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Fire Front - Rise from the ashes

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#1 Dregan

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Posted 06 March 2008 - 12:16 AM

Hey everyone how are you going. Its been a while since I've posted on any modding forum including here. The main reason for this is the fact I've moved on from modding into some more ambitious challenges as well as commencing my studies into the growing field of multimedia at university. I have been working on a fresh development for the past 3 weeks thats a long term project in the making. The studies I undertake at uni will all coincide with the skills needed to complete such a project as this. I have decided that Revora will be the best place to announce this to the creative community as well as temporarily develop while I build a site for it in the future.

I was firstly looking into different games to mould into this type of game but the final conclusion is to use an open source game engine. I have had a look at the different ones available on DevMaster.net according to overall functionality and have chosen 3D game Studio.

The attached document is a basic overview i have written in the past 3 weeks, bear in mind none of it is set in concrete just yet. The storyline is almost finished but there is couple of paragraphs missing at the end so it doesn't connect efficiently just yet. All of the features mentioned in this document will be implemented if conventionally possible with in the bounds of the chosen engine.



#2 Dregan

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Posted 06 March 2008 - 11:30 PM

This announcement was merely a taster and to also get the word out there. Also any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Also enclosed in the attachments is the first model ill be using to get the pre-alpha up and running. Its a tank chassis ready for texturing.



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  • tank_chassis_1.PNG

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#3 Jeeves


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Posted 08 March 2008 - 03:21 AM

Looks interesting.
One thought on the chassis though; it doesn't seem like a usable design. I think the game would have a much better feel to it if the designs were kept realistic. If you take the time to plan out the little details you can then feed information back to the player to help immerse them in your enviroment. Why I say this designs poor is theres no connection from chassis to the drive wheels (typically front or back, the other being an idler), thus drive would have to be on a middle wheel which would just be useless given the track setup; you want as much track contact on the drive as possible. The tracks are also only connected to the chassis on wings far back, which would mess up balance and structual strength if there was any great weight before this, and with the engine between the wings the turret would have to be pushed further forward and mess up this weight distrobution. The front being flat just makes it the easiest point to penetrate, wheras most AFV's have the fronts as the strongest point, and the way it juts at the bottom means it will probably get easily bashed and stuck on an uneven battlefield. Theres also no clear stop where the driver would sit, unless the slope above the flat face is where the viewports are, in which case he's at the very front next to the weakest point and couldn't possibly sit down without getting his legs amputated.
Now, thats a lot of pedantic drivel, but my point is, if you're able to justify your designs, and explain them and some backstory/design notes when the player come to choose them, you'll do better in immersing them.

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#4 Dregan

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Posted 04 October 2008 - 01:17 AM

Too much work for uni has been going on lately, with in a month I'll be back on track. Now the model itself was a concept of the base of one of the machines that will be featured in this game. Above the base will be the turret which will house the driver and components ie. weapons etc. The tracks will need much more work and alot more design to make them appear as realistic as applicable. Also the document provided is also outdated as further additions to the functionality and story have been made. I thank you Jeeves for your input and apologise for such a late reply:)

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