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Command & Conquer 2142 - news update 5!

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#1 derek328

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Posted 10 February 2008 - 09:26 AM

Dear Revora network staff, members & fans of the BF2142/CNC3 community,

Hello, this is Derek from CnC2142 mod here! :)

Speaking on behalf of the entire mod team, we are very sorry that there has been very few updates throughout the past months, but our efforts have been genuinely recognized by the entire CnC modding community around the globe. In terms of view counts, , at least here at CnC3.net, we've already got over 3k visits. In terms of popularity @ Moddb, we're also not doing bad, ranking at the top 23% of all the listed mods. Furthermore, our mod is still one of the most-widely talked CnC3 mods to date, for instance:
- Psi Studios Forums,
- Thundermods.net,
- CnCHQ, and so on.
In fact, CnC2142 has also been voted the most popular in one of CnCHQ's monthly polls, with over 102 votes proving our worthiness. We do apologize for the continuous inactivity, :p but as the university applications draws close for us all, we sincerely admit there is no free time, at this immediate period, for any game modding, or even simple msn as a matter of fact. :sad: The applications & exams really are once-and-never-again events for us all in the mod team.

Although contents has been completed every now and then, with buildings, heightmaps and all vehicles now fully shaped & skinned, genuinely speaking our progress has been very slow - with majority of our time devoted to schoolwork and CVs, it is often even miraculous that we do find time to work on the mod during long holidays, such as Christmas & term breaks. Even so, I would like to thank Helge129 in particular, ^_^ for his great commitment and devotion to help creating a better CnC2142 mod than what it was planned to be in the first place.

We do wish to continue the mod after university application, SAT examinations and so on. But meanwhile, we sincerely don't want to hold up Revora any longer, which is why I have returned today, to post perhaps the last update of CnC2142 in a long time. The website will be taken down in a week today, according to the revora takedown regulations. :)

Nonetheless, I would sincerely love to express our thankfullness for all that the Revora community has provided us since the very first day!

Derek & CnC2142 Mod Team

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#2 Thats me!

Thats me!

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Posted 10 February 2008 - 10:27 AM

Wow!I know now why you weren't here so long derek328,welcome back.And good lock in the university.

#3 Helge129


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Posted 11 February 2008 - 08:44 AM

Yay, you finally are back :lol:


#4 Torn



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Posted 15 February 2008 - 03:57 PM

You don't half speak a load of rubbish.

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