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Let's remake RA2 on the same engine. ('A modders life')

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Posted 02 July 2007 - 03:23 PM

Thank goodness I made the first post the way I did. With only one sentence I could see all the kindness of some of you people. Shame that in all of your "kind" words I couldn't see one thing I always based my tries in modding YR on - some kind of interest and effort, when it was neccessary. AG has done a royal speech at my MSN about how lame YR is. Now MadHQ posted some pretty offensive posts I've recently come across, which seriously completely made up my mind not only on this "community" project but also on the community itself.

In all honesty. Youngsters who came to the YR community during the times when the game turned seriously old have potential, ideas, they talk about things to be done. Then the elderly came and started saying that "this won't work". "A 'community project' is a mess", "it's hell of work on such remake, redo", gosh, they even started to argue how such project should be called! Everything was doable, at least without such attitude towards the idea. Anybody would ask "What idea?". "The idea of remake" - I believe each YR modder has his own. To make the best remake would require combination of ideas. Paradox/Ash wisely said - "NO modder/mod contributor is worth a shit without a clear direction."

Were I supposed to reveal my vision only to bash it? If I said anything about my ideas, I believe it would finish in similar way - bashing. Bashing. Lot's of smashing. Why I think so? Because I haven't done so and I see what I see. How many people actually discussed about their ideas in this thread? Few did. That's true. You ask for my vision? MO was mine - it wasn't best for everyone, surerly. But discussing about my vision, people could use constructive arguments and review my vision. Bad sides, good sides. Let's take good sides and continue to next modder. Some people just bashed it, without constructive feedback. I say - such people should shut their mouth. I would like constructive feedback. There was a possibility to make YR suit most, truly most of it's players.

You say I haven't been replying, there was no leader. People, think - how much modders had idea to work on a similar project? Rawlo did. MadHQ did, at least he worked on some graphics based on RA2 style. Mig Eater tried but he lacked of time afaik. All failed. One person can't work on anything bigger than a standard modification for Yuri's Revenge. So why not look after those people who have ideas? Who don't bitch about every thing they come across but discuss it. MadHQ, in all honesty - this was not a goddamn call for any kind of "FOLLOWERS". Look, few first pages are full of posts by people who would like to help, not of any damn FOLLOWERS. Do you believe in any kind of theory of plot out there? A plan. Some of you people say there should be someone to plan it up. I say there shouldn't be one person. Surerly, I could've planned everything up on my own but it would become nothing else than my second mod after MO. Now, after this thread and a small testing question in the first post I would know who to work with and who not to.

As for coders/graphic artists - MadHQ, there's a reason some mods are lead by people who actually lack of graphic skills. Because they have a vision, but they need people for help. Artist may be good, but he may lack of ideas. He may do lots of useless rubbish unless being told what to do. There's a difference between a CODER and a LEADER. This is why so big part of so called YR community fails, it's full of flaming and egoistic attitiute, which I could never understand. Look how many people with potential of being leaders are here. Count them on both hands, stating you have every of your fingers healthy.

And my head so far up my ass. Clever. Thank you for commenting up my effort I put into my project. Like if MO was a godlike project without any flaws. I wonder when I've ever said that. I made MO, because I loved YR when I was younger, I loved and still love to change and try to make things around better - for me and for the surrounders, I finished MO because I started something and wanted to finish it. I had a debt to pay to YR modding community, in some kind of tribute to older modders which I've disrespected after joining YR modding. I think I did. MO may not be liked by people, it may be bashed, but I've put all my interest in it. I did not part myself like some other people, who never really knew what to do with what they are able to. Remake of RA2 could have been a tribute to Westwood, to everything before, YR still remains best of C&Cs.

What I hear now? AG says YR suck and it will. MadHQ bashes me without any reason I would be aware of. People who've been here for most of time, who did a lot have no idea what YR remake could be, now in the times of C&C3, have nothing to say but flames.

Goddamn, people, that was clearly not the point.. Death to the pseudomodders. You changed my point of view - we bury YR community on our own - it's not only the time and releases of new C&C.


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Posted 02 July 2007 - 03:34 PM

& on that I think it brings this discussion to a close.

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