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Posted 25 March 2007 - 04:44 PM

Race - Dwarf
Age - 57
Height - 1.43 metres
Weight - 87 Kilograms (all the beer has to go somewhere)
Eye colour - Brown. Scar above left eye
Hair colour - Brown. Slightly rugged with small grey areas.
Personality-Likes drinking beer and bragging about adventures in the past when his mind was as sharp as his axe. Charming personality but not easy to trust in the long run. Likes the occassional bar brawl, it keeps him young and sharp.
Weapon/equipment - Heavy 2 edged axe with runes inscripted (no magical runes for looks). Heavy wooden shield with a metal slating and several jagged areas. Boots: old leather boots, chained halfway for protection. Leather armor that is half torned on the right side. The leather pants are scarred with stains of orc blood and dirt. Arms have padded leather protection, reinforced with minor plating.
History- Grew up with 3 younger brothers, saw the field of battle early on as his father was a loyal guard to the king. As most other dwarfs he has learned the art of making and keeping their weapons sharp at all times.

I will update if needed. My first ever character so do not judge it too harsh :blush:

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Posted 25 March 2007 - 04:48 PM

Approved :blush:.

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