, especially when mounted on tanks. It is commonly used for anti-tank attacks, and can be mounted sometimes as twin linked, making it even more deadly.

The Multilaser, and the Lascannon are among the few lasweapons that have any real effect on vehicles or other strong creatures, like larger Tyranids or other monstrosities. These creatures are so powerful lasgun fire will rarely, if ever, do more than annoy them.

There is also a high tech version of the lasgun, called a..

Hellgun: Hellguns and hellpistols are a more advanced form of laser weapon, carried by the elite Veteran or Kasrkin regiments. They pack a slightly harder punch than comparable laser weapons, to get through armoured infantry and to also deal greater damage. However, the higher power output requires either a backpack power source or multiple specialised power cells, and hell weapons often require a higher level of maintenance. Due to this need most Guard regiments aren't equipped with this demanding firearm and use the more reliable and less demanding lasgun.

Thats all for now, tomorrow i will probably write something about Bolt weaponry and armor.
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Posted 16 August 2006 - 02:49 PM


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The standard weapon of the Space Marines is the boltgun, also known as a bolter. A bolter is a heavy gun that fires rocket-propelled rounds with mass-reactive explosive payloads. Bolters are made in both pistol and rifle form, as well as the machine gun-like heavy bolter.

Bolters, rarely used by normal soldiers of the Imperium, are more effective and more complex than the standard pattern lasgun. They are loaded with mass-reactive self-propelled ammunition that explodes a split second after impact. Bolters are mainly used by the genetically engineered Space Marines due to the logistical problem such an ammunition-craving weapon system would pose for the Imperial Guard.

The heavy bolter, unlike the bolter, is somewhat common in Imperial Guard armies. It has a high rate of fire and they are relatively cheap to field. It is one of the best anti-infantry weapons of the Imperium, due to its high rate of fire, and its deadly ammunition. It is however, only useable against ligther vehicles.

The bolt pistol is more common than the boltgun, but is generally only available to officers, seasoned veterans, and Space Marines (especially their assault units). They are commonly used by commissars, both for battling and field executions, leading to pistols being nicknamed, "Bravery Bolters". A bolt pistol is generally more desirable than the laspistol but is harder to produce, making its use somewhat rare. A standard bolt pistol is capable of housing between 6 and 10 rounds of ammunition, and has a barrel diameter of .75 calibre.

The storm bolter is a double-barrelled version of the bolter. As it is heavier and causes more recoil than a normal bolter, it is even more rarely used than the bolter in an Imperial Guard army. Instead, they are usually used with Space Marine Terminators(Super elite dudes) or as a tank's pintle-mounted weapon. Also, many combi variants exist, such as bolter-flamer, bolter-melta, and bolter-plasma; these combine a bolter with another weapon (ie. a combi-flamer combines one with a flamer). While the bolter carries as much ammunition as found in stand-alone bolters, the secondary weapon carries only enough ammunition for one salvo.

Standard Bolts; are comprised of the following components: Outer casing, propellant base, main charge, mass reactive detonator cap, depleted deuterium core, diamantine tip. Spin stabilised at .75 calibre.

Hellfire Rounds; have devastating results on organic matter, the rounds were developed to fight the Tyranids. The core and tip are replaced with a mutagenic acid vial contained in thousands of needles that chemically eats the target away.

Stalker Silenced Shells; are a low-signature round for covert fighting. A solidified mercury slug replaces the mass-reactive warhead for high lethality at sub-sonic projectile speed; also a gas cartridge replaces the propellent base and main charge for silent firing.

Inferno Bolts; are designed to ignite their targets and destroy them with superheated chemical fire. The deuterium core is replaced with oxy-phosphor gel(This would be cool ingame :p)

Special Weapons:


The Flamer and Heavy Flamer are flamethrower-type weapons that project an ignited stream of prometheum fuel over a wide area, meaning it can hit many enemies in one shot. Flamers are infantry support weapons, given usually by officers to their most courageous soldiers as a sort of honour, but most troopers carry these with disdain. Heavy Flamers are larger versions of the weapon with two nozzles. They are often used by specialists in dense conditions, such as jungle warfare, or Terminators, who make good use of them in cramped ship-boarding actions. More powerful Flamer-type weapons, Inferno Cannons, are available to the Imperial Guard mounted on the Hellhound recon tank.

Plasma Weaponry:

Plasma guns, Plasma pistols and Plasma Cannons use magnetic fields to accelerate balls of extremely hot gases (plasma) towards the target. Although the guns themselves are quite temperamental, and technology has been changed or lost (sometimes to the point of near obscurity), plasma weapons find regular use throughout the armies of the Imperium. They are difficult to maintain, but they are worth the risk on the field, as they have a long range and quite high strength. Their power is countered by poor cooling, and they can build up dangerous levels of heat with continuous operation. On these occasions, they will explosively vent the built up heat, killing the operator.

Grenade/ Missile Launcher:

These launchers fire two types of grenade/missile, Frag and Krak. Frag projectiles (short for fragmentation) are designed to spray an area with shrapnel, making them useful against lightly armored infantry. Krak projectiles are powerful anti-tank shots which are less useful against masses of infantry. Grenades, naturally, are less powerful than missiles, but are easier to fire on the move.

Melta Weapons:
The meltagun and multimelta (also known as 'cookers' or 'vape guns'), as well as the grenade-like meltabomb, are formidable weapons. They have a short range but are very powerful; they are even more powerful the closer they are to their target. A meltagun works by forcing a pyrum petrol fuel mix into a sub-molecular state (a miniature fusion reaction), and then projecting it from the barrel as a blast of incredible heat. The grenade variant's fuel has already been hypercondensed and is no less devastating. These are highly useful against heavily armored units, as they melt the target from within. Multimeltas resemble two meltaguns fused together. They have a longer effective range than a normal melta.
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