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Latest news on the latest beta and next project!

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Posted 29 November 2007 - 08:33 AM

Ive released some details about what the next beta will be about, here is the full anouncement.

Well since the return of BoG ive been fairly quiet about releases. Well there have now been 2 private betas released since i restarted, which both included a new faction, so i have been hard at work.

I know all you non beta testers have not had a new version of bog to play since march that will work with rotwk 1.1. But you know the saying, wait and you shall be awarded...or maybe i just made that up :p.

In other words the next public beta is going to be worth waiting for, as i plan to include all factions and each faction will of been tested, balenced and bug free :mellow:.
So just to make this clear, version 4.0, will include...

Minas tirith - full tech tree, spell book, AI

Southern Fiefdoms - Full tech tree, spell book , AI

Rohan - Full tech tree, spell book, AI

Mordor - Full tech tree, spell book, AI

Isengard - Full tech tree, spell book, AI

Rhun - Full tech tree, spell book, AI

Harad - Full tech tree, spell book, AI

Unique ring heros for all factions.

New multiplayer maps - including peleglir, edoras, westfold, eastfold, east emnet, cirith ungul and many many more!

I hope this to be out by christmas.

After this version i dont have plans to do wotr mode (not enough people play it (including myself) to be bothered todo it at the moment.
I will continue to release new versions will bug fixes, balence fixes and new units/features.

But my main focus may be moving onto anouther mod im planning for bfme...

That was on tuesday.

Yestaday i opened a new sub forum at my forums for my next project, i have not revealed the title yet, heres what i revealed in there...

Well you may of noticed my comment in the latest bog anoucement that i may be working on anouther project next year. Well its gonna be...

The Battles of Gondor II, The ******* of the ***** *****.

Sorry im not going to reveal the title yet. All i will say is that it is todo with a battle of gondor, but its a unique mod idea which to my knoledge has never been done before. It will have 4 factions (2 good, 2 evil) and will be for rotwk.

Feel free to speculate what the mod could be ^_^

Yes im a evil person who wants to see what people guess the mod will be about. Im intrested to see how many people will guess correctly ;)
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a mod for rotwk, includes Harad, Rhun, Rohan and Southern Fiefdoms Factions, beta released, site/forums for the mod is here.

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Posted 03 December 2007 - 12:43 AM

Okay, I'll bite, this means you're modding again, right?

Does BoGII have anything to do with the Wainrider's invasion or the formation of Rohan?

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