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Some unit reviews

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#1 ForcedDj

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Posted 24 December 2007 - 10:07 PM

Name of unit: Giant Tripod
Cost: 6000 credits, yup, its that much, more than the ion cannon or nuke.
Requirements: War factory, maybe Battle Lab, and Tech Secret Lab(capture it dumbass)
Weapon: Rail gun that is HE(high explosive m'kay)
Armor: heavy
Purpose: Devastation
Notes: Build limit of 1
Weakness: Not invulnerable(no shit), Air units.

This unit, is destructive. I used it, and it can take a lot of damage. It can't be mind controlled(thank god, otherwise your base could be devastated), and can actually go ahead and take out a base. I dunno how good it is, and the unit that is more expensive and maybe more powerful than this is the H-Bomber. The easy way and safe way is to attack with Air units, since the Tripod doesn't have AA weapons. Remember, give any requests and I will try them out.

Might do another unit review. Any requests?

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#2 Remus

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Posted 25 December 2007 - 09:10 PM

Weapon: can't tell you, hard to tell actually. Lets just say, its a good weapon.

It's the same weapon the Yuri "Gyro Tank" has. It's a sort of high velocity cannon (rail gun) that shoots high explosive shells.

And although it can take a heavy beating, it's by no means invincible...
The best way to destroy this monster is with air units. It doen't have AA weapons :thumbsupsmiley:

#3 o8ao

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Posted 17 May 2009 - 12:20 PM

remus ur general is so nice that i have to play once a day. it is very challenging. i just want to ask demolition agent is detectable by dogs?
and the icbm's rocket range is whole map????

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