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Posted 02 November 2007 - 01:58 AM

To make a shift between projects which are still in the conceptual phase, meaning work hasn't started yet, and those projects which have past that first barrier, we have formed a new set of guidelines.

Only post a new topic if you yourself have the intention of working on your ideas. Otherwise post in the pinned "Mod Idea Collection" topic, so modders can see it.

To post in the main recruitment forum your mod MUST have existing material. If you have nothing but ideas at the moment, but want to get together with other modders and develop them into a mod, post in the drawing board.

Mods with material can post in the main recruitment forum to try and get new members. No more than 1 thread per mod.

Drawing board mods can request to be moved to the main recruiting forum or the BFME 1/2 modding forums, once they have some solid material.

Serious applicants only: No "This will be cool" posts.

What counts as content?

Idealy, an ingame screenshot showing some decent coding and/or some decent models. Renders of decent models will also be accepted.

For example:

A mod adding a Balrog as a hero and posting a screenshot is NOT sufficient content.

A mod adding any of Nertea's free models ingame and posting a screenshot is NOT sufficient content.

A mod adding some brand new units created by the modder and posting a render or even better an ingame screenshot IS sufficient content.

These new guidelines will be enforced shortly.

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