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BETA 4.5 - released!

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Posted 02 November 2007 - 06:26 AM

BETA 4.5 is HERE!!! Posted Image
- Original BFME2 Game!
- Latest EA Patch (1.06)
- No need for RotWK!
- Follow the revised Installation Instructions!

BFME2 Special Extended Edition - Fixes & Additions for BETA 4.5

Credits are given where the solution didn't come from the SEE Team...
Active on this Beta has been;

- Nazgûl
(Team & Mod Leader, Artist & Skinner)

- Sûlherokhh
(Head Coder & AI Coder)

- Robnkarla
(Freelance Coder & Bug Fixer (USP Problem and various model bugs). Creator and Contributor of "RJ Cam", Mordor Walls & new FB Glow)

- TheDeadPlayer
(Modeler of: Dale Swordsmen & Archers, Goblin Pikemen, Orc Pikemen, Morgul Orcs, Gondor Spearmen & Gondor gear (sword & shield) for Swordsmen and Knights...)

- Lauri
(Modeler of: Black Uruks, LUA armor of Goblins, Goblin Warg Riders, Great Goblin on Warg...)

And not to be forgotten; all CONTRIBUTORS of guidance, codes, models and skins:
- 2PLAYGAMES (Coding support at early developement & Creator of Mod Command Tool)
- ARGOLIS (Donator of initial Captain Jackson model + some WoA material)
- CAHIK (Animation and model support)
- CELEGLIN (Some skin details from TEA)
- DARK LORD of the SITH (Coding support at early developement)
- DOWNFALL (Some donated skin materials for Rohan Archers and Bolg model and skin)
- ELDARION (Some of the best skins in this mod!)
- FLAMEGUARD (Initial model of Mordor Walls)
- ITHRONAIWENDIL (Coding support at early developement)
- KOBRA (Uruk-hai Scout Raider models)
- LORD of GIFTS (The initial setup of "The NINE")
- LORD ISTARI (Human Heads for Mordor Catapult)
- NERTEA (Some of the Rohirrim skins and details)
- NIGHTMARE (Gorgoroth Orc models)
- STEALTHSNAKE (Initial setup of Rohan mini faction)
- SNIGGLES (Developer of the initial mod; Full GamePlay Mod)
- ZIMOO (Coding support and Build Ups for Golden Hall)

//Nazgûl ;)



- BFME1 Intro & ShellMap added, replacing the BFME2 ones. This has been done since the BFME1 intro is the movie style intro and the ShellMap is actually the SEE theme :xcahik_:

- Barad-dûr still image (ShellMap) added for LowRes settings.

- AI Bases COMPLETELY refurbished with new MUCH bigger layout containing a lot more of the structures in the base. They still have great attention to geometry and style as well. Looking good is (almost) as important as functioning good :xcahik_:

- Base Floors added! These give a attributemodifiers with +5% production (increased motivation of workers) and +10% armor (solid/better base floor) for standard non-combat structures on the BaseFloor.

- AI's upgrading of structures have gotten a new system added with BFME1 style, using experience (often refered to as "XP"). This XP system works along side the BFME2 system of directly buyable upgrades. This way you can choose your own strategy:
* Upgrade "automatically" from XP when enough units are recruited, or
* Upgrade faster at "higher" costs (sooner).
This also means that the AI no longer have any problems reaching level 2 and 3 for its base structures. This is a HUGE improvement in gameplay and AI functionality!

- Fortress upgrade FX (all new) added for all Good and Evil factions! (Except for the dwarves who already had them).

- AI's Fortress Expansion's pads & Range/VisionRange/ShroudRange behavior are completely refurbished, with more organized and symmetrical AI placement on the expansion pads.

- All Fortress Defenses (Magma and Oil) are now used by the AI and can be set to Autotrigger by the player (right mouse-click).

- Fortress Weapons AI fix! All fortress weapons of Mordor, Isengard and Dwarves (GorgorothSpire, OrthancLightning and IronHillCatapult) are now used by the AI on large troop contingents, and can be set to auto by the player (right mouse-click) to be used on approaching armies as well (big range). Projectile now also uses deshroud so we can see it when leaving area, and it can finally attack units at sea.

- Walls are now built by the AI, if the map allows it (is set up with walls).

- Walls, Wall Hubs and Wall Upgrades are now only attackable by siege and structural damage dealing units. This includes removal of the annoying bug that caused melee units to attack catapults on walls.

