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Posted 03 February 2010 - 08:38 AM

I thought I would give my suggestions for the Rhun Spellbook. Rhun being Rhun after MotE is split. What I thought was that Rhun's unique building will be the Alter of Shadow(which I think should have more dragon-themed spells). It functions similar to a spellbook as it has spells, but unlike Spellbook powers the recharge requires special villagers that worship at the alter. In addition, I don't know if this possible but some spellbook powers will have prerequisite buildings. In fact, I'm not sure if the Alter of Shadow should be a lifetime spellbook power whose timer only restarts after the buildings destruction. Anyways here goes:

7 - Eye of Sauron : thematically I think they should be more closely tied to Sauron which is why this is here
7 - Oasis : a stealthed well(can only by seen by detector units), its model is different looking more like an actual oasis
8 - Spy : cast on an enemy unit allows vision sharing with that unit, but unit will be marked which if they are close to a detector the enemy will know they are a spy
12 - Use of Prosperity : cast on target resource structures increases their yield; this spell costs money; one of two options 1) it drains a set resource amount for the duration, but it gives a slight resource boost which stacks with itself every 10secs or 2) you get an option to choose various money options and the amount of the money spent increases the yield
12 - Sauron's Servants : summons 3 battalions of Morannon Orcs and 2 Trolls, with Alter of Shadow its 3 battalions of Morgul Orcs and 2 Attack Trolls
14 - Unity of Clans : decreases unit prices but at the cost of production speed(significant); this spell can be switched on or off; Alter of Shadow slightly increases production speed
12 - Martial Waning : cast on enemy units it removes buffs on them for a duration; also removes all purchased upgrades from them as well which is permanent(they will have to re-upgrade everything)
20 - Dragon Strike : same as usual(not the Smaug version); Alter of Shadows decreases recharge and lengthens duration; requires Dragon Monument
20 - Sundered Aid : Prevents enemies from using Spellbook powers for a set duration
16 - Demoralize : anytime your units are fighting an enemy hero then enemy units in the vicinity(quite big) lose attack rate, attack damage, and armor for as long as you continue to attack; if you manage to kill the hero they will lose even more percentage of stats but now for a duration; it stacks with itself so the more enemy heroes endangered/killed the better; passive
28 - Summon Dragon : same as usual but maybe give the dragon some abilities; requires Dragon Monument; Alter of Shadows increases duration
26 - Plague of the East : area cast affects all enemy units; it drains hp at a huge rate, but healing(spells/buildings) can decrease or nullify effect depending on their strength; affected units can infect non affected ones if they get too close; can affect buildings too making them infect nearby units and which causes them to produce units who start out with plague(the buildings themselves don't take damage); all affected units lose attack rate and damage after 50% hp; there is a duration it lasts on each individually affected unit/hero/structure but units can get reinfected, but the plague spell itself has its own separate duration after which its ability to spread ceases but affected units will have to continue to suffer for their individual duration

The next list will be the one for Harad if/when MotE are split.

7 - Oasis : stealthed well(only detectors reveal or certain spells), model is different from other wells
5 - Vultures : similar to bats/crebain but slower and their aura affect prevents enemy healing and reduce damage, can attack air units
8 - Barren Land : wasteland terrain that reduces enemy move speed and attack damage
10 - Nomad Efficiency : all buildings gain experience faster( note buildings not units),built faster, and the lessening of resource per structure threshold is increased(means you can have more resource structures without that annoying yield limit thing working sooner); passive
12 - Sauron's Servants : summons 4 battalions of Morannon Orcs and 2 Trolls
12 - Quicksand : causes a rippling affect in the ground; reduces enemy move speed by 90% and gives slight damage per second to units in the area; lasts for a set duration
14 - Dune Wyrm : same as the Awaken Wyrm
18 - Drought : I'm not sure about the area of effect it should have(maybe even map wide) or the recharge, but needless to say the bigger the area the longer the recharge; anyways this will prevent enemy healing and reduce resource output from enemy structures by 80-90% in the affected area
19 - Mirage Visions - cast on enemy units causes random hordes/units to temporarily become neutral(like lair creatures) they won't be permanently converted nor even for the entire duration of the spell; for example say every 5 seconds one horde/unit(not heroes) has a chance to become neutral for say 20 seconds; the neutral hordes aren't aligned(if that's possible) each converted horde should be on its own team; the whole duration will be say 1min20secs; i'm debating should the neutral convert horde be able to be attackable(since they are affected by the mirage thinking your units are enemies but non-affected ones know the converted horde is just going through some mental troubles); if that's not possible then whenever they become neutral they end up looking like Harad unit equivalents, say Gondor Soldiers who are converted are switched with Harad Swordsmen but go back to Gondor Soldiers when the effect wares off(you know so it looks like they are "seeing" things)
17 - Scorch : cast on an area gives dps(fire damage) on units/buildings for a duration and has a percent chance to light affected units/buildings on fire during the duration; percent chance increased during Drought
28 - Unforgiving Land : cast on an area that randomly generates mini tornadoes(smaller size less damage looks kind of sandy); you will be given an fx over the area the tornado will spawn before it does, your enemies will not
26 - Sandstorm : castable in huge area; reduces sight, chance to hit, and attack and move speed of enemy units and also does some dps for both units and buildings; graphically it should look like a sand storm is there at least to enemy(since it has no effect on your units)

