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S.E.E. Official ToDo List

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Posted 02 November 2007 - 10:04 PM

>>> NO POSTING HERE! This is for reference only! Use the proper Suggestion Threads for comments... <<<

The Battle for Middle Earth II (BFME2)
”Special Extended Edition”
Updated: 2009-01-31

Next BIG release is: BETA V
Release Date: TBA
Next "small" release is Beta 4.7
Release Date: Summer 2009

“S.E.E. ToDo List”
This list will be continusly updated when things are fixed, or new things are added...
Credits are given where other modders than the SEE Team was involved in the solution!
COMPLETE Credits (incl Team members) will be given in the PDF and the games end credits!
"Smaller" updates before Beta V will be called 4.7, 4.8 & 4.9...

- = ToDo
i = In progress!
X = Temp fix!
? = Unconfirmed!

Major changes

- INSTALLER! We can't handle all the crazy commotion and the support needed for all people that can't install this mod properly... :evgr:

- Full HD! To support the new standard HD formats, SEE should be presented with options to run in HD: 1280x720 and Full HD: 1920x1080!

- CP (Control Points)! I personally think that units occupy too much CP. I think 1 unit of Weak or Normal type should equal 1 CP, and for Elite 2 CP. Meaning that a horde of 15 weak/normal units should equal 15 CP and for a horde of say 10 Elite units: 20 CP, and so on...

- Resources increased by giving structures resources when leveling up? Maybe 5 for each lvl = 1: +5, 2: +10, 3: +15! This would mean that we could scrap the recommendation to start with $4000, and instead "revert" to the game's default setting of $1000!

- Build Times revised! INCREASE build times for structures, and DECREASE build times for units! This keeps the anti rush, but makes unit recruitment less annoying. Unit build times:
* Quick (10 sec): All spam/defence units such as Orc Snagas, Dwaren Miners, Hobbits and Peasants!
* Fast (30 sec): All weak units such as Goblins, lesser Orcs, etc!
* Normal (45 sec): All normal units such as Soldiers, Cavalry, Archers, Easterlings, Haradrim, etc!
* Long (60 sec): Elite units such as Noldor warriors, Black uruks, Khazad Guard, etc!
* Very long (90 sec): Siege units & Monsters such as Trolls, Giants, Ents, etc!

- Leadership diversified by only applying Leadership to related units like Elrond to all elves, Haldir to Lórien elves only, Shagrat to Black Uruks only, Gothmog to all Orcs, Ugluk to Uruk Scouts only, Lurtz to all Uruks, Theoden to all Rohan units and Eomer only to Rohirrim, Aragorn to all men and Boromir to Gondorians only, Faramir to Ithilien Rangers only, and so on and so forth...

- Archers revised (even further)! Archers should only differ in:
1) Skill! Meaning that the ACCURACY differs!
* Maximum class) Elven archers & Haradrim Archers
* High class) Dale Archers & Ithilien Rangers
* Normal class: Gondor Archers, Morannon Archers & Uruk-hai Crossbows
* Low class: Gorgoroth Orc Archers & Goblin Archers
2) Material! Meaning that the DAMAGE differs, but only slightly! A sharp elven arrow tip should do a bit more damage than a rusty dull orc arrow tip. Silverthorn for Elves should always be the highest damage dealt via material.

- Fire Arrows changed! Maybe this should be a power (button) instead of a permanent upgrade?

- Burn Behaviour polished for ALL structures with proper damage and duration considering material (wood, stone, metal)!

- Leaderhip FX (the yellow base under units) changed into the Patch 1.06 flickering stars with different color for different types of Leadership!

- Forged Blades FX scrapped for all units, and replaced by the BC Glow FX! (Instead of the "horde now at lvl5" useage)

