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Posted 29 August 2007 - 02:41 PM


Question: I can't install Remix becaue I can't figure out what to do with the RAR file.
Answer: You need WinRar. It is a zip style tool available at www.rarlab.com I also highly recomend you take a look at the stickied topic called "How to install Remix3"

Question: When will the next version of Remix Escalation be released?
Answer: WHEN ITS DONE. I don't have another answer, there are no guestamates, there is no time table. Work on the mod is moving at a good steady rate. Keep checking the forums. I'm the only person working on this mod and I have 2 kids a wife and a job. I work on it when I can. I thank you for your enthusiasm, but having 500 unregestered guests asking when it will be done is about as useful as a fart in a space suit.

Question: Why is the AI broken?
Answer: AirForce, Tank, Demo AI work on all difficulties. And Work well. Robot AI works on Passive and Aggressive. No other AI's are set up at this time, but are being added as the updates roll out. Tournament mode is not supported by the AI.

Question: Can you add more Generals to the exsisting factions? Will you? What are they?
Answer: 3 new generals were planned for Remix, however what was planned for them has been rolled into 3 existing generals to make them more unique and give them more content, as these generals were best fitting of 3 new generals playstyle of units/buildings/techs

Spec Ops General (USA) - These ideas have gone into the new Research General (and some content to the Superweapon General)
Electronic Warfare General (China)- These ideas have gone into Tank general (ECM and Lightening Tech's)
Subversion General (GLA) - These ideas were put into Stealth General (Purchasable powers, Mass panic, Consistent Generals powers bombardment on the enemy, Sabotage etc)

Question: Can you add Russia, or EU, or India, or Singapore, or My country to you mod as a playable faction?? Can I suggest a new General for the exsisting factions?
Answer: No, No, and No. I've already got my new generals chosen, and I will not be adding any new countries. I have many reasons for this and I will not be changing my mind.

Question: Where can I learn to mod? Can you teach me? Can I learn by helping on Remix3?
Answer: There is a MOdding Q&A area with Tutorials I have worked on. I'm happy to help teach anyone, but I also expect anyone interested in learning to have motivation and the will to learn on thier own. I will not make a mod for anyone or help with any new mods (atleast not right now). I'm willing to teach, not do it for you. If you have usable skills I invite you to offer your help, but I cannot bring on an aprentice at random and share all my work with a stranger.

Question: Is Remix the same as Contra? What is the difference between Remix3 and Contra? Why was Remix on the Contra forum?
Answer: Remix is not the same as Contra, it is a completely different mod, though we do share some content. Remix3 uses a Tech Escalation system that involves researching your next tech level at the command center prior to building new buildings and units, it also has a much longer tech tree with more tech buildings that allows for several more units in the game. The earliest versions of Remix were based off Contra as Contra:Remix. In those early versions Remix was simply an alternate version of Contra that added a few units and removed the Rank restrictions. Eventualy Remix grew into its own mod and was no longer directly associated with Contra, so a new forum was created.

more Q&As will be added.

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Between now and the next polished release there should be very little new art work done. Instead the focus is on designing, testing, and fixing. the mod has always been so close to finished that its nearly criminal. I'd love to see this through to the end with a real community effort.

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Posted 24 June 2010 - 01:35 PM

Question: Can I play Remix online against other people? If so, how?
Answer: Yes you can. You can play Remix Escalation online against other people with the mod. All players must have the same version of the mod. To reduce mismatches, make sure that all players do not have any other mods installed. A good reliable internet connection usually helps. You can play PVP or multiple players against the AI.

To play Remix online you must use Hamachi. This works by playing over a "LAN". You can download Hamachi here (Unmanaged version)

For help on how to set it up, or to join a network and play with friends visit this topic and post any questions you have.
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