This next section is for Moria. Scavenge won't be part of their powers tree since the Resource Buildings thread suggested that their primary resource collecting should be scavenging. So I thought it would be good if their unique building would completely deal with that, and having extra bonuses and upgrades that help toward that affect.

7 - Drums in the Deep : plays drum sound and it boosts move speed and attack damage, also causes slight fear and attack rate redux for enemy in area; bigger AoE cast than warchant
5 - Cave Bats : same as usual; their aura effect is less damage and move speed for enemy
8 - Bog Land : land looking like a swamp maybe some water like in the creek crossings; it reduces enemy move speed and armor
14 - Converted Structure : when an enemy building is below 65% hp you can cast convert on it; after a several seconds it will come under your control; it should like a rundown version of the building converted or just one rundown structure no matter what you convert from; resource structures and towers become towers(one attack and garrison-able), while unit production buildings and blacksmith produce the same troops that come out of the Goblin Cave(sans elite); they start at level 1 and all converted buildings have only a percentage of the stats of the building they converted from; they don't get a tower though for leveling just a smaller armor/hp/production boost; they can however produce all units that are produce-able from your highest level Goblin Cave(sans elite) no matter what level, so if your highest level Goblin Cave is lvl 1 you won't get access to lvl 2 units from the converted structure till you have a lvl2 Goblin Cave, but if you have a lvl2 Goblin Cave a lvl1 Converted Structure can produce lvl2 units as well
10 - Tunnel Spiders : Cast on an area that randomly places tunneled spiders within the cast area; 2 possibilities are A) a few spiders pop out and drag enemy back into the tunnel(insta-kill doesn't work on heroes), this version allows only 1 kill per spider B) same as above but Spiders are killable when they pop out and the captured unit only dies if the spider returns to the tunnel, this version has no limit as long as spiders live
12 - Fury in Legion : I don't know if this is possible; each horde will have an invisible radius which gives bonuses depending on how many additional hordes are within the radius; 4 extra is an attack rate boost, 6 is an attack damage boost, and 8 is an armor boost; the radius should be just big enough to allow 8 extra to fit in; passive
14 - Sunlight Conditioning : gives all Moria units/heroes permanent 10-15% hp bonus; passive
18 - Watcher in the Water : same as usual
16-20 - Shadow of the Underdark(maybe change name) : could be a cast AoE spell or a weather spell(I'm less inclined about this), of course the larger the AoE means the more PP cost and of course longer recharge; the effect kind of darkens the area(not as much as darkness) it causes all lower sight in enemy and all Goblin Troops(maybe not Trolls or Wargs/Warg Riders) to become stealthed even while moving they do become visible when attacked but when not attacking become stealthed again in like 1-3 seconds; if it becomes a weather spell the time it takes to restealth should be increased slightly
18 - Fissure : I know how much the fissure is hated(slightly diff. model and reskin); So it will become a summon and out of it will come slave Mountain Giants who attack anything within range(in books they were not allied with anyone I think they should remain as such with Trolls as new Siege); the Mountain Giants respawn if killed and also auto-heal if not being attacked
28 - Balrog : same as usual
24 - Mass of Fear : anytime you have 12+ hordes within a certain radius of enemy units/heroes they get a reduction to move speed, armor, attack damage, and attack rate,; passive

Why didn't I suggest Palantir and Creibain is what your thinking. Well I think those should be fortress abilities or specifically abilities of the Orthanc Tower upgrade.

