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Ideas for The Hobbit Mod

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#1 Captain Beremir

Captain Beremir
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Posted 19 November 2007 - 11:18 PM

Here is where I will post my ideas for The Hobbit Mod. Hope you like them :p

The Beorning Faction has few heroes, but they are all quite powerful. They have a small supply of units as well, (not all are shown either) but those are stronge as well. This faction is aggresive and does not specialize in stealth or defenses, but instead has sturdy units that could beat most other factions' in a one-on-one.

Cost: 5000
Level 1- Wizard Blast- same as is
Level 3- Flame of Anor- a small fireball that sets targeted enemies on fire (warg chieftan)
Level 5- Light of Glamdring- a small whockwave of light erupts from Gandalf
Level 8- Eagle Allies- Gandalf summons two Giant Eagles to the battlefield
Level 10- Cloud Burst- the clouds break, setting all enemies in a HUGE radius around Gandalf on fire

Cost: 3000
Human Abilities:
Level 1- Morph- morphs into a bear
Level 1- Leadership- +50% damage, +25% speed to nearby units
Level 3- Woodland Rally- summons 1 battalion of Woodsmen to Beorn
Level 5- Feast- all nearby allies are healed OR selected enemies lose 50% speed as they eat and get fatter
Bear Abilities:
Level 1- Morph- morphs into a human
Level 4- Rampage- Beorn gains 150% damage and armor, and 50% attack speed
Level 5- Roar of Fury- causes nearby enemies to flee with terror
Level 8- Maul- a POWERFUL attack to a selected enemy

Description: Beorn is a total tank hero as a bear. His Rampage and Maul powers, when used together, will kill just about any enemy hero! As a human, he leads troops better with his Leadership and Feast powers.

Background: For those who don't know, Beorn is a skin-changed who lives near the Carrock, a small island in the River Anduin. He can change his form and become a great Black Bear. In The Hobbit Beorn aids Gandalf, Bilbo, and the dwarves before they start the dark journey through Mirkwood forest. He later appears at The Battle of Five Armies, and there slays the leader of the Goblins, Bolg.

Radagast the Brown
Cost: 2500
Level 1- Wizard Blast- it's traditional
Level 2- Athelas- heals nearby heroes
Level 5- Wanderer- reveals a selected portion of the map
Level 7- Call the Herd- turns selected enemies into livestock
Level 10- Nature's Ally- a combination of earthquake, flood, and sunflare

Description: Radagast is not a hero who could survive on his own. He does have a great Level 10 Power, and his Call the Herd is effective as well. But up until Level 7, his main use is to spy out the map and help allies.

Background: Radagast, cousin of Gandalf, is also an Istari Wizard sent to Middle-Earth. He is a lover of nature, and makes his home in the city of Rhosgobel, south of the Carrock. Radagast is friends with Beorn, the Eagles, and other beings of nature as well.

Cost: 2500
Level 2- King of the Eyrie- +50% vision and +25% speed to nearby eagles
Level 4- Eagle's Call- enemy units and flying beasts flee as Gwaihir screeches
Level 5- Windlord- enemies in a selected area are sucked into the air
Level 8- Cloud Dive- Gwaihir dives to the ground, killing any enemies he passes over

Description: Gwaihir is one of the more unique heroes of the Beorning faction, as he is the only flying hero. He gives other Eagles a boost in vision and speed if they are near to him, but also has the power to wipe out enemies on the ground below.

Background: Gwaihir is the Lord of the Great Eagles of the Misty Mountains. In The Hobbit he and the other Eagles rescue the dwarves from the trees that the goblins are burning. Later, the Eagles appear at the Battle of Five Armies, which allows the men, elves, and dwarves to gain the victory.

