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Arsencia Character Registration

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Posted 14 October 2007 - 01:36 AM




Alignment: (Good, Neutral, Evil)
History: (this is not required, and if you decide to give us some background, it doesn't have to be anything much.)

Race Descriptions:

Drow: The dark elves, those of a purple hue of skin, white hair, and purple eyes. The strategists of the land, few are seen above ground, as they fear light. Those who turn rogue however are known to come above ground and take refuge in the light.
>Average Age: Reach maturity at 20, can live to be 150
-Darkness: Can blind a foe for a limited time.
-Lightfear: Most drow are afraid of light, and of the sun. Most will never venture into it.

Deathknelf: The Deathknelf are a mysterious race. Born from Elven mothers and of a Drow father, they have the white skin of an Elf with mysteriously shaped stripes of purple, and sometimes even maroon skin (born with what look like the modern equivalent of tribal tatoos all over their body). These folk are known to be excellent fighters, and the rarly seen home of these elves is protected by one of the best militial forces in Arsencia. However, the focus on pure fighting has left the Deathknelf with a lack of magical attunment, and as such have a weak shapeshift. They can also control the accuracy with with they use weapons, but this puts a physical drain on them.
>Average Age: Reach maturity at 25, can live to 160
-Weak Shapeshift
-Weapon Precision

Dwarf: The shortest race of Arsencia, the Dwarves live mainly underground in their mountain kingdom. They work with their hands on metals that they find in the mines, being gold, silver, and much more. Their weapons and armor are unrivaled in the lands.
>Average Age: Reach maturity at 23, can live to be 120
-Smithing: Can craft, given the proper tools and items, things of amazing beauty and usefullness.
-Shortness: The shortest race on Arsencia, also makes them the slowest runners.

Elves: The Elves live in thier ancient home of Elvenhome, known to them as S'Valrok. They rarely interfere in the matters of the world, but they gather their forces for an oncoming darkness. Their slender shapes, almond eyes, and elongated ears are the general appearance, with golden skin and lighter hair colors.
>Average Age: Reach maturity at 20, can live to be 160
-Elfsong: Powerful magic that is used only to teleport to Elvenhome or to shift appearances.
-Physical: Elves are weaker than humans in the physical aspect, but can still get by with swords and staves.

Gnomes: Taller than dwarves, and tons more ugly. Technologically advanced enough to create simple machines and guns. They live inside hollow mountains and hills, as well as some surface dwellings.
>Average Age: Reach maturity at 18, can live to be 60
-Technology: Easy access to guns and other such advancements.
-Clumsy: Gnomes are clutzes. They are more prone to accidents than all of the other races combined.

Humans: The general race of Arsencia, humans live in towns and villages, thier highest achievement is Stormguard, a place that is safe from most disasters and attacks. Humans can range in all shapes and sizes, and their skin color can vary greatly.
>Average Age: Reaches maturity at 18, can live to be 80
-Bravery: Can overcome most fears in group of three or more.
-Magic: Humans are weaker in magic, as they may never have anything as powerful as elfsong.

Furyans: Not much is known about this race, except that they are both physically and magically strong, although even they have their limitations.
>Average Age: Reaches maturity at 16, can live to be 120*see below*
-Strength: Furyans are even stronger than humans and dwarves. They far exceed all races with their strength, both magical and physical.
-Energy Drain: While they have tremendous magical powers, using the powers shortens their lives by how much is used at one time unless they completely and utterly master their powers, which is a rare thing

Please read Librera's Tome for this.


You may start with anything, so long as it is not imbalanced or overpowered, or godmoddish. You must stay within your own class for this.

Just a quick addition of Deathknelf ~ Copa

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