8 - Spies of Saruman : periodically you will share vision with one enemy unit/horde/building(not heroes); this doesn't necessarily mean that enemy unit is a spy but just like Gandalf used bugs and things so can Saruman; passive
8 - Fel Speed : cast on units increases armor and speed for a duration; with Industry all buildings give off a weaker version of this passively, kind of like how they became faster once they were in their "own lands"
10 - Fel Voice : 2 possibilities that both periodically decrease the move speed and armor of enemy units at random; specifically either 1) random enemy units within sight(more debuff and I like this better) or 2) random enemy units whether you see them or not(less debuff); passive
14 - Industry : huge AoE cast temporarily increases either the speed of resource generation or the yield; this stacks with Saruman's aura
12 - Fury in Legion : I don't know if this is possible; each horde will have an invisible radius which gives bonuses depending on how many additional hordes are within the radius; 4 extra is an attack rate boost, 6 is an attack damage boost, and 8 is an armor boost; the radius should be just big enough to allow 8 extra to fit in; passive
14 - Tributed Lands : this I hope can be an on/off spell; it will reskin and give bonus to all Dunland Warriors and Wulf(all stats, see GW Warriors of Dunland) and their Dunland Tent(all stats, looks like a professional Tent); in addition it will give the Dunland Warriors a special ability that gives bonus damage against buildings and lights it on fire giving its own constant dps, and also increased pillage; this spell costs money it will either 1)constantly drain a set amount of resource per min. or 2) modify all resource structures so they yield less per turn to be equal to drain in #1; the other option is this spell is passive and their is a min resource requirement say 3000 you need to be above for this spell to function(I like this idea less and may not be possible anyways)
14 - War Chant : several possibilities all involving cast on units which then start doing the celebration anims for a time while War Chant sound plays; they chant between 20-30 secs; the longer they chant the greater the effect(if you move before its over you get a lesser version), which it offers them an attack damage bonus and decreases enemy attack damage and armor for a duration(every 10 secs the effect becomes greater); the way it works is either 1) it gives the targeted units an aura thing which boosts them and negates enemies for a duration(weaker bonuses) or 2) or within a radius(sight range or even more) of the chanting horde all enemy units are affected for a duration(stronger bonuses), in both cases the effect takes place when you decide to move units or chanting is done
16 - Fuel the Fires : same as usual
18 - Freezing Rain : the mod-team got this to work properly right? if not I will think of something else(its a great spell but sucks to be on recieving end since Good Side is aura dependent)
20 - Corruptible Influence : cast on a big area for a considerable duration it affects buildings decreasing the speed of unit production and researching upgrades(or just the former)
26 - Avalanche : same as the expan. spell
26 - Warpath : for every enemy unit your units/heroes/hordes(if one unit in a horde kills the whole Horde gets the bonus) kill they gain attack speed and attack damage for a duration say 10-20% and it stacks with itself too; I'm not really sure how long it takes to kill units for Uruks but needless to say the duration should be so that the spell doesn't become OVER POWERED, perhaps even add a cap to how many times it can stack; siege units don't get this bonus; passive

The Spellbook of Mordor is in this section which I may change since I kinda of rushed this. Like many previous spellbooks this one will be modified by things. The first is what I think should be Mordor's unique building the Morgul Tower(note the not THE) which will possess spells and things which turn the area around it similar to the land of Mordor itself as well as giving something special to Nazgul(the heroes not this Mod's Leader) and of course Sauron himself. The cast spells will recharge a bit faster with the Morgul Tower and become stronger with Sauron. Also I think Rain of Fire should be the Gorgoroth Spire ability.

