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The Penguin Alliance update 5-2-07

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Posted 03 May 2007 - 12:43 AM

As you know I mention a mod called the penguin alliance. I am showing some progress of the mod.







I still need help. Some contributions would be nice. I also came up with a motto called alittle bit helps.

Land of Vahien: It is the first home of the penguins before the migrated to forodwaith. Its basically the whole penguin lifestyle in a few paragraphs. Written by JEV3.

Vahien Article:

Land of Vahien:
In the far North, where once in the Eldar Days Morgoth turned to a frozen wasteland, lived several colonies of penguins... Few elves have ventured that far North where the birds swim and glaciers walk. They call it Vahien... the land form afar. They tell tales of little birds who struggle for survival in the bitter cold and against the creatures of ice and shadow that remained in there... Against the leapords of the sea and the carrion of the North... and the blizzards that blind and freeze all but the strongest. Far north where the lights dance... Elves still sing about the time that while the shadow spread in the North, the little birds marched south to escape the bitter cold and Morgoth's lingering shadow. When they finally arrived at the more forgiving climate of Forodwaith, they were faced with the shadow of Angmar, and from the North their old enemies started to follow them... The penguins could no longer run, they had to fight... As the tribes of penguins kept arriving, the leaders of the tribes met... they forgot their differences and formed the Penguin Alliance...

King Guin was easily chosen to be their leader and at his side was Tux, the Gentoo penguin warrior... The penguins were organized into divisions in accordance of their kind and their abilities:

Lord Chordata led the Rockhoppers, small but feirce berserkers who are unmatched in their zeal...

Basal led the Adelies, light fighters who could easily adapt to the situation and get from place to place easily...

Pinpen led the Fairy Penguins who were numerous and could overwhelm their enemies with their numbers...

Ursus led the polar bears and those that worked with thim... Though not a penguin the polar bears had also suffered through the years and were willing to aid the penguins in their fight for freedom...

The Emporers and the Gentoos were both led by Tux, Guin's right hand penguin, and though they were few, they relied on strength to carry them through, and the Gentoos were the fastest swimmers of all the penguin tribes...

But Angmar allied themselves with the penguins old enemies and guarded the key points in Forodwaith... so that the penguins were trapped in their new land... Leapord Seals haunted the seas waiting to attack any who tried to leave... and Skolrakh of the Snow Trolls broke off from Angmar's main goal of crippling Arnor, and led a part of Angmar's garrison against the penguins...

The penguins had to secure several strategic points in the bays to the North of Forochel, Pinpen and Basal led an small taskforce to capture and hold certain icebergs in strategic positions. Meanwhile Skolrakh led a small army of snow trolls and orcs of gundabad to the pass in the mountains of Angmar... and attacked a penguin camp there.

King Guin sent Ursus and Lord Chordata to aid them... but Tux was skeptical... "Why would they," he said, "carelessly lead such a small force against us when they knew we would give aid?"
"It was a foolish mistake which we will take advantage of their foolishness, after all, he is a troll..."

The adelies were successful in capturing the icebergs and they established fisheries to bring more income to the penguins... However a creature of shadow and ice, the Ulkarex, advanced on them from the east with many ice-demons and hobgoblins and with Ursus and Lord Chordata fighting Skolrakh whose armies seem to keep reappearing just after they thought they had won, the creatures met little resistance...

Pinpen and Basal returned to King Guin's fortress to discover the situation... They were sent to send a message of help to Ursus and Lord Chordata, for if King Guin fell to this shadow, then the penguins would be dispersed and be utterly destroyed...

Tux led a large army to do battle with the Ulkarex and his minions to at least buy time for Pinpen and Basal to get help... He and his emporers bravely withstood three waves... but on the fourth they sustained so many casualties when the Ulkarex came, that Tux had to call for an orderly retreat. Unfortunately the penguins paniced and Tux and a small sortie had to do their best to aid them... Had it not been for the arrival elves on their way to lay seige to Carn Dum they would have been eliminated... T

hey fell back to King Guin's castle where they withstood the seige... But none could stop the Ulkarex and he smote down the gates and they entered in... Tux fell bravely defending the castle... In vengeance the emporers and the gentoos attacked with such force that even the Ulkarex had to fall back... Then Ursus, Basal, Lord Chordata, and Pinpen arrived, and they attacked the creatures from behind and destroyed most of the armies and the Ulkarex fled...

Skolrakh took advantage of the lack of vigilence in the South and headed North massacring the penguins as he marched north... While the King held council with the other generals, Ursus and several polar bears and their riders evacuated an large penguin city in Skolrakh's warpath... Ursus then decided to destroy Skolrakh and in the battle the snow troll fell to Ursus, but even as Ursus emerged victorious he was attacked from behind and the bears were routed... Ursus himself was killed

King Guin was desperate, he knew that they could not stay and that they had to retreat back from whence they came, but they did not have the power nor the strength to stop the Ulkarex and they were penned in their land... He decided that they would have to summon Gwyn... a maiar in the form of an ice penguin...

To do this they had to gather large amounts of fish and establish them at certain locations... the most famous encounter was in the East with Basal where he was able to hold off against the Ulkarex's armies... Meanwhile the adelies searched the seas for a ice crystal they had lost in the first battle that could complete the summons... They established it at the top of King Guin's tower and Gwyn came...