- Scenery Maps (Minas Tirith, Helm's Deep, Isengard, Rivendell...) have been given an overhaul to be playable with all SEE functions.

- Barracks level requirements overhauled. All 'barracks', siegeworks and pits now provide +33% production speed at level 2 (Total 133%) and another +50% at level 3 (Total 200%). Elite (level 2+) Unit Buildtimes adjusted accordingly.

- Evil Economy Expansion are now 33% Lumbermills and 67% standard faction type.

- Autoabilites and AI for all Units, Hordes and Heroes.

- Stance AI behaviour added for all units, complete with FX. When attacking, the AI units go to red FX and fight more agressivly.

- BrutalAI Discount adjusted. Now only 50% discount on heroes, instead of almost 90%.

- Horde movement behavior adjusted.
* When set on Aggressive Stance, hordes now swarm much farther apart when in melee combat, making the battlefield more realistically chaotic. Also less units will stand around in the back ranks doing nothing.
* Adjusted CavalryHorde turning behavior, which was akward before, unless they where turning 180°.
* WargCavalry turning fix (Horde was faster than HordeMembers).

- LargeGroupBonus for Orcs of Mordor and Moria (Goblins) added, complete with new FX. (A red pulse activates, and orcs are shouting when a mob has collected).

- Range/Melee weapon toggle is now used by AI. Ranged weapon is default, and when in close combat, the units switch to melee weapons. Hobbits, Hobbit Heroes, Haldir, Captain Jackson, Corsairs, Rohirrim... all units like them will now use melee AND range attacks by the AI.

- Additional Pikemen ThrustingAttackAnimation added for "long distance" targets/enemies. No more kicking at enemies for Uruk-, Orc- and Goblin Pikemen, except at short ranges.

- AI Horse mounting fixed for Gandalf, Eomer, Eowyn (also Disguise), Faramir, Glorfindel and Nazgûls.

- AI for Summoned Units (Hobbits, Dûnedain etc.). With no enemy around they would just stand there and do nothing. No more!

- Additional AI Spellbook Scripting for more variety of the Hard AI's purchase order (25%).

- AI now recruits Inn-units, if there are inns on the map.

- Heroes BadlyDamaged Behavior added! Now heroes register when low on health and seek out the home fortress for some quick R&R, instead of keep fighting until certain death.

- Improved and extended BurningDeath FX for troops added! Smoke drenched flames keep on burning the carcass after death.

- Attack Ranges are adjusted for all Heroes (shorter). Mounted Heroes with swords now also attack at about 2 to 4 o'clock (direction, right side) facing the enemy.

- Dropped Units do damage now! Infantry or Cavalry grabbed and dropped by Eagles or Fellbeast now have an impact FX and do some damage and knockback to units located on the landing site/ground, hehe. :xcahik_:

- Archers for all factions, have been completely refurbished and polished to the extreme!!! Extended Range is given for archer's Bombard Attack (ballistic path). Archers now fire INDIVIDUALLY, and not syncronized like robots (that is: no longer simultaniously!). Risc of missing targets is increased, and possibility to hit others is added. And - they no longer run across the map to follow enemies that flee! In other words - archers finally act like archers...

- Arrow FX polished!
* Arrow color has been changed into realistic dark color.
* Hit dust FX is added.

- "FlyBoy" FX adjusted (Eagles & Fellbeasts). When Eagles and Fells fight eachother, we'll hear screeches and see feathers flying, while they claw eachother.

- Collateral Damage (NEUTRAL, ENEMIES, ALLIES) has been added for all weapons with an area effect. Risc of missing targets and hit someone or something else is thus added.

- Fire-AI extended to ALL attacks that can cause fires.

- Flammability of buildings overhauled.

- Scorpion Creeps added. (Postponed for Beta V due to time shortage)

- Creep variety (buildvariation) added.

- AI for Dominated Creep Produced Units like Wargs, Drakes, etc, is now adjusted.

- Evacuate All, has been given to all garrisonable structures.

- Leadership attributemodifiers for heroes are adjusted and Leadership system is diversified. New FX added.

- Industry spell have increased radius from 200 to 250. Now limited to 5 minutes. (EA patch 1.05 update).

- LotR Music listing expanded.

- Banner Glow FX is moved to level 5 hordes only.

- Modified BannerUpgrade Without Banner Carrier upgrade, intitial levelling will take much longer (x10). That is because the unit's special powers (Long Shot, Charge, Black Arrows, Self-heal, Weapon Song... you name it) including the regenerative powers provided by an actual "BannerCarrier object" are now all available at level 2. In other words: BannerCarrierUpgrade now unlocks all horde specialpowers (including reinforcements).