5 : Eye of Sauron : same as usual function; I think either the duration or recharge speed should increase; Sauron gives boost
7 : Tainted Land : same as usual; Sauron on the field increases size and bonus as well as additional slow to enemies
10 : Cannibalism : several possibilities(don't know which ones will work); basic function is when one of your unit's die it will replenish the health of your units; the mechanic is either 1) takes a percentage(say 5%) of dieing unit's total hp and gives that amount it to all your units within a radius of its death(instant), or smaller amount every second for a bit(say 1% over 5 seconds kinda like Athelas) or 2) a set value given by each unit in the similar 2 options above instant or over time, this will require that each unit type give a different hp amount(which will be a calculated percentage) and if possible have that increase with level in accordance; only works on units not heroes or siege; passive
12 - Fury in Legion : I don't know if this is possible; each horde will have an invisible radius which gives bonuses depending on how many additional hordes are within the radius; 4 extra is an attack rate boost, 6 is an attack damage boost, and 8 is an armor boost; the radius should be just big enough to allow 8 extra to fit in; passive
14 - Call the Horde : same as usual, maybe slight cost redux(very small); Sauron boosts the duration and cost redux but also makes it so that there is a small passive production increase always
12 - Overwhelming Terror : this is a passive spell that works on its own; when you kill an enemy this spell will fire decreasing move speed for a duration to all units within a radius(if its not on recharge); it stacks with itself, but doesn't work for every kill; passive; Morgul Tower does modify this one unlike the other two passive spells as does Sauron who increases radius,duration, and slow percentage
14 - Imbued Shadow : cast on your units; it increases their attack rate slightly and makes it so their attacks ignore enemy armor values when they strike for a duration; affected units will get a black fx on weapons; Sauron increases duration and gives bonus damage as well
18 - Darkness : same as usual; Sauron increases the bonus and diminished sight of enemy
18 - Scar of Udun : transforms the land into something similar to the thing the Fortress produces(but more lava or make it looked like its still hot); constant dps drain on enemy units standing on the land, modifies move speed the lower there hp the slower they become( never reaches 0 ), at random places and times(seemingly random) fire blasts will erupt out setting units on fire and diminishing sight and attack rate of the entire horde it hits; this isn't permanent it is duration; Sauron increases all stats and duration
18 - Men of Darkness : summons units from Rhun and Harad at random in groups; Haradrim archers/swordsmen/lancers, Rhun swordsmen/archers/pikes, Corsair raiders(reg kind)/arbalesters/arcuballista, Kataphrakts/Wainriders, Mumaks; more powerful the units the less there are in the summon; all come fully upgraded
28 - Lightning Storm : not like Isengard stuff, if you have played AoM its like the lightning storm in there; hits random places with RED COLORED lightning but only damages enemy units(alot sometimes kill) and buildings(a little), and has chance to light them on fire(units/buildings not ground); I get this from when we see Mordor in the movies sometimes there is lightning striking; lasts for a duration; if cast during Darkness the duration is longer; Sauron modifies damage and duration
28 - Broil of Fume : think a darker looking pyroclastic flow(for the Scientifically challenged lazies who can't google(lol jk :wacko: *) its a thick bunch of super-heated, thick volcanic ash in the form of a fast moving cloud that comes from a volcano); a huge wave of dark smoke(graphically similar to flood no horses though) moves through the area damaging both units and buildings(not as much as Flood) after which all stats of theirs are debuffed and DPS for affected units for a duration afterwards; armor/attack damage debuff a little, attack rate/move speed debuff quite a bit, sight/archer range debuff significant; buildings get their corresponding values lowered too in the same fashion; Sauron increases damage, after effects and duration of after effects

*you should check out the pyroclastic flow on youtube its pretty cool(just an aside)

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Posted 04 February 2010 - 07:01 AM

I normally don't like double posting, but I thought I would rather separate the good/evil factions that way than putting a huge list in one post.

The first faction spellbook is Dwarves. Some of their spells like the Rhun one require their unique building to function. Their unique buildings are the Miners' Guild(offers economy upgrades mostly) and the Mithril Mine(the Miners' Guild is a req. for this).

5 - Rebuild : same as the current one
7 - Heal : I really think Dwarves need this they have no heroes who possess it and it becomes critical in some situations
5 - Ravens : summons 3-5 ravens with decent sight that auto-scout the map(unselectable); they can either be unkillable or stealthed requiring detectors to locate them(killed ones respawn at some place); passive
12 - Hidden Vein : one of your mines(random) may get a bonus to yield for a duration; duration extended and yield bonus increased if you have Miners' Guild; passive
10 - Stealth Mine : can summon a special mine that is stealthed; these mines can't attack, don't level, and yield very little resource; their might have to be a cap on how many you can have
14 - Dale Cavalry : summons a few battalions of Men of Dale on Horses(model similar to Rohan but with swords/axes bound to Gondor Knight skeleton) the Dale Cavalry is only a summon and not lifetime
12 - Deconstruct : cast on a building does damage per second(percent of which is returned as resource) after 75% hp lost it functions slower, under 50% it can't produce units/resources/upgrades, at 25% it starts losing hp even faster; Miners' Guild increases the damage and the percent resource return
16 - Cloud Break : same as usual
18 - Summon Eagles : same function wise, but the recharge is faster for Dwarves but not by a huge amount
18 - Undermine Trap : a trap set on an area; the trap activates 5-10 seconds after an enemy unit crosses into the area sucking all enemy units into it; these units are now trapped in your mine system and must be pulled out of your mines for the spell to start recharge or they randomly will exit one of your mines after 1-2mins, the random mine will have an FX denoting which one it will be; requires Miners' Guild, and Deep Mining upgrade increases AoE of spell
26 - Earthquake : same as usual but less damage to units
28 - Craft of Aule : huge AOE spell effects units gives Dwarven Heroes/Units(note only Dwarves) armor bonus so they take only 10% damage from attacks and 25% damage from spells for a duration; affected Dwarves become stone skinned

