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Read this before uploading expect and say random IE.

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Posted 29 December 2007 - 03:36 PM

When people upload expect.txt file, I download and copy the EIP to my translation, and often get matches. The most people have just missing/incorrect deathweapon, some also have wrong Primary name. So check here first:

EIP 005D7387 (Access Violation) - when you start a skirmish game and have no infantry with AllowedToStartInMultiplayer=yes.
EIP 00000020 (Access Violation) - when you MindControl a conyard, destroy the house that owned it, then lose the MC link.
EIP 006F40A2 (Access Violation) - when you have missing Weapon. or wrong name
EIP 0046650D (Access Violation) - when you have unlinked shrapnel.
EIP 0071AF4D (Access Violation) - when you have temporal shrapnel.
EIP 0050CE5C (Access Violation) - when you have a HoverPad=yes building and an AI tries to fire a Nuke/WeatherStorm. (And your AIIonCannonHelipadValue= is commented out as it is by default.)
EIP 004F710C (Access Violation) - when you have a comment(";") infront if [General]
EIP 90900004 (Unknown Exception)- Missing Deathweapon
EIP 007CA0C3 (Access Violation) - Files are missing from cache.mix
EIP 007564B4 (Access Violation) - when you have a missing hva to a projectile voxel
EIP 004F6794 (Access Violation) - your side have missilng buildings entry in [AI]

More Here

Most of these translations was created by DCoder, these where shared long time ago at renproj.
I hope to get this topic sticky :good:
(The last guy that reported a random IE[ra2free] had a match here)

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Posted 29 December 2007 - 04:08 PM

I hope to get this topic sticky

well, we will experiment :good:

I will underline here, what this forum isn't free IE checking for your mod.
so don't think, if you post IE caused by your mod, I will tell that is wrong in your mod.
My site here: http://www.vk.cncguild.net - RP / NP / ETS / TOOLS.
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