- "Defence/Spam Units" Checkup & Rework: All units that are classified as "weak" as Hobbits, Peasants, Miners and Snagas for Evil factions, are some already limited in numbers (Hobbits), but should also have a better and more clear point of use...^
* Hobbits; These guys should be very fast to recruit (15 secs) and be very skilled with Stones! Their "mission" is to help and protect the Elven base from attacks when stronger elven units are not around.
* Peasants: Perhaps these people should be converted to function like "Sentries" (like the Warg Sentry of Isengard), so when enemies attack, they run off to attack them and protect the important Farms? We could keep the Peasants as recruitable too, but limited to 1 Horde/Farm? We could also put the Yeoman Archers here, mixed with the Peasants and make them spawn when Rohan Arhery Range is built. All as defence units... Peasant should also be recruitbale from START but without possibility of upgrades unitil Armory and Golden Hall is built). Buildtime about 30 secs).
* Miners: Should work like Peasants, but for Dwarven Faction =)
* Orc Snagas: Mordor, Isengard and Moria should have these units recruitable from Resource Structures, preferably Lumber Mills, and they should, much like the Hobbits, be very fast to recruit, but rather weak, but super strong against Ents with their axes! Snagas should make up for really good base protection when nothing else is around... Perhaps also have them work like Peasants, as sentries? ^

? StartUp of each game/skirmish changed! Maybe FORTRESSES should have to be actually built once the game commences, instead of already being built? This would reduce rush even further and make up for more time to plan your base. It would also be more logical, that the porters just arrived to the scene to start the base, than sorta skipping that part and start rushing to get the rest of the base done asap. Anti rush is one of the foundations of SEE!

The One Ring - new SEE system
V Gollum Ring Bearer & Ring Stealer > Polishing needed! (Bug Reports say risc of double Gollum?)
- Sauron as Ring Hero for Mordor!
- Saruman as Ring Hero for Isengard!
- Balrog as Ring Hero for Moria!
? Good factions (Gondor, Rohan, Lórien and Erebor) get timer to symbolize the journey to Mount Doom to destroy the One Ring! When timer runs out, we play a video of Barad-dûr collapsing (if possible), and evil faction's units all go into Fear mode and becomes defenceless and very easy targets to destroy!

Important bug reports!

P "Guard Unit" for Uruk-hai of Orthanc (on Saruman) doesn't work?

- Sometimes, when you get Drogoth, he won't appear on the battlefield? And when you go to the fortress again to buy him all over, it says he is purchased (though you don't have him)?

- Check Eowyn model while changing states/disguise. Reports say model binding problems when going to horse mount?

- Check Uruk Crossbow shooting anims for bugs! Reports say they don't even budge while shooting?

? Axethrowers cannot attack air units...they're usually under fear effects. Dale Archers however, can?

? Mordor Tower's 5 archers still shoot at enemies after tower is gone?

? Mumakil have trouble crossing bridges?

- Mumakil can walk halfway through walls, becoming vulnerable to units on the other side!

- Fire caused by Trebuchets can't be extinguished by Porters?

- When you build walls on bridges, the supporting pillars on the bridge disappears?

- Haradrim Archer's arrows leave the bow too late, compared to the anim?

- Poisoned units and heroes that you retreat always run back to the attackers, no matter how badly damaged they are?

- Make sure Treebeard can use his own bonuses, and not only the Ents around him!

- Dwarven Battle Wagons can go "into" Isengard Mines?

? Revise lenght of Arrow Tower's reach vs Siege Weapons (for realism)!

- Dale Barracks damage states need a check up. It goes from 1 to 2 back to 1, instead of 1 to 2 to 3?...

- Dale Barracks have double "ghost images" when being built?

- Mordor Orc Elite Pit have the wrong color in the "ghost image" when being built! (Should be green)!

- Fix the DoomPyres FX Bug!

Art & Skinning

- Varied/random HA skins for Fighting Uruk-hai, feauturing the White Hand of Saruman!

- Varied/random skins for Dwarven Warriors! (Beard colors)!

- Varied/random skins for Dwarven Phalanx! (Beard colors)!

- Varied/random skins for Dwarven Axethrowers! (Beard colors)!

i Damage skins would be good for structures that lack Damage States (Hobbit House, Dwarven Mithril Mine, Dunland Tent...)

Minor coding fixes & additions

P "Blood Thirsty" should work on all allies!

V Evil Statues should maybe not have Pigeon sound? =p

V Rename Men of the West to GONDOR! (The main faction is Gondor with Rohan mini-faction)!

V Rename Elves to LÓRIEN! (The main representation for the Elven factions are Lothlórien)!

V Rename Dwarves to EREBOR! (MOst Dwarves originate from Erebor Mountain)!

? Rename Lórien Warriors to Galadhrim Warriors! (To follow the lore better)!

- ALL summons (except AotD, Dragons, Smaug and Balrog) should be permanent until death!

- Make all "flyboys" (Eagles & Fells) move slightly faster when gliding!

- Have Gondor Trebuchet's shots bounce once!