- Banner Glow FX is adjusted the same way; white subtle glow! (Postponed for Beta V due to time shortage)
>>> Credit: ROBNKARLA

- Forged Blades FX is FINALLY fixed and unified, meaning ALL FB's glow in a new glow that is WHITE and very SUBTLE!
>>> Credit: ROBNKARLA

- USP Bug (Unit Selection Problem) has been 100% fixed! No more hard to select or target units =)
>>> Credit: ROBNKARLA

- Campaign (BFME2) now running, but might still have bugs and crashes. But at least it starts up =p We will have a completely new campaign for Beta V though (hopefully)...
>>> Credit: ROBNKARLA

- "RJ Cam" added! With the new camera system developed by Robnkarla, we will have 4... that's right FOUR, camera angles in SEE =D (For this Beta we will only have it for 2-4 maps though (SHIRE + MOUNT DOOM))
>>> Credit: ROBNKARLA

- ALL BFME1 maps added!
>>> Credit: ROHARA

GOLLUM & The One Ring!

- Gollum the RingBearer & RingStealer:
* New Audio added with real Gollum voices by actor Andy Serkis!
* New Locomotor with integrated WallClimbing and all new wall climbing animations!
* Gollum the RingStealer activated!
This means:
1) All is like you know with Gollum (the RingBearer) trying to stay away with his Precious, until Gollum is killed.
2) Once that happens, Gollum the RingStealer is spawned (somewhere on the map)!
3) The RingStealer is actively hopping around, not fleeing anymore (he wants his precious, you know) but trying to avoid enemies by using his sneakiness.
4) He can now be converted to your faction's Side (Good or Evil) if you attack him and damage him just a little bit, UNLESS you are the Side that took his precious! If you manage to catch him this way, he will be a "hero" for your faction.
5) As the RingStealer, and once in sight of the Fortress holding his precious, he activates his special RingStealing mode. If he "attacks" the fortress directly while the Ring is still there (and the RingHero not yet built), the Ring is removed and back in Gollum's hands. Gollum the RingStealer is now happily dancing around and disappearing (to be respawned as the neutral RingBearer on one of the usual Gollum Spawn Points). This works, even if the RingStealer is not converted to anyone's side but attacking the fortress on his own... :xcahik_:


- No news for this Beta...


- Tower Guards renamed into Fountain Guards and now require Black Smith, Heavy Armor & Forged Blades to be available. When spawned, they come with these upgrades. Need level 3 Barracks. (New system for Elite units).

- Gondor Spearmen added!

- Gondor Knights now have multiple horse skins for more variety, even in HA.

- Phantom models for Rohan Archery and Stables are now level 1, instead of 3.

- Rohan BattleTower's arrow fire points are fixed (raised from ground level).

- Eowyn now have AI ability for Dernhelm.

- Horn of Gondor for Boromir has been given level requirement.

- Peasant Draft FX added.

- Anduril for Aragorn added as level 8 power.

- Gondor and Rohan structures now completely separated between the switching Commandset of the MotW Porter. (This means that you will have to switch to Rohan to build the Farms, but it also means that all Gondor stuff will be in the Gondor list, and the Rohan stuff in the Rohan list... Just as requested by SEE Fans & Players). :p


- Noldor Warriors now require Forge, Heavy Armor, Forged Blades and Silverthorn to be available. When spawned, they come with these upgrades. Need level 3 Barracks. (New system for Elite units).

- "Orc Disguise" has been given to Frodo and Sam.

- Hobbit Heroes ("The 4") now have a Group Bonus of +8% damage, armor and experience; multiplicitive).

- Hobbit Shirriffs can now get "air borne" (be grabbed) when attacked by Fells.

- Hobbit Hordes not having XP levels fixed.

- Multiple ChildObjects given to Lorien Archers and Lorien Swordsmen to give access to multiple HA-textures (hair colors).

- Arwen FloodHorse area damage fixed (was too large; FloodHorse area damage overlapped with other FloodHorse's area damage by more than 200%). AI and Autoability done and working.