Weapon: Swords/Axes
Basic Swordsmen

Weapon: Axes/Itself
Elite Swordsmen (can morph into brown bears)

Black Bears
Weapon: Itself
Elite Cavalry

Hunter's Den- trains woodsmen
Beorning Halls- trains Beornings and Black Bears
Mirkwood Camp- trains Mirkwood units (not shown above, will come later )
Garden- resources

POWERPOINTS (are in order from left to right)
5-Herbs- heals selected units
5-Beorning Wood- like elven wood
5-Beorn's Call- selected units gain 50% damage

10-Bramble Field- enemies that cross these brambles get stuck in them and take continuous damage
10-Carrock Outpost- like Lone Tower (giant rock slab that archers can go on top of, like that mentioned in The Hobbit)
10-Hunting Season- units gain resources for kills
10-Summon Hobbits- same as is

15-Call Eagles- summons 2 Giant eagles to the battlefield
15-Bear Council- summons many Beornings and Black Bears to the battlefield
15-Northern Alliance- summons many dwarves and Mirkwood elves to the battlefield

25-Nature's Wind- summons a great tornado onto the battlefield
25-Flood Season- a giant flood(no horses) washes across the battlefield

A possible fortress upgrade:
Beehives- gives the fortress extra vision and stealth detection; bees also attack enemies who get too close to the fortress

The Dol Guldur faction is a combination of strengths. Different units in the faction have the ability to stealth, but those are normally the weaker units that raid throughout Mirkwood. Later in the game, Dol Guldur begins to specialize in sorcery and debuffing, with units such as Sorcerors, Bent Hurons, and Olog-Hai.

Cost: 5000
Level 1- Lord of Dol Guldur- nearby units gain 50% damage and armor, earn exp. 2x as fast
Level 3- Mighty Fireball- a powerful fireball attack
Level 6- Death Ray- a powerful (possible red) beam that poisons selected unit
Level 7- Black Shock- a small shockwave is sent forth from the Necromancer
Level 10- Lord of Darkness- like the Darkness spell power, the map gets darker, but allied units get 50% damage and 15% speed, enemy units lose 50% armor

Description: The Necromancer is an army destoryer, but he can also provide leadership to his fighting force. His death ray and mighty fireball powers can severly damage enemy heroes, and his Black Shock power can get rid of many enemy units.

Background: The Necromancer of Dol Guldur is really Sauron in disguise. He is the one who made Mirkwood become dark and, well...Mirky, when he started his reign in Dol Guldur. In The Hobbit, when Gandalf leaves the dwarves, he has business away south. He is meeting with the White Council, and together they finally drive the Necromancer out of Mirkwood.

Cost: 3000
Level 1- Mount- mounts an undead horse
Level 2- Shadow of the East- nearby enemies lose 25% damage, 25% armor, and 10% speed
Level 3- Nazgul's Wrath- Khamul gains 100% damage and 50% armor
Level 6- Shadow Blade- a powerful poisoning attack to a single enemy
Level 8- Summon Easterlings- summons 5 battalions of Easerlings

Description: Khamul is one of four cavalry heroes of Dol Guldur. But his true strength lies in destroying enemies. His Shadow of the East works like the Nazgul's Dread Visage, and his Shadow Blade is a better version of the Nazgul's Morgul Blade. Finally, his Nazgul's Wrath power allows Khamul to boost his own stats.

Background: Khamul is the second in command of the Nazgul, and the only one besides the Witch-King to ever have a name laid out by Tolkien. He is sent by Sauron to lead the armies of Dol Guldur. Once an Easterling lord, after he became a Nazgul, Khamul became known as The Shadow of the East.

-Note: the figure that Juissi based his model off of also inspired my Khamul :good:

Cost: 2000
Level 2- Web Trap- surrounds a selected enemy in web, making them unable to move or attack (they can still get hurt though :mellow: )
Level 3- Spider Queen- nearby spiders gain 50% damage
Level 5- Great Terror- nearby enemies flee with terror
Level 7- Black Vapors- selected enemies lose 50% damage, 50% armor, and 50% speed

Description: Unglienn is a hero that is good all around. She can damage heroes, as well as lead other Giant Spiders. He Great Terror power make enemies flee, and her Black Vapors debuffs enemies. She is best used with the Giant Spiders.