- Reduce reload time of "Athelas" healing... (from 30 to 60 secs!)

- All Statues should be modified in bonus! Remove the extremely unlogical Armor bonus and give a DAMAGE bonus only of +50%!

- Add +50% damage & 50% armor for Ithilien Rangers and Mirkwood Archers when shooting from the woods (stealthed among trees)!

- Brand's "Dragon Slayer" shot should kill ANY flyboy with 1 shot - including Smaug!

- WK Burning Sword should set enemies on fire with about double the area from now (as it was before)! The power is rather lame now that it affects so few enemies before it goes away - it should be pretty devastating for a couple of hordes at least, before timer is out! ;p

Medium coding fixes & additions

- Give all Nazgûls their "proper" names (Tolkien + Games Workshop)!
* Mûrazôr - the Witch-king
* Khamûl - the Black Easterling
* Dwar - the Unforgiving
* Jí Indûr Dawndeath - the Outcast
* Akhôrahil - the Blind Sorcerer
* Hoarmûrath - the Ice King
* Adûnaphel - the Quiet
* Ren - the Unclean
* Ûvatha - the Horseman

- Balrog should cause Fear always towards all lesser units! (Only ranged units and Heroes should be able to attack it)

- Troll's "club slam to the ground" idle anim, made into attack with meta impact!

- More Haradrim on Mümakil Houda!

- Nazguls should be able to mount Fells when on Horse too (if lvl 8). (Rather annoying having to go Foot first)!

- Rohirrim should be able to fire arrows while riding! (See "Anims")

- All BC (Banner Carrier) units should benefit from the HA (Heavy Armor) upgrade as well!

? Speed of Elven faction productions should increase for some things!

- Enshrouding Mist and similar things for Elves should allow units to be stealthed even when attacking (unless deshrouding spell is used)!

- All Orcs should CHEER when they see The Grond, and get the same Leadership as the Sauron Statue gives! (+50% Damage)!

- Reduce the Rate of Fire for Dwarven AxeThrowers to half, and make sure it's the ranged weapon that deals the absolute HIGHEST damage in the game of all normal units (excl Heroes)! An axe hurts more than an arrow!

- Trolls to Stone should be permanent and equal Death!

- Trolls should push Catapults and load them!

- Eagles and Fells to pick up rocks and drop them on the battlefield!

- Ents to tear chunks of buildings and throw at enemies!

- Hide (invisible) Isengard Rams and Boms while close to several Hordes!

- Harad Archers should fall MUCH faster from Mumak Houdas! (They "float" now?)

- Dwarven units should fall MUCH faster from the Summoned Citadel when destroyed! (They "float" now?)

- All 4 Fortress Towers should be able to fire simultaniously! (Now only 1 do)

- Rename "Black Arrows" for Rohan Archers to "Arrow Volley!" and replace button with new suitable art!

- All SUMMONS should arrive from outside the map in (just like Smaug), and be more in numbers (thus worth the transport to the location)!

- Nazgûls should survive Fellbeast crash and continue on foot!

- Nenya's healing should also affect on higher ground elevation!

- Give "Fire Arrows" upgrade to Wall Towers?

- Give "Flaming Shots" upgrade to Wall Catapults?

- Give "Mount Mounted Hero" to: Hobbit Heroes & Gimli!

- More heroes should have Mount Horse ability (Aragorn, Boromir & Legolas)!

- Animals should run away from units!

- When a hero dies, it should drop 1 level!

- Hide ALL animated structure units when structure is under attack! (Ex: Lórien Warrior at Elven Barracks, etc)

- Fellbeast landing and attacking on ground!

- Randomize CaH weponds for Attack Trolls!

- Civilians in Minas Tirith!

- Make sure ALL workers can repair via AI too!

- Auto mending for Siege units!

i Better speech and new speech for new units, and some existing units!

x Check filter of Wormtounges 10th level "control" ability! Should not be permanent and not affect everything like powerful heroes...

x Rohan Heroes should be moved to Golden Hall!

- Check all dead bodies decay time and such!

Major coding fixes & additions

i Bring down the SKYLINE by adding angles/cams (there are tons of unused sky textures!!!)
CREDIT: Robnkarla

V The Freezing Rain bug!
CREDIT: Úlairi for the map editing & "LJ" (Lord of the Rings Junkie) for the quick coding fix

V Decals & Shadows reset bug! Info: HERE!
CREDIT: Sûlherokhh & Robnkarla

- Add ALL unused animations for ALL units in game! (Go through all W3D folders in W3D Viewer and incorporate all unused anims into each related INI)!