- Treebeard & Ents completely reworked!
* Treebeard now stays put when Merry and Pippin are about to climb up on his shoulders.
* Treebeard now have Leadership to Ents with nice FX.
* Ent Ash now have Stomp ability like Giants, instead of RockThrow.
* Ent Oak has been added (second new model).
* Locomotors and animations for normal, enraged and panic are adjusted for all Ents.
* All ents have fully functional anims and behaviors for when being aflame, including running to water to put the flames out.
* Enraged emotion behavior added for all ents, when spotting Lumber Mills.
* The "pop-up" Ent summon has been given animations. They now grow out of the ground like in a normal entmoot. They also "grow back" when summon is over.

- Lorien Archers animation glitch during reload and fire is now fixed.

- Noldor WeaponSong power now says level 5 instead of 7.

- Galadriel's "Dark Queen" texture/skin is only used when she is using Nenya now.

- Galadriel's "Lady of Light" enemy effect is now more definite (via LUA).

- Glorfindel's Starlight/Blade of Purity powers and texts adjusted and FX added.

- Lórien Warriors & Archers decals added.

- Hobbit ElvenCloak FX fixed. Autoability and MultiActivate added.

- Hobbits knockback and way too high damage fixed. (Was set as hero damage).

- Sam's FryingPan attack is now a level 2 power.

- Legolas's Archer Training power extended to ALL archers.

- Silverthorn has been given as upgrades to Elven Fortress Towers when Silverthorn tech is researched.


- Khazad Guard added! Requires Siege Works, Heavy Armor & Forged Blades to be available. When spawned, they come with these upgrades. Need level 3 Hall. (New system for Elite units).

- Brand has been added as a hero for Dwarven faction. Brand was the son of Bain and the grandson of Bard the Bowman, who slew the Dragon Smaug. Brand is the King of Dale and as such he has Leadership to all Dale units. He uses a falcon for better vision and has excellent skills in archery.

- Bilbo has been added as a hero for Dwarven faction. Bilbo is specialized in thievery, cloaking and moving unseen. Bilbo comes complete with genuine audio (speech) of actor Ian Holm.

- MightyRageFX for Dain now recovered. SummonPowerAI.

- Dwarven Riches radius increased from 200 to 250. Now also limited to 5 minutes (EA Patch 1.05 update).

- Removed Zerker AxeThrow and moved to Khazad Guard.

- Zerkers now renamed to Veterans. Voices volume, range and pitch adjusted.

- Battle Wagon's Oil Barrel attack, Warrior's "BullRush" and Men of Dale archer's Black Arrows now use Autoabilities.

- BattleWagon's speed reduced (from 80 to 65) for realism (Should not be faster than horses/riders).

- Battle Wagon's Tree Crush removed (Unrealistic).

- Structure Axes no longer damages own buildings.

- Slayer ability for Gimli is now greyed out when he's on a level to low to use it (Bug fix).

- Dale Barracks no longer uses double phantom images and double voices, when built and leveling up (Bug fix).

- Switched level requirements for Dwarven Ram and Battle Wagon. Wagon is now lvl 1.


- Black Uruks now require Tavern, Heavy Armor & Forged Blades to be available. When spawned, they come with these upgrades. Need level 3 Orc Pit. (New system for Elite units).

- Mordor Walls (from Dol Guldur map) - original EA models, complete with EVERYTHING; hubs, wall segments, gates, towers & catapults.
>>> Credit: ROBNKARLA

- Mordor Walls and Upgrades have also been given Damage States and Collapsing Anims (borrowed from Isengard Walls, but you will probably not notice that fact, other than the coolness of the animations, hehe). ^_^

- Morannon Orcs (Melee & Archers) added! These are the "semi elite" of Mordor. Specially selected Orcs that guard the Black Gate of Morannon. Larger, stronger and more skilled than the normal Gorgoroth Orcs and Gothmog's Morgul Orcs, but not as fully equipped as the Morgul Orcs though (can't use Heavy Armor and Forged Blades).
>>> Credit: MORGOTH946

- Elite Orc Pit added, harboring Morgul Orcs, Morannon Orcs and Black Uruks. (Green mud).

- Mûmak Mahûd upgrade! A LONG and VERY eagerly awaited addition to SEE has finally arrived - the people of Far Harad, the Mahûd, are here as upgrades to Mûmakil. They give increase in speed and damage!
(Postponed due to problems with model integration with Mumak!)

- Captain Jackson (Peter Jackson as Corsair) has been added as a "comical" and fun addition to SEE. It's also meant to further emphasize the tribute to Mr Jackson. PJ is a Corsair captain in SEE, and as such he has Leadership to all Corsairs.

- Balrog AI perfected (Animation timing and all power useage). The AI now makes full use the Balrog's abilities. Powers now also usuable on auto (right-click).