Elven Spellbook Powers will be next. Their spells will also be modified by upgrades and buildings.

6 - Elven Wood : same as usual; having a Mallorn Tree(unique Elven Building) increases the size and bonuses of the wood
5 - Heal : same as usual; Elven Healing Heroes need to be limited to Galadriel, Elrond, and Arwen the former two being only summonable from the Fortress(though their healing is very powerful)
10 - Tree Whisperers : increases Elven Building repair and build rate and boosts all buildings resource output by a fixed number(slight say 10); note the resource boost allows even unit production buildings the ability to produce some resource(which will increase per level) but not well and statue; passive
14 - Huorn Wood : looks like Elven Wood but has 3 stealthed Huorns(need detector to see); they attack enemies within reach(since they cant move); Ent Allies allows Huorns to move within the Huorn Wood area(though unselectable still)
12 - Cloud Break : works the same but the Elven version has a faster recharge than others
12 - Enshrouding Mist : same as usual; 2 Rings upgrade increases the effect and area of the spell
12 - Gust of Air : air blast radiates outward from the cast point knocking back units within a certain range: power and area is increased by 2 Rings upgrade
18 - Ent Allies : summons 5 Ents at a location; passively spawns Quickbeam at your Fortress if he dies he respawns after some time, he is controllable
18 - Eagle Allies : same as usual; the only buildable eagle for Elves should be Gwahir through the nest; passively gives additional 2 eagles that are slaves to Fortress if the Eagles Nest is built
15 - Girdle of Galadriel : cast on units makes them immune to spell for a duration; 2 Rings upgrade increases AoE and duration of the spell and also makes enemy spells uncastable in a radius around the Lothlorien Fortress(little larger than AI base size) or Mallorn Trees give off a spell block aura; the latter part is passive
28 - Flood : same as usual; requires 2 Rings Upgrade
32 - Star of Earendil : cancels weather effects for its duration; also decreases enemy attack damage, attack rate, armor, and move speed for the duration; map wide spell

Next my favorite faction Gondor. I know in the Opening Post the idea was to have Knights of Dol Amroth as a summon instead of Rohirrim but I didn't like that. I thought Gondor's unique building should be either a Pigeon Roost or Fiefdoms Barracks (only 1 max at any time)which basically allows summoning of various Fiefdom hordes onto the field (including Dunedain Rangers and Eagles[requires Gandalf]) for a price.

