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Generals Mod Launcher

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Posted 01 October 2006 - 11:50 AM

I've been working on this little thing, and it's more or less finished now. It's a mod launcher for Generals/ZH which supports an unlimited amount of mods. It's not as fancy as Mod Toaster, and it doesn't even have an interface. It's all controlled from the command line and through XML script files. Each script file controls which mod is loaded and from where, and exactly how it's loaded. It's also possible, using the -p command line option, to pass parameters such as -quickstart on to the game.

The advantage of this is that you can create shortcuts to the launcher. You don't need to first click your way through some kind of interface, just double click the shortcut and off you go. And you can put a mod ANYWHERE, and only move/copy it to the game folder when it's actually being used (the launcher will do this if the script is made properly). No more mod conflicts! And it also allows you to configure your mod how you like - all you need to do is change the script file to fit your mod. So if your mod has the skirmish scripts inside a BIG file, then you can have that (just rename the existing skirmishscripts through the modlauncher).

This tool is primarily meant for mod developers themselves. The idea is that they can both use the tool for themselves (like running a developer and release version of the mod side by side), and supply it with their mod, including a proper XML launcher script so others can use it without having to fiddle with the script themselves. And you're encouraged to make your own graphical user interface!

So here's what you need to do: Download the file. Then edit the default.xml file to suit your needs. The file is richly commented so you shouldn't have much trouble figuring it out. You can copy the xml file and use different scripts for different mods.

To tell the launcher to use a specific script, use the -f "filename" option, like this:
ModLauncher.exe -f "mymod.xml"
To run the launcher in a different mode (for example to launch world builder), use -m <mode>. Like
ModLauncher.exe -m wb
for example. Launch modes are configured in the script file in the <modes> section.
To pass parameters to the game, use -p "parameters". For example to launch the game in quickstart, use:
ModLauncher -p "-quickstart"

That's it! Now, give it a try and please tell me what you think! And if you find any problems or are having trouble understanding how it works, just post here and I'll see what I can do. :shiftee:

Download Mod Launcher 1.0.2

Legal info: This program was written by me, and as such I have the copyright to it. You may spread it freely, but if you offer the file up to be downloaded publically you must notify me of it. In principle the program is a slightly restricted form of open source - you can use the code if you ask me for it. However if you edit and improve the existing program, or use my program code in a larger project, you must credit me for the original work.

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