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A Total Victory for Democrats in Congress...

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Posted 25 March 2007 - 01:16 PM

Everyone knows that all the major US politicians are also figureheads of major businesses. You aren't telling me they haven't got a finger in the pie.

There is no way on God's Earth This company didn't benefit somehow from the war. Indeed, I wouldn't be surprised if they poured poison into Cheney's ear.

Is it any surprise to you that George Bush founded an oil company too? I would imagine he still maintains close ties, if he doesn't still work for them. Also note the name 'Bin Laden' appearing in this article. I imagine they've got something going on in the New Iraq as well.

Sorry, but somebody is definitely profiting from this in the US. Even if there are no sources, there are always those who profit financially from every war there has ever been. And I know no other nation that has an eye for the green than does the United States. Probably someone made a few mil from Katrina, too. I'll wager it was insurance companies, but that's besides the immediate point.

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Posted 25 March 2007 - 01:39 PM

Corporations lobby for war. Corporations do not send declarations of war. It is the elected officials which we so foolishly entrusted with the powers of state who have brought us to this place and who have ultimately failed us.
War profiteering has existed since the start of corporations. The British East India Company hired, for perhaps the first time, mercenaries to fight wars for them in Africa, separate from any sovereign authority. They would then essentially frame the natives and force England to intervene, with of course, very little effort required. The same is true of the United States. Corporate ambitions have been setting the stage for war for years. War is inherently destructive to the world's economy, but some corporations profit unbelievably from wars, specifically military contractors like Halliburton. Naturally, most companies would be against such ridiculous slaughter, in fact the vast majority would be against wars for reasons of decreased profit and increased international risk, but some corporations do not incur damages from extended periods of warfare.
It is important to note three rather obvious facts which are commonly overlooked by the headline-grabbing news-skewing pseudo-intellectual;
1. Corporations do not profit from warfare. While some do, the vast majority incur incredible losses due to the instability that warfare brings in economic matters.
2. Corporations have no voting power. While lobbyists may try to brainwash everyone on The Hill with corporatist propaganda, it generally fails when considering massive decisions such as war. Health plans are different, since, in America, citizens are less important than the oil wealth which can be extorted out of a small Middle Eastern country, but generally declarations of war are unaffected by corporations in the modern day. In 1900, perhaps you could make a case otherwise. Now, while they may have an influence on decisions, they are not the sole motivating factor or the largest.
3. Corporations are, unfortunately, run by real human beings. Some people like to overlook the fact that humanity can do really horrible things in the name of profit, be it ecological or economical profit. It is a right and suitable thing to reflect on our past and to know our history, for when we do, we know the full scope of human potential, be it the potential for good and for great deeds, and for truly great achievements, or the potential to appeal to our base instincts of destruction and exploitation. It is really so much easier to refer to the people running a corporation as "The Corporation," but we should still remind ourselves that they are human and that we, unfortunately, as wise as we may place ourselves in comparison, are human as well.
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Posted 25 March 2007 - 10:42 PM

We must remember though, that corporations are large institutions, and if there's one thing large institutions are good at, it's subverting individual ethics and morality. Partly because there is not a face-to-face look at the effects of their actions, partly because of the profit motive.

Also, to say that corporations have no voting power, one only needs to look at Newscorp, who are probably the most powerful company in the world, with many of their viewers effectively being their own personal army of voters.

Also, the second biggest force in Iraq is private military contractors, so don't forget that mercenaries are still alive and well.
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