- Harardrim Archer bug removed, where they were sprouting flames when running around damaged but still alive.

- Mûmakil, Grond and Siegetowers can now pass through gates.

- Mûmak topple straight death weapon (when it falls on belly, it flattens troops in front of or under it).

- Mûmak animation overhaul! Turning anims and cut-off Attack anims now repaired. Additional (that is a FOURTH) dying animation added! Super Rampage added!

- MountainTroll and CaveTroll AI: They now pick up Orcs (and eat them) when damaged. Also they pick up a tree when in melee combat (if a tree is close). They use 'Bombing' animation, which means lobbing stones higher when the target is far away. Rampaging is now occurring more often and has an increased radius. New TrollGrabVictim projectile.

- Troll short throw Rock flight path fixed. Now starts in hand and not on the ground.

- Troll KnockBack vs Heroes adjusted. Heroes can dodge, but will more often get knocked back by Trolls.

- Gothmog's faulty anims overhauled completely! Additional animations for idle, emotions, movement and attacks added! Animation sound FX also fixed. Additional Warg Bite attack and 'Chillin' Warg idle animation added. Leadership is now given to all orcs. This cool puppy has been polished to the extreme!!! Hehe

- "Call the Horde" Spell Book power from BFME1 added. Replaces Untaimed Allegiance. Fully scripted for AI.

- "HumanHeads"-ammo switch power of Mordor Catapult is made into a timed power, just like the Oil Barrel of the Dwarven Catapult. Both are usuable with autoability as well (right-click), but only triggered by "soft targets" (not structures). The model of the skeleton head has also been changed into a human head (of a Gondor soldier). And the bug where allied evil units got scared of the Heads too, is now removed.

- Archers in Sige Tower no longer walk on the spot.

- Siege Towers no longer gets KnockBack from Balrog, Mumak or Eagles/Fells.

- Mordor BattleTower now has it's own archer crew with 5 units (since this tower can't be garrisoned).

- Eye of Sauron now has AI!

- All FellBeasts (and their riders) have been scaled to proper "real life" size and given more animations.

- Nazguls now screech when dying, instead of scream like a man.

- Nazguls now use a special anim for Screech ("InstillTerror") when on Foot or mounted on Horse.

- Nazgul's mount Horse and Fellbeast are now two separate mount buttons, keeping only two objects (1 Fellbeast, 1 Horse/Foot). No more circle mounting. Powers can be seperately triggered by upgrades if wanted.

- Nazgûl/Blackrider level adjustments. AI compatible. New nazzie MountSwitch:
* level 1 - mount/dismount horse (disabled when mounted on Fellbeast)
* level 2 - dread gaze
* level 4 - terrifying screech
* level 6 - morgul blade
* level 8 - mount/dismount Fellbeast (disabled when mounted on horseback)
- Witchking level adjustments. AI compatible.
* level 1 - mount Fellbeast/Horse/Foot
* level 2 - dread gaze + WK leadership (he should have one, and also the beautiful WK leadership button)
* level 4 - terrifying screech
* level 6 - morgul blade
* level 8 - hour of the WK (curse enemy - reset timers) mounted use only.
* level 8 - hour of the WK (Flaming Sword) on foot only.

- Nazguls have been given new additional animations for Idle and Attack. Now you can really see how well they handle a sword =)

- Witch-king now has 5 different attack animations!
* SwordStrike: Against Heroes and Monsters. This hits only one target but is very strong.
* Mace Overhead Smackdown: Especially against Hordes and Structures. (Range/Radius 45, Damage Arc 15°).
* Mace Backhand CirclingStrike: Especially against Hordes and Structures. (Range/Radius 30, Damage Arc 45°).
* Running SwordStrike: Against everyone, but only when moving while striking).
* SwordThrust: Only used with Morgul Blade attack.

- Mordor Porter's Commandset is now a Switching Commandset cause of the added Orc Elite Pit (The game only allows 12 buttons/set). We moved the Rhûn & Harad structures (Mûmakil Pen & Harad "Palace"/Tent) into the second Commandset of the Mordor Porter, and added a new button for EvilMen structures//side/list. In a way this became a first small step towards the 7th faction of Beta V with EvilMen as a separate faction. :xd:

- Uruk-hai of Orthanc now require Forge, Heavy Armor & Forged Blades to be available. When spawned, they come with these upgrades. Need level 3 Uruk Pit. (New system for Elite units).

