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Ring Hero

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#61 Hexman


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Posted 12 October 2008 - 12:26 PM

For the goblins i think that should be Drogoth
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#62 apelul

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Posted 19 October 2008 - 07:44 AM

My ideea:
Each faction have a hero.(a hero that is powerfull than another hero. like this: the powerful hero = normal hero*2)and when they get the ring you can chose to make beter the one 2*normal hero(to be 5*normal hero) or to make a nother hero. Here are the heroes(first is the faction, then the 2*normal hero, the powerful 2*normal hero and the mighty ringhero)
Gondor - denethon (or what is his name) - denethon - shaddow of isildur
Rohan - Gandalf the gray->Gandalf the white(gandalf has an upgrade that is make hin white, after he defeat the barlog that is summon when click on the button) - gandalf the dark(i think that when he was at rohan, frodo was between modor and isengard. isengard can take the ring easyer than modor because modor must pass near gondor(fight) and gandalf with his best horse of middle-earth (shaddowfax) can go and take the ring from isengard if uruks are takekin the ring from frodo and he is transforming in dark ) - none
Elves - Galadriel - Galadriel the StormQueen - none
Dwarves - none - none - none
Harad - scorpion - Great Scorpion - sauron
Mordor - the eye(an eye that it look at a unit. thet unit stay there and attack the eye some second.then the eye desapere and apere at fortess(over 30 sec)(the eye have 5000 hp. if the unit that atack the eye can destroy all the 5000 hp, the eye die)(wile the eye si locking at unit, he make a little dammage and have a tiny little regeneration)) - none(sauron wants the ring for him, not for his eye) - Sauron
Isengard - Saruman the white - Saruman the black- none
Goblins - none - none - The Balrog
Rhun - none - none - none
Minas Morgul - Witch-King - Dark Witch-King lord - Sauron

I forgot. if the upgrade hero die, the ring fall and can be recruit again(the hero), and with the upgrade. The new hero is more stronger and can die and then, he goes in the fortress and can get out utill you have the ring again(if the upgrade hero die the seccond time, he will not drop a one ring). where i put none you can say watever you want

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not verry good at english. sorry

#63 Neth


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Posted 27 January 2009 - 10:01 PM

I posted these before i think but ill try again (even if nobody will read them :D)
Use Heros from First/Second age for MAX effect.

Gondor - Elendil
Rohan - Ghost of Helm Hammerhand
Elves - Fingolfin - Please do not use Galadriel
Dwarves - Durin the Deathless (might not have fought much but give him HUGE health)
Rhun - Alatar
Harad - Pallando
Mordor - Morgoth (Most Powerful, don't make him OP though)
Isengard - they weren't around in 1st/2nd age so - Saruman of Many Colours
Goblins - either Gothmog (the Balrog) or Ungoliant
Minas Morgul(a faction?) - Sauron

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#64 Jonasking


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Posted 28 January 2009 - 06:59 PM

I can't see why Sauron should be the Ring Hero of Morgul when he's the Lord of Mordor?:p

Morgoth has nothing to do with Mordor,he's fortress was in Angband.


#65 CIL



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Posted 28 January 2009 - 08:07 PM

And he was in the void. You'd essentially be saying that the War of the Ring was the Dagor Dagorath. That's a HUUUUGGGGEEE canonical no-no. Also, there's also the fact that this mod is archived and LI hasn't been here in some time.
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#66 Neth


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Posted 29 January 2009 - 09:28 PM

@Jonasking I know that its not what some people like, but i think Morgoth should be the Ring Hero because do you really think he'd bother rebuilding his army?

@Elrond of Imladris (a.k.a Telemnar :wink_new: ) Whatever, its MY opinion, now stop making fun of it ;) I also happen to know the mod has been arvhived and that LI is missing, i have obviously been following this mod longer than you think.

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