- Make sure all units use their available TAUNT anims when they see enemy units!

- Go through all units: FEAR, and their reaction to it/what!

- Check ALL EMOTION filters in ALL inis!

- "Library System" for all factions! (Might be in BetaV! Might also be cancelled!) *pending*

- Check all (Keyboard) SHORTCUTS in the game... *pheeew*

- Remove most duplicate spells in Spell Books to make them unique?

- "English Splash" mod!

- More LOTR music!

i Completely new system for The One Ring and it's effects on the game!
V* Gollum reworked into The Ringbearer & The Ringstealer!

i Add Strings for all new things... *pheeew*

x Make SEE 100% Campaign Compatible?

Heroes & Units

- "EvilMen" - the 7th faction! All things Rhûn & Harad! :blush:
See topic HERE!

- ALL factions: New ships from AoM!

? Hobbit Heroes divided! Maybe the 4 Hobbit Heroes should into two (Frodo/Sam & Merry/Pippin) for Elves and MotW?

- MotW: Rohan Royal Guard for Rohan Golden Hall! (limited to 2 units) Use Master Windu's model HERE!

- MotW: Rohan Spearmen MIXED with Peasants for even more variety to them =)

- MotW: Gondor Citadel Guards! (Limited to 4 units) (Model needed)
V & make Tower Guards into "Fountain Guards (Limited to 2 units)

- MotW: Dol Amroth Knights as summones instead of Rohirrim! Use Nertea's free models HERE!

- MotW: King of the Dead as a "mini hero" of the Summon Army of the Dead spell! Use model donated from Argolis of Wars of Arda HERE!

- MotW: Brego mount for Aragorn!

- MotW: Gwaihir mount for Gandalf!

- MotW: Battering Ram for Rohan, carried by horses!

- MotW: Gondor armor upgrade power for Boromir & Faramir using normal Gondor soldier model with new heads!

- Elves: QuickBeam Ent. Use Ash model, scaled up!

- Elves: Horse mount for Legolas!

? Elves: Elladan & Elrohir (if two Hobbit Heroes are moved from Elves)!

- Elves: Some kind of light infantry Rivendell unit replacing the (non elvish) Lancers!

- Dwarves: Thorin III Stonehelm, the son of King Dain, as a new hero! Thorin could wield a sword for change!

- Dwarves: Balin (or Dwalin), cousin of Gimli, as a second new dwarven hero!

- Dwarves: AxeThrower Wagon! A wagon that replaces the Banner Carrier and provides axes for the Axe Throwers!

- Dwarves: Technician/sapper/Saboteur - a unit that can move in Stealth toward the enemy and with a timer, demolish the structure!

Dwarves: Berserker - a single extremely powerful unit with Rage ability, much like the Isengard berserker!

- Dwarves: Miners as Defence units spawned from Mines. Pre requisite: Dwarven MithrilMine. Upgrades: HA! Only 1 horde/mine!

- Dwarves: Exchange the "Mordor Beast" to Ponys (Horses scaled down and perhaps made a little more "stout") and move the Beast to Mordor as a substitute for Mûmakil (but smaller)!

- Mordor: GreatBeast - the Dwarven beast of burden, remade ^!

- Mordor: Mollock - the "Aragorn bane" Troll as a lvl3 Troll Cage equalient to Treebeard! Use CaH!

- Mordor: The Mahûd - the Mûmakil riders as Mûmak upgrade!

- Mordor: "Royal Mûmak"; use the Black CE skin for a single Mumak Pit lvl3 "hero" Mumak with extra armor and damage!

? Goblins: Goblin Berserker! Use model donated from Argolis of Wars of Arda HERE!

i Goblins: Troll of Moria! With CaH hammer and chain as weapon!


- Wall Upgrades for Elves!
* Arrow Tower
* Vigilant Ent

- Collapse anims for Rohan structures (Armory, Archery, Well, Tower)!

- Elven Farms (Using THIS model) instead of Mallorn Trees!

- Revise the Mallorn Trees into small "sentry towers", with Enshrouding Mist upgrade (and maybe still keep a small amount of Resource providing)!

- Change Moria Fissure into big cave for Trolls and Giants!