8 - Entrenched Healing : summons a special stronger well with bigger AoE heal and more hp/armor; also passively makes healing during fighting same as standing still for all wells(if there is a difference if not tell me I will give diff. suggestion)
8 - Eyes of the White Tower : at regular intervals it randomly illuminates parts of the map in fog, the area illuminated is decent but nowhere close to Palantir; Denethor doesn't know how to use as well is why I put this limit also for uniqueness, but with Glory of Numenor its a bit bigger; passive
8 - Heroism : targeted units gain heroic damage, armor for a duration; if that's not possible an armor/damage bonus vs Evil Units not Evil Men though for a duration; Glory of Numenor increases AoE and duration
14 - Elven Wood : the Edain have ties to Elves so I thought this would make sense, but smaller AoE and longer recharge; Glory of Numenor passively makes AoE same as Elven Wood(Elves version) and recharge a bit faster in later casts
12-16 - Gift of Men : increases armor, attack damage by a lot(means 4x at least) and move speed, attack speed by a bit(+50% to +100%) to targeted units for a duration(doesn't affect heroes); however after duration those units die fading away like a summon; the cost will reflect duration, cast AoE, and stat bonus; Glory of Numenor increases duration by quite a bit
12 - Lone Tower : stronger than regular tower more hp, armor, damage(multiple arrows), and way bigger sight; can't cast within a certain distance of other buildings; can receive upgrades and is garrisonable; lifetime summon; Glory of Numenor stats even more and it now has stealth detection
15 - Kindled Hope : map wide bonus to all units/heroes that slightly increases their attack rate and attack damage when below 60% hp; requires Gandalf to be on the field; bonus is greater if units are within radius of Gandalf or Aragorn; Glory of Numenor makes threshold 75%; passive
18 - Wind of the West : In addition to canceling enemy weather effects, it removes all enemies auras for a duration including buff/debuff spells; recharge longer than Cloudbreak but Glory of Numenor reduces it a bit(still longer though)
20 - Summon the Red Arrow : Summons Several Fully Upgraded Rohirrim Hordes which are only for a duration
18 - Competent Ruler : Increases Production Speed of units, buildings, research upgrades, and maybe resource output; but everything is now more expensive as well; could either be passive or on/off spell; of course the higher the speed the more cost increase I think in 1:1 ratio (meaning +15% speed results in +15% cost); Glory of Numenor makes ratio 2:1
26 - Summon Army of the Dead : summons Army of the Dead around Aragorn if he is lvl 6(Anduril Upgrade)
24 - Glory of Numenor : fully upgraded buildings and units/heroes(not Gandalf) get bonus upgrade to armor and attack that is permanent; Aragorn gets reskinned to look like the King(Coronation Armor) if he is above lvl6 and units/heroes get a 2nd Age White Tree Symbol( White Tree under Crown and 7 Stars) reskin or if not at least banner carriers banner and Fountain Guard are now buildable and recharge of Fiefdoms summon is less; this is passive

Rohan Spellbook I may have to revise and edit later since I just wanted a rough thing to get some of my ideas down before I forgot them. Rohan's unique building will be the pasture which in addition to slight resource bonus offers upgrades solely to Cavalry.

8 - Heal : I know its a bit overdone but Rohan lacks healing heroes so ....
8 - Peasant Fortification - cast on target building increases its armor and repair and causes it to shoot multiples stones from it
8 - Fleeing Fear(change name) : two possibilities 1) cast on enemy units forces(exception is heroes,elites, and monsters) them to run irregardless of level, 2) cast on allied units temporarily gives them Elendil ability which does the same as above
14 - Pukelman Stonering : summons a wood(like Elven Wood visually) and inside are small statues placed at a distance forming a circle, also inside are Druadan Woses some possess blow guns others knives; both the statues and Druadan are stealthed; they attack enemies within the area; Woses respawn if killed as long as the stones remain; if the Pukelman stones are destroyed the Woses disappear; they stay in the woods can't come out of it
14 - Eorling Horns : 2 possibilities; when a horde is engaged with enemy units the banner carrier will bring out a horn and blow it the result will be 1)buffing the horde with bonus move and attack rate for a duration, and the banner carrier will do this at regular intervals but it won't be long enough that when your fighting you constantly have the buff(decent recharge) 2) buffs surrounding units with the same bonus and conditions in #1(longer recharge since it effects more); it requires the BC so if he is dead or units aren't lvl2 you don't get this; passive
12 - Traded Weapons : cast on target units instantly gives them all upgrades for free; upgrading units is now little cheaper this part is passive
14 - Cloud Break : same as usual; but it recharges a bit faster not as much as Elven version
18 - Eagle Allies : same as usual; I know its a bit redundant but since they are weak against air and well you need to throw everything at Grond so ....
18 - Unlikely Aid : summons a few battalions of Galadhrim Warriors fully upgraded; these are duration summon only
18 - Glory of the Horse Lords : cast on target units it makes them glow and gives armor and immunity to enemy debuffs for a duration, and gives them an enemy buff negating aura for the same duration
28 - March of the Ents : summons 5 ents plus Treebeard(has more abilities and aura) who are controllable for a duration
26 - Glorious Charge : not to be confused with Theoden's ability; if you have 10 or more Cavalry Hordes within a certain radius of each other or enemy units they give fear(the cowering anim[like Boromir's Horn effect]) and reduced move/attack speed to enemy units; also they prevent Pikes from properly doing Porcupine Formation(the insta-kill form when cavalry rides over) irregardless of level(sans elite); I thought of this since in the movies every time I see a bunch of Rohirrim Charge at pikes the pikes get scared and almost no Rohirrim are taken out by the pikes; this only works when Cavalry is moving; could be passive or cast(won't work if you have less than 10 Cavalry)

