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Posted 13 February 2008 - 04:03 PM

One of the minifactions for Mordor that I've seen a few times in this mod is the "Eastern Wastelands". What/who is this, and is it still in the mod?

Is Withered Heath still a minifaction for Mordor?

What are Black Trolls of Mordor?

I also want to know more about the Dwarves of The Grey Mountains. For one, are these the same Dwarves that fought Scatha, and another what are Firebeards?

Lastly, I have a few ideas...

Soldiers of Rhun
Faction: Mordor
Race: Easterling Men
Appearance: Like Easterling pikemen, but with Swords/Axes and Sheilds.
Description: Sauran called many evils when he awakened in Middle Earth. Not only orcs answered his calls, but men. They
Came from Harad, Umbar, and Rhun. Out of Rhun came many warriors armed with axes and swords, ready to fight the Men of Numenor, the Dwarves of Khazad Dum, and the Elves of Lindon.

I think you should make Rhun and Harad minifactions, they have so much cool stuff to offer.

Gaurdians of Harnen
Faction: Mordor
Race: Black Numenoreans/Haradrim
Appearance: Men in heavy scale male, weilding glaives.
Description: The Black Numenoreans have hated the Men of Arnor and Gondor ever since they came to Middle Earth. They consider the Elendili a lesser, and corrupt form of Human beings. In order to protect themselves form the "traitors of the North" they have men watch the River Harnen, the natural border between Gondor and Harad.

Is Eregion getting any units? If not I think they should have Swordsmen, and Halberdiers.

That's all for now, may be more later though :p

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