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In the mansion on the outskirts....

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Posted 22 August 2006 - 05:41 PM

Frederick Lancer had been left a large house in his parents will, after learning the skills of alchemy he had assembled a large laboratory complex. As he tied up his horse in the stable block he hauled the restrained vampire to the bench and restrained him using iron clamps. 'Then the fun will begin' Lancer muttered under his breath.....

Grabbing a pair of pliers he started working the vampires fangs out reducing it to a harmless object. 'Vampires,' Lancer noted down 'have an amazing ability to heal as demonstrated the bleeding has been reduced without need for coagulation by unatural means suggesting that the vampires posses a stronger form of the human fibrinogen.'

As continued studies he was going to test some his new silver based weaponry and allicin sprays..... the vampire would be wishing he was really dead after Lancer had delt with him....
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