- "Stoneworker" from BFME1 added for Gondor! (Enables Numenor Stonework upgrade!)

- New/more economy structures for Good factions (to counter Evil's Lumber Mills):
* "Smelting Works" for Dwarves, using Miners with pick axe anims going to mountains/rock, collecting minerals and returning to the structure to give resources!
* "Harvest Hut" for Elves, using Elven civilians (women maybe) going into woods gathering herbs and whatnot!
* "Hunters Lodge" for Men, using new hunter model based on rangers. Hunter goes looking for eatable animal such as rabbit, deer etc.

? "Library" structures for all 6 factions!

Powers & abilities

P New personal set of powers for Celeborn so he's no longer a clone of Elrond!

P Weapon Toggle for Rangers (Ithilien & Dunedain)!

- Passive Fear for Balrog! All units should run away constantly and keep a minimum distance (say 300?) from the Balrog(s)! Only ranged units and heroes should be able to attack him (except Gandalf (and Saruman))!

- "Drums of the Deep" (Call the Horde) for Moria!

- Change Gandalf's Istarii Light power from killing to causing long time fear (30 sec min) in WIDE area!

- Sword/Bow toggle for Dunedain!

- Theoden's Glorious Charge power should affect heroes too!

- Move Grima's "hero turning power" to Saruman instead!

- Wing Blast (like Drogoth) for Gwaihir!

- Screech (like Fellbeasts) for Gwaihir!

- Summon Huorns! (Using Elven Wood as a base and a lot of BIG trees. Everything inside gets killed while seing Building Dust FX and hearing a lot of Orc/Uruk screams)!

- "Shield Wall Formation" for Dwarven Warriors!

- Wedge "V" formation for Rohirrim!

- Merge Hordes with melee units in front row and archers in back row(s). Mainly for Noldor Warriors!

- "Mithril Coat" for Frodo!

- "Shelob Bane" for Sam!

x "Disguise" (to Orc) for Frodo! (Move unseen amongst all Evil!)

x "Disguise" (to Orc) for Sam! (Move unseen amongst all Evil!)

- "Witch-king Bane" for Merry!

- "Rohan Armor" for Merry at lvl 10!

- "Gondor Armor" for Pippin at lvl 10!

- "Troll Bane" for Pippin!

- "Mount Brego" for Aragorn! (Remove "Elendil" to make room, and move the Elendil sound FX (scream) to the "Blade Master" power instead)!

- "Power of Elendil" (Sauron Bane) for Aragorn, using "Elendil" sound FX and anim, and Blade Master (making the Blade Master hurt Sauron too, badly).

- "Summon King of the Dead" (with Leadership to AotD) for Aragorn. Replacing Summon AotD!

- "Move Unseen" for Bilbo!

- "Web Enemy" for Shelob (Wrap enemy unit in web!)

- "Summon Spiderlings" for Shelob!

- "Dominate Spider Lair" for Shelob!

- "Eat Orc" for Shelob! (To gain Health)

- "Throw Enemy" for Trolls!

- "Witch-king Bane" for Eowyn!

- "Pillage" for Ugluk, same as Lurtz?

- "Meat's on the Menu" for Ugluk (Healing like "Athelas" for uruk scouts)!

- "Let's Move" for Ugluk (Nearby Uruk Scout Raider speed is increased)!

? "Summon Master" for Sauron (Gives Morgoth for 30 seconds)!

- "Mount Tower" for Saruman (puts Saruman on top of Isengard's fortress tower)!

- Auto special arrows for Rohan Archers and similar...

- "Mount Eagle" for Gandalf!

- New set of powers for Celeborn!

- "Mahud Rider" upgrade for Mûmakils!

- Warg Rider protective formation around Sharku? (Like Porcupine)!

- "Ent Roar" for Treebeard that gives stunning effect to enemies (like Sunflare)!


- ALL units should have a Banner Carrier of their own kind! Both banner and carrier!
* Rohan archers need Rohan banner, instead of Dwarven banner, and so on.
* Black Uruks need Black Uruk carrier instead of Orc, and so on!
Modelers will find info about this in the SEE Staff Forums!

- Dwarven AxeThrowers could be removed in favour of adding Dwarven CrossbowMen (donated from Age of Men). The axethrower model could be used as a Hero instead with a very high damage!

- Change the "Smaug" model (Dragon Strike) into larger sturdier dragon model from the WB files!