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Posted 04 February 2010 - 11:38 PM

This is very good, indeed! I like it =)

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Posted 05 February 2010 - 07:39 AM

Sounds good indeed! However I don't find this very useful:

15 - Girdle of Galadriel : cast on units makes them immune to spell for a duration; 2 Rings upgrade increases AoE and duration of the spell

Since the Girdle of Melian (and so the Girdle of Galadriel) was supposed to protect her kingdom from evil creatures, I think it could reinforce all Elven walls (increase HP?) for a period of time with somekind of glowing effect (as the Fortress upgrade for walls in Mordor faction, which makes them glow green but in another color maybe).
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Posted 05 February 2010 - 10:21 AM

How is having spell immunity for selected units, which should include enemy debuffs, not useful? All those powerful enemy hero and spellbook spells would have no effect on them(except summons), also spell spam is a great way to take out a siege force. Her ring deals with protection so I thought would be unique. Also seeing as how wall buff bonus is a research upgrade for many factions already it seems boring to make the Elven one such an expensive spell only for a duration.

I had thought the 2 Rings Upgrade which I spoke of to allow various spells that I think Elrond and Galadriel to possess(since their hero spells are near full), in addition to allowing them to be summoned to the field. One of those was a radius around the fortress which would 1) allow the construction of Mallorn Trees(unique building) and 2) prevent enemy spells from being cast within the radius. I guess the passive part of the Girdle could be giving those 2 abilities to all Fortresses. For Elrond's affect I have no idea exactly, other than the flood thing what reflect his influence on Imladris?

Maybe instead of Girdle of Galadriel it should be called Power of the 2 Rings. Which would give the powers to each Fortress in addition to allowing Elrond and Galadriel to be summonable. One of the spells will be the Protective anti-spell cast. Well I'll have to think and see since I would like a mist based spell for Galadriel so I may want to switch that out and give a new spell suggestion in its place. Of course this new spell will be passive.

I updated the list further up this page with Gondor and Isengard. Still not sure how Elves should be dealt with.

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Posted 05 February 2010 - 02:40 PM

Hey there, What if you guys recolor the elven flood power to brown or tan and make it bigger, then you could use that as a harad sandstorm power.

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Posted 06 February 2010 - 05:48 PM

I don't know if this is the right place to ask this but it was about a spell. Its a bit of a "is it possible" sort of thing probably only answerable by people familiar with BFME II coding.

12 - Use of Prosperity

This spell above in the Rhun powers tree suggestions by me. I had originally suggested for it to take a percentage of the current resource total, then a percentage of that which would end up being the resource bonus given to the selected buildings. I wanted to make it unique in the fact that unlike the regular Industry it isn't a flat bonus but is dependent on what you currently have, and can thus be more or less powerful. It made sense with the name since a prosperous economy can invest in more expensive yet lucrative endeavors.

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Posted 27 March 2010 - 06:13 PM

I agree with calls for removing the dragon powers from Isengard and moving Dragon Strike to Moria or possibly Evil Men. I very much like the avalanche idea. Perhaps the other power could be some sort of lightning strike - similar to Saruman's power and the fortress power, but with a larger radius and with greater damage.
(Wrong thread, but, to avoid repetition, Saruman's Level 10 power could be replaced with a larger radius and permanent Convert Enemy power, like the one for the CAHs.)

Just a crazy suggestion for Moria, depending on whether Rhun or Harad get the Dragon powers: What about an Ungolian summon? I believe that Tolkien is deliberately vague about her ultimate fate, making it unclear whether she survived or not so it wouldn't quite be inaccurate to Lore, though it is a stretch. One problem is that, for it to be true to Tolkien, Ungoliant would be the most powerful unit in the game (she overpowered Morgoth and it took all of the Balrogs to drive her away), though perhaps to balance she could be a neutral unit, dangerous to the Goblins as well. Model-wise she could simply be Shelob made three times as big, with an aura of darkness; she could emerge when summoned as Shelob would when tunneling out of the ground (and leave again in the same way).

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Posted 08 November 2010 - 11:47 AM

Right... *pheeew* - I've just finished reading ALL posts in this looong topic! ;)
New topic, where all adopted and adapted ideas will be posted (wip) is HERE!


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