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#541 clonecommand


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Posted 01 July 2007 - 06:00 PM

*knocked over*

Woah! That was intense! Adrenline rush was nice :p

So I assume you did make the faces yourselves? :p They look very nice!

#542 Uruk King

Uruk King

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Posted 01 July 2007 - 06:28 PM

@ Naz, Who are you talking to about acusations? If it was me then I'm sorry like hell. But the thing is when I saw the renders of the hobbit heroes on the BetaIV PDF and the skins of Merry and Pip on Treebeard, I was under the impression Cel had granted you permission to use the skins. In punishment for accusing you, there will be no dinner for me today.
I will remember Rhovanion Alliance, RIP .

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Posted 01 July 2007 - 08:35 PM

Mooore OT:
Nonono it's fine... it wasn't you per sé. Allthought I do think it was rather thoughtless of you to say they were TEA skins, cause:
1) they're not and
2) you have never gotten any information like that from me, so why say something like that?

And it wasn't really what Cahik brought up either. It's just ever since I first joined T3A... there's been a LOT of discussions, accusations, harsh words and sh*t flying around and people getting upset from things that really aren't that big of a deal, outside the modding community - BUT since this IS a modding community, stuff like that really IS a big thing in here =p I remember long fights between T3A members about another member (whom I called "Mr D" cause I don't wanna bring his name up again) who stole loads of things, called them his own, and tried to get "mods" hosted that wasn't really mods, spoke badly of others, wanted to join teams without having any major skills, and so on...

I guess I'm just a bit fed up with the "back side" of modding; all the bullsh*t between modders, that can happen, and sometimes do. Modding is supposed to be fun, creative and inspirational. Something that brings people of same interest together. But sometimes modding is more like a busy market of people shouting "look what I did" and enjoying the happy faces from other people appreciating their work. While sometimes there's also an occasional "pocket thief" that steals stuff from others going "look why I did" and someone else goes "no you didn't, that belongs to xx", and the crowd goes wild... My point is that I DO understand this and I do think that it stinks when people steal stuff. I just think it stinks even more to even be considered for a second as one of those thiefs. Cause I hate all that crap... :p

Like I said, I' not really angry for what Cahik "suggested" (or more asked). Btw, Cahik is an excellent modder and a nice person with some great contributins to SEE, from which I'm ever greatful. The only thing is that that little post along with UK's comment made me sort of "loose it" :/ (My famous bad temper). Maybe I should do Anger Management, but like I said, I just don't wanna be involved in any more debates about stealing stuff :(

Everything in SEE that is not made by me or the Team is:
1) Donated
2) Used from free models/skins from abandoned mods like BFME+ and Deluxe Edition for instance. All accounted for in the PDF.

I hope this is settled once and for all now. No hard feelings... =p

And considering the 550 replys in 28 pages and 10500 views... :) Let's continue in a new fresh Screen Shots thread for Beta 4.5 ;)

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