Background: One of Shelob's race, Unglienn is the Queen of the Giant Spiders of Mirkwood. She is one of the spiders to witness the rescue of the dwarves by Sting, and she is terribly wounded in an attempt to keep her prey. She then flees back to Dol Guldur, and the Necromancer helps her, then gaining the Giant Spiders' allegiance.

Cost: 1500
Level 1- Quick Escape- Bludlurst transforms into a bat, and is unable to attack or be attacked
Level 3- Bloodclaw- a slash attack that deals blood damage* to a selected enemy
Level 4- Call Allies- Bludlurst summons 2 battalions of Vampire Spirits
Level 6- Venomous Bite- a powerful bite attack that deals blood damage to a selected unit
Level 8- Drink Health- A selected enemy gets their life drained, which heals Bludlurst (like Sharku's Man-Eater)
*Blood Damage is just like poison damage, only it applies to Bludlurst and the Vampire Spirits of Dol Guldur. This type of damage hurts enemies over time. This is the only attack used by the Vampire Spirits.

Description: Bludlurst is a fairly cheap hero with some pretty strong moves. His Quick Escape can get him out of tight situations, and his Bloodclaw, Venomous Bite, and Drink Health all deal blood damage to a selected enemy. His Call Allies allows Bludlurst to wreak even more havoc on the battlefield with his Vampire Allies.

Background: Bludlurst is one of few remaining vampires in Middle-Earth. This ancient race of Morgoth is now only found within the walls of the cursed fortress Dol Guldur. Bludlurst is the one and only true vampire left, as the rest are actually spirits, which can only survive by preying on others. When the White Council drives Sauron out of Dol Guldur, the spirits vanish, and Bludlurst dies without the support of Sauron.

Cost: 2000
Level 1- Untaimed Allegiance- Tunlak can take control of a selected neutral lair
Level 3- Howl- Tunlak's Black Wolf howls, causing enemies to flee
Level 4- Leaderhsip- Nearby Black Wolves gain 50% damage, and 25% speed
Level 5- Charge of the Wolves- Tunlak and nearby Black Wolves take only half as much damage, and don't slow down while trampling
Level 7- Cripple Strike- Tunlak cripples a selected enemy unit

Description: Tunlak is one of the other cavalry heroes of Dol Guldur. He does not have the ability to dismount. Tunlak can single out an enemy hero with his Cripple Strike, and his Charge of the Wolves strengthens himself and the nearby wolves.

Background: Tunlak is the only orc of Dol Guldur that can maintain control of a Black Wolf. Tunlak's wolf is the leader of its pack, which allows Tunlak to maintain control of the other wolves of Dol Guldur. Tunlak often leads raids on the outskirts of Mirkwood forest.

2 Nazgul (come separately but have same abilities)
Cost: 1000
Level 1- Mount- mount an undead horse
Level 2- Dread Visage- nearby enemy units lose 25% damage and 25% armor
Level 5- Morgul Dagger- throw a poisoned dagger at a selected enemy
Level 6- Screech- same as is

Description: The Nazgul are early game cavalry heroes that can also dismount. They are quite similar to Mordor's Nazgul except that they have a Morgul Dagger instead of a Morgul Blade. (In FOTR book, the WK stabbed Frodo with a knife, not a sword)

Dark Orcs
Battalion Size: 10
Weapon: Sword
-have the ability to stealth

Orc Hunters
Battalion Size: 10
Weapon: Bow
-have the ability to stealth

Chamber Guards
Battalion Size: 10
Weapon: Spear & Shield (like the orc spearmen in the ROTK video game, if u know what they look like)

Black Wolves
Battalion Size: 10
Weapon: Itself

Giant Spiders
Battalion Size: 6
Weapon: Itself
Abilities: Spider Poison- poisons selected enemies
Elite Cavalry
-have the ability to stealth

Dark Elves
Battalion Size: 6
Weapon: Bow
Abilties: Thorn Arrows- powerful arrow volley
Elite Archers
-have the ability to stealth

