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Posted 18 July 2007 - 10:05 PM

A word of advise to everyone who posts in this "BFME Modding Jobs, Requests and Ideas" subforum:

DON'T JUST POST "HELP WANTED"! That's the reason for the subforum; to say that you need help. Please post specifics... example: "My Mod Name" "needed: coders, modellers, skinners".

And remember that there are no free coders, modellers, or skinners just hanging around waiting for someone to offer them a position. You have to entice people to join your mod. That includes giving them detailed information about the mod, not just that you happen to have a mod that needs work.

Also, start small, don't get silly ambitious goals of making a huge 10 new faction mods with all kinds of new stuff. Start off with something obtainable like 1 new faction or 5 new units and heroes then work your way up. And make sure that the stuff you are adding is new and unique... not the same old thing that every other mod on the planet is doing. If you really want to add something that's already being added then maybe you should just join a mod that's adding that so that it'll be released that much sooner.

Also learn how to do all the different parts of modding yourself so that you can help out more. All the good mods have mod team leaders who can do every single job on the team (and typically one or two other members who are just as good). If you can model, skin, code, and do the other parts then you'll actually be able to make your mod even if you don't get a full team. And if you do infact get a full team then it'll save you time... not make the mod suddenly obtainable.

For more information, do go to this topic!



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