- Rebind the current Dragon Strike model to Drogoth bones, making him a new Dragon recruitable for Isengard (replacing the riderless Fellbeasts in Beta 4.5)! Similar powers as Drogoth.

- Ent Moot should have a Vigilant Ent for protection in opposite side to the big stone! The moot should also have XP levels with production speed bonus and the Ent expansion should be a lvl 3 addition.

? Change Thranduil model from EA's to Wars of Arda's (Donated by Argolis & Eldarion) and give him Leadership to Mirkwood Elves!

- Fix the dead black squares on the new Glorfindel's shoulders!

- Fix the dead black areas on the Rohirrim helmets!

- Check the strange skin bug of the Dale Swordsmen's chest at lower settings!

- Mordor Catapults should be puched by Mountain Trolls using same bones as the Trolls pushing Siege Towers & Grond!

- Saruman's statue need a rock to stand on, instead of "chips", before being inserted into SEE!

- Eomer should have his helmet with tail!

? Shorten lenght of some pikes that are too long!

- Rohan Golden Hall arrow exit points needs to be raised higher to fire from the tower as well!

- Model/animation for Collapsing is needed for:
* Rohan Golden Hall
* Rohan Stables
* Rohan Archery
* Rohan Armory
* Hobbit House
* Dunland Tent
* Dwarven Mine


- Mordor Gate needs new opening animations!

? Make the wheels of the Grond always turn while moving!

V Make the Dwarven Mithril Mine grand wheel, turn slowly!

- New falling forward death anims for Giants (forwards) needs skeleton Decay (use scaled Trolls?)

- Barrack "Galadhrim" animations for Noldor Warriors "Weapon Song" power!

- Ents should use Tear Down anim against structures if available?

- Rohirrim should be able to fire arrows while riding? (See "Medium fixes")

V Dwarven Berserkes fall over backwards when fighting sometimes...? Remove!

- Build up anims are needed for:
* Hobbit House!
* Dwarven Mine!
* Dunland Tent!
* Dale Barracks!


P Leadership FX Bug! When some units are given Leadership, the FX glow is leaving an ugly square under the model? (Easterlings, Haradrims and Black Uruks)!

V Change Sauron's Ring FX aura from the bright Galadriel one, to the dark "evil" one!

- Add thick black smoke FX to Balrog's bones!

- Leadership FX rings given to Haradrim Archers on Mûmakil are wrongly placed HIGH above the Haradrim models? (Scaling geometry problem!)

- Fire Drake's Inferno needs polishing (too big and very ugly burn marks that should be less square in shape)!

- ALL units in game should have the new "BDFX" (Burning Death FX) that Sûl developed for 4.6! *Most DONE!*
REMAINING: Mithlonds, AxeThrowers, Dwarven BC, Cave Trolls, Mountain Trolls, Attack Trolls...


P AI build the Grond, but it does not attack structures but rather units???

P Dwarven Axethrowers AI can not attack Eagles? (Good vs Good problem?)

- The AI can recruit Rohan Heroes before the Golden Hall is built?

- The AI can simply walk by Outposts and similar to capture them? Fix needed to make them stop!

- When capturing a ship yard, current production should be stopped!

i AI don't use Isengard Mines, they only build them?

- AI don't use Siege Towers, they only build them?

Final fixes

- FINAL BALANCING after MUCH MUCH MUCH beta testing of final beta... :xd:

Obsolete fixes due to being too hard or even impossible!

O Legolas Monster Slayer ability/anim! (Not available... PR trick from EA?) :sleep:

O Scale some Siege units like Trebuchets! (Not "possible" cause of operators being a part of same model). :lol:

O Mumaks should have more Harad Archers in their Houdas! (Too much complicated modeling work involved!) :thumbsupsmiley:

O Treebeard can not Toggle Weapon (Throw Rocks/Hit) while hobbits are mounted! (Impossible to fix, for some strange reason)!

>>> NO POSTING HERE! This is for reference only! Use the proper Suggestion Threads for comments... <<<

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Posted 26 October 2009 - 08:58 AM

Nazgul, could you update this thread please, because some ideas are obsolete. I'll delete this post once the update is done.
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Posted 26 October 2009 - 11:29 AM

This list is NOT important for Beta 4.7, and should be treated as "obsolete" (idle) until Beta 4.7 is done according to the new ToDo list :)

*locked until further notice*

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