Some of the elves had gone North after their failure to take Carn Dum and they met the penguins and their oppressors there

But Ulkarex had made his way to the penguin's primary place of resource and rally point... and destroyed it... cruelly destroying all its inhabitants... The elves and Lord Chordata led a sortie of Rockhopper berserkers and elven warriors to prevent the Ulkarex from advancing... The elves managed to erect a magical wall and barrier that would stop Ulkarex for a time while the berserkers held off his onslaught. In the last minutes of the battle Lord Chordata himself fell when the Ulkarex sent the icedemons into a secret tunnel, that surfaced right by his commanding point... Then the rockhoppers enraged lost themselves in a rage of fury and beat back the ice demons and assaulted Ulkarex... They knocked Ulkarex to the ground, but Ulkarex leapt off the hill and in the air burned with freezing ice and then upon landing lashed out at them... Not one rockhopper survived... Saddened by the tragedy the elves retreat the King Guin's castle to bring news of the phyrric victory...

Meanwhile Gwyn arrived at King Guin's castle and questioned his need... and King Guin told him of their situation... then one of the captains of the elves arrived and told of the event in the North, and King Guin wept for Lord Chordata was a brave and fearless warrior, and to perish so by a backstabber was unbearable...

They could await no longer... they had to go out and meet Ulkarex, andf King Guin himself arrayed him for battle... Pinpen protested but King Guin said "all our hope lies in this our last draw, if we fail I shall not want to live to see the destruction of our people."

Basal said "Our hope perishes with you, if you die in battle but we should defeat the Ulkarex then what shall we gain? For the penguins respond only to you and without you who will lead them?"
Then Pinpen spoke, "Yet if we should fail and you live, then what is left of us will rally to you and they shall spend their last moments defending you..."
King Guin answered: "Then they may rally to me there... for I shall not hide in my fortress from the doom that is coming, rather shall I ride out and lead my warriors into battle!" and with that he set his helm upon his head and left to lead the penguins...

The elves too went with them, and they arrived at the wall, but they found it smitten down and Ulkarex had gone... They split up for the east and the west, and one shall come to the other when they light a beacon... Basal and King Guin led the penguins going to the East and with them went Gwyn... but Pinpen and the elves wen to the West... they had fewer leaders but they had the greater numbers..

Then came the bitter wind from the North and the clouds darkened the sky... and only could they see whiteness... Pinpen and the elves saw before them a shadow before them, and then came the Ulkarex and they were scattered and lost and the Ulkarex advanced into the East.

King Guin decided to turn back for they had seen nothing and they had already come to the end of the wall, and Gwyn foreboded that some evil lie in that storm... So they turned around and went back to the West... Then they came to Ulkarex... and they fought an epic battle... and just as King Guin was about to fall, Pinpen and some of the penguins came to his rescue, though Pinpen died in the process... Then the elves arrived and helped the fairy penguins lead King Guin away from danger... and in that hour Gwyn fought with the Ulkarex and overcame him throwing him to the ground, but, in his death throe, Ulkarex stabbed Gwyn and Gwyn was stricken, his body mortally wounded... and his spirit fled to the West while from Ulkarex a dark shadow came and went away to the east...

King Guin and Basal in great sorrow bade farewell to the elves and retreated back to the North... and they easily defeated the garrison in the pass to the North and came back to their homes... But with the death of the Ulkarex the shadows hid back in the mountains and the penguins had only the weather to brave...

Though their exodus to the south had failed the north was rid of a great evil, and it would not be until the world was changed and the North was broken asunder and flooded with water would the penguins again travel south...

Men never knew of their existence and when the elves left the shores to Valinor, the songs and tales of this war were lost and no man ever heard them... It was not until the World had again changed and the penguins had traveled to the farthest of South that Men discovered their existence, and they were amazed at their strength, though they did not know of the Penguin Alliance in bygone days...

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Posted 03 May 2007 - 02:14 AM

oh, how pissed zimoo will be when he reads this Tolkien blasphemy. :)

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Posted 03 May 2007 - 02:16 AM

Has any Ingame progress been made? Models, Textures, Coding...

Personaly still not sure about the idea of this mod :)

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Posted 03 May 2007 - 10:40 AM

The icons really need to be neater, they look tacky atm.

adummy, stop telling me how to feel m'kay? Atleast it differs from the standard "Rohan, Evil Men and Arnor" crap many modders try to make.
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Posted 03 May 2007 - 03:43 PM

The quality of art could be improved, but the idea is awesome. I'm not sure if I had made it LotR-related at all, but that's your choice. Anyway: I love it :)

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Posted 03 May 2007 - 04:13 PM

LotG you forgot to give me credit for writing the whole thing! :)

LOL! It was kind of fun departing from the normally serious Middle-earth and fitting penguins in it, and technically it makes sense that they aren't know in LotR of anything because Men never knew about them... I still can't say that it is true-to-Tolkien though, but who cares, it has a similar feel to Middle-earth and it fits in alright and I didn't make any really radical moves (well, except for the Ulkarex... and Gwyn :p )

I think fan-made stories of Middle-earth are all right as long as you don't butcher it, and don't try to sell it... :cool:

EDIT: The quality of the art is my fault, I haven't taught him how to use transparency yet and no one has come out with a button tutorial...

EDIT 2: I like writing stories, and I can't wait till I reveal my story for GEM, some of you who know me very well may be able to find some influences of my other interests there, but I won't butcher it! :umad:

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#7 Eonwe


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Posted 03 May 2007 - 08:28 PM

Well I put your name in before the article as the author. If I get some models done(Hopefully contributed) Cauladan said he might do some very good art.

They are very good seeing as The Last Alliance mod has good art.

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Posted 04 May 2007 - 10:48 PM

logt, you are my hero. :p lol but seriously i hope you do this it would be entertaining lol
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Posted 05 May 2007 - 07:06 PM

I am happy for my game so far I found a 2D artist, got a new website, someones making userbars(Unsure), got one person skinning units, and got someone to do a minor model, but good none the less.

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