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Easterling Update (Previous)

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Posted 21 August 2006 - 04:50 PM

The team are proud the present a full-scale faction update for the Easterlings. The team, namely Elfo, have worked hard on this faction to finish it, since we felt it was time for an update. The Easterlings will work as a subfaction for Angbad, and it will be purchaseable and buildable outside your Angbad castle (As will the Tol-In-Gaurhoth, I can mention). We have also released the Elven unit list and all that comes with it, be sure to check that out also.

Now I will stop talking and show you the teams fine craftmanship and achievements.

ALL credits goes to Morgoth for his incredible work with the modeling, skinning, rigging and animating.
Credits to Juan for the descriptions.

The easterlings were known for their furiousity and mercyless fighting style, and the berserkers were the worst of all. They continued fighting even though the odds were overwhelming and they had lost several body parts. When they are hurt, they do not react to the pain like other units, instead they get a sudden rush from it and are granted extra power. Thus the berserker only gets stronger the more health it loses.


Once Morgoth's victory over the elves at Nirnaeth Arnoediad was complete, the easterlings who had helped him gain it were given the lands of Hithlum to pillage. Certain groups were created within the easterlings, but they all had the same name for the suffering men and elves. Raiders. They did not hesitate to steal and grab whatever they sought was theirs among the treasures of the Eldar and Edain. Thus the raiders were feared by caravans and unarmoured men, but the raiders did not attack armed forces unless they were 5 to 1, as their fighting skills were not very great but their numbers were greater.


The easterlings swore alligiance to Maedhros and the Noldor when they first arrived to the eastern parts of Beleriand, but in the battle of Nirnaeth Arnoediad they betrayed their newfound allies and turned on them in the critical point of the battle and this Morgoth, the dark enemy of the world, won a crushing victory. The betrayers are the damned men who together with Ulfgang and his sons were the first to turn on the elves, and thus creating panic among the ranks of the Noldor. They are powerful fighters, but cowards and are fast to run in pressured situations.


The leader of the Easterlings who joined Maedhros and his brothers when the easterlings first came to eastern beleriand. Along with his sons he was the head of the betrayal at the Nirnaeth Arnoediad and together with his followers he created panic in the ranks of the Noldor. Eventually he was slain by Bor, another easterling leader, in the same battle, and his sons fell dead beside him. But he lived on forever in the hearts of elves and men as the greatest betrayer of all men, and he is still hated for his deeds that caused the Eldar and Edain so much pain.

Model and Skin by EA


Easterling Camp:

Camp Watch
A building which works as the Easterling's defensive structure. There is a ring of poles which points out of the circle and inside it there are several easterling raiders on a small platform which carries bows and shots on the enemies. All melee attackers will take damage when attacking the structure because of the poles sourrounding it.


A building where you build Raiders at tier one, Betrayers at tier two, Berserkers at tier 3.


A building where you buy upgrades for Easterling buildings and units.


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#2 Juan

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Posted 21 August 2006 - 06:19 PM

I fixed it, you can edit the quote post so it doesn't cause confusion :cool:
"When anger breaks through, I'll leave mercy behind!"

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