Vampire Spirits
Battalion Size: 3
Weapon: Itself- Blood Damage
Elite Unit

Forest Trolls
Battalion Size: 3
Weapon: Tree as Club
Elite Unit

Battalion Size: 1
Weapon: Spiked Mace
Abilities: Charge- gains 25% speed and takes half as much damage for a short period of time
Elite Unit

Dol Guldur Sorcerors
Battalion Size: 1
Weapon: Spells
*Black Heart- enemy units lose 50% of their life (not heroes)
*Mirkwater- small lake appears, enemy units get sucked in (no heroes)
*Cursed Sky- all sorts of trees, bats, bodies fall from sky, damaging all enemies
**Wrath of the Necromancer- a small chockwave is sent out from the sorceror

*you can chose one of these 3 spells
**this spell requires the Apprentice's Staff upgrade

Bent Hurons
Weapon: Throwing Rocks/Itself
Abilities: Toggle Ranged/Melee

Weapon: Spear
Inn Unit

Lumber Mill- resources
Dol Guldur Pit- (1)Dark Orcs, Orc Hunters, Chamber Guards, (2)Dark Elves
Troll Chamber- (1)Forest Trolls, (2)Olog-Hai
Marsh- (1)Vampire Spirits
Forest Den- (1)Black Wolves, (2)Giant Spiders, (3)Bent Hurons
Necromancer's Palace- (1)Dol Guldur Sorceror, (2)Apprentice's Staff
Furnace- (1)Banner Carrier, (2)Dark Blades, (3)Black Armor

POWERPOINTS (in order)
5-Mirkwood Bats- reveal steath and have good vision
5-Dark Forest- like Elven Wood
5-War Enchantments- like War Chant

10-Summon Dark Elves- summons 4 battalions of Black Elves
10-Fuel the Fires
10-Necromancer!- a HUGE debuff on selected enemy units

15-Watcher in the Water
15-Call Bent Hurons- summons 4 Bent Hurons

25-Army of Castellans- summons many undead Castellans
25-Necromancer's Fire- like Rain of Fire

^Some of the powers are missing, so I could use a few ideas :good:

More to come :sad:

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#2 Elendil the High

Elendil the High

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Posted 20 November 2007 - 12:12 PM

Well...i would suggest that when you are making ideas, you have to make everything, Health, damage, cp ect. Eksample with Gandalf:

Name: Gandalf

Cost: 3000

Health: 3500

Damage: 400

CP: 75


The Grey Toker (Gandalf gains 500 health, his powers recharge 30% faster)

Gandalf is...

*My idea for an upgrade
**If it's a fictional character, you have to make little background story for him, so other people have little info about him, of course there is no need to it for Gandalf, as we all know him.

This was just some of my adwises, you don't have to use them if you want to.
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Wars of the East is the Best

#3 Juissi



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Posted 20 November 2007 - 12:25 PM

Nah, the way Beremir has them is very okey :p
I can balance all the costs and prices and CP's when I notice that something is not right so you can put the prices and other details there, but its no problem if you dont.
About Gandalf btw, he has been fully redesigned already, he was the first thing I did :lol:

Edited by Juissi, 20 November 2007 - 12:26 PM.

#4 Captain Beremir

Captain Beremir
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Posted 20 November 2007 - 09:00 PM

well Elendil I added descriptions to the heroes. (never done it before but it was enjoyable) Also, I leave a lot of the stats blank because I want to let the modder fit them in to the mod how they please.

Also, UPDATE: Dol Guldur
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#5 Juissi



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Posted 24 November 2007 - 09:51 AM

Cool ideas, dont know how much I will be able to use them but they are definetly cool and some unit and hero power ideas are good just like that :p
Good work, keep them coming.

#6 Captain Beremir

Captain Beremir
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Posted 11 December 2007 - 11:34 PM

sorry i haven't been posting much lately but i don't have much time nowadays, and probably wont be able to post too many ideas until I have less going on (hopefully around Christmas). I have ideas, just no time to post :p
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