- Mines are stronger and less voulnerable to fire arrows.

- Isengard's DeployMine cursor is changed from "Attack" to "Bombard" cursor.

- Berserkers now automatically "Rage" when badly hurt (+20% damage, speed, armor).

- Ballista and Mine level requirements on armory are swapped.

- UrukRaider BannerCarrier speed increased to match the UrukRaider speed.

- Isengard WargPit now spawns 3 (weaker) WargSentries ("free roaming" Wargs). No need to repurchase as they now respawn like creeps after a short while.

- Former "Half Trolls" have been remade into "Goblin Guard of Moria" - an elite unit for Moria. Requirements: Treasure Trove, Heavy Armor & Poison Blades. When spawned, they come with these upgrades. Need level 3 Goblin Cave. (New system for Elite units).

- Goblin King renamed into Great Goblin and scaled up. He also rides a Warg now, instead of a giant scorpion. (Postponed due to model binding errors)

- Goblin Pikemen has been added, complete with abilities such as Porcupine Formation.

- Summoned Spiderlings are 50% bigger now (will also be moved to Shelob as exclusive power of hers).

- Spider Pit is moved to Neutral Spider Creeps (as alternate Creep building). Spider Riders are finally REMOVED from Moria faction and instead added along side the Spiderlings in Spider Creeps. They start with bow and toggle to poisoned spear when in melee combat. They are naturally also recruitable and buildable with Untamed Allegiance.

- Goblin Warg Riders has been added, instead of the Spider Riders.

- Warg Pit (neutral) has been moved into Moria faction for the Goblin Warg Riders. This new Moria WargPit replaces the Spider Pit and is complete with build up animations and damage states.

- Moria WargPit can now also produce a singular Alpha Warg with a pack of four subordinates and with a unique "horde" formation at level 1. Goblin WargRiders have been moved to level 2.

- Giants now have the same dust FX as Ents when falling down dead.

- Goblins no longer uses Forged Blades. Instead they get Poisoned Blades/Arrows.

- Goblin Archer PoisonFX and Special 'Flaming Arrows' (works much like Noldorin WeaponSong). (Postponed)

- New goblin models LUA bugs fixed.
>>> Credit: ROBNKARLA

- Faction renamed to Moria!

(COMPLETE ChangeLog including ALL previous Betas, will be posted at the Site eventually)

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Posted 02 November 2007 - 06:41 AM

No spamming here ppl... :xcahik_: use the "old" thread for bursts of emotions :xcahik_: :

*posts moved there ^* :xcahik_:

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#3 RobnKarlaFAN

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Posted 18 March 2009 - 12:10 PM

Cool mod..i think the team did a really great job..i liked that realism-return thing..cant wait for beta v !!!

Posted ImagePosted Image

#4 Guest_Guest_*

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Posted 07 June 2009 - 01:36 PM

Hallo sorry. You have gonig to beta 5 or not?
More unit and hero?
exmple Rohan Spearmen, Royal Gurad Foot, Royal Gurad Hores, Dol Amroth, Noldar Spearmen, Numarer, King From Dale, Dale Hores, Isildur or Morgoth?
New Mission Last Allicane or other?
Your decide!

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Posted 07 June 2009 - 01:54 PM

The most recent public release is 4.5.

Axed Head and A.I. Coder for S.E.E. and ... stuff

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#6 pedrodavidpinto

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Posted 22 April 2014 - 05:28 PM

Whenit will be release other new version?


I'm really excited to play with the modifications.

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Posted 20 June 2016 - 05:21 AM

First of all I wanted to say everything that you have done is simply amazing. I love how this community exists and all the expansions that you have created. I just found out about this today and downloaded it. You have my favorite game even better. Then I found out that you made more mods for this! Honestly I have never modded a game before so I am kind of new to the process.. But I do understand one would go to the link http://see.the3rdage.net/media.htm and then hit the download button and it will be in a .rar file then there will be more instructions less. The first thing regarding this is that the link take you to the web page The Escapist which is a magazine? And I don't think it was suppose to so correct me if I am wrong... Also since I am new to mods is it possible to turn mods on and off? Or is it just by installing and uninstalling mods? Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication!

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Posted 20 June 2016 - 06:29 AM

Hello there. 


The link on the official SEE website leads to a download location on Filefront, which went under last year. So try this: http://www.moddb.com...edition-beta-45


Mods on this website will generally create a separate shortcut, so you can still click the game's original shortcut to play vanilla.

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