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Posted 16 March 2007 - 01:32 PM

Q :Is this mod for ROTWK or BFME2 ?

Q : What is this mod about ?
A : Its about Last Alliance of Men and Elves

Q : How many factions ?
A : Three and those are Numenor, Elves and Mordor

Q : Who are the team members of the mod ?
A : At the moment just Me (ini coder, skinner, modeler) and king tom (campaign storywriter)

Q : When is the mod gonna be done ?
A : Its done when its done but the mod betas are released like this: Beta 1: Numenor, Beta 2: Numenor and Mordor, Beta 3: Mordor, Numenor and Elves

Q : Will you be overwriting any of the old factions, or just adding your new ones?
A : Numenor is gonna be completely new and Elves and Mordor is gonna be done almost from scratch.

Q : Are all factions able to use CaH
A : Yes

Q : Is there userbar I can wear
A : Yes
Posted Image

Q : Will you still use gollum for ring heroes?
A : Nope Gollum wont be used.

Q :What new maps are you planning to make?
A :I'm planning to include some kind of campaign for mod and ofcourse all the maps from campaign would be included. There would be maps like Numenor, Gladden fields, Barad-Dur, Eregion

Credit list of mod:
makaveli aka Juissi: Main coder, skinner, some modeling, mapping, some 2-art
BurningPhoenix: Voices for units
JEV3: New font colour
Caluadan: Has donated many buttons & portraits
zimoo: Some models, will make a list later
FlameGuard: Every art related thing about Gil-Galad :lol: Minus the buttons and portraits, binding Anarion
Lauri: Anarion binding and part of the skin

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