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Posted 30 April 2008 - 11:56 PM

Some of you may have noticed already, but theres a lot of sites here on Revora. Quite a lot indeed, definately more than 7, even. And how many of you have noticed how many are coded even half as well as Will Farrel scripts are written? Yes, the situation is that bad. But it doesn't have to be...

Has anyone here even heard of standards? They're these standardised methods of interpretation that enables a complient document to be treated alike accross any complient interpreter. They're very easy to follow, things like don't add "Westwoodcodesworsethan My-site=false" into your RA2 rules.ini, as it doesn't exist, or close your xml tags in your BFME or CNC3 mod. Easy, right? Its actually exactly the same for xhtml. Don't use tags that don't exist in your current document type, follow the very simple syntax, and most of you still get it wrong.

This is before we get onto deeper issues, like the fact it is a semantic language. Its not a matter of finding some random tag to put in a random place to do something, a markup language just appends text with sementic meaning. If I gave this post a big bold title, you'd assume it was a heading, right? A machine wouldn't know, ths is why the markup exists, you're just saying a headings a heading. Thats how simple markup is. And most of you still get it wrong.

Then theres the fact that theres this brilliant new method of applying styles to make your markup look more fun, which has only existed formally for over a decade now. It allows you to seperate content from presentation to give greater and more appropriate control of both, and even allows you to style hundreds of pages without having to copy all your atrocious code into each and everyone one! Its first implimentation was in Sir Tim' NeXT browser, so long before any of you were using, let alone failing at writing for the web, and most of you still get wrong.

If you've read this far, you're probably wondering where I'm going with this mad rant besides the fact most of you are fucking a disgrace, so here it is; I am willing and able to help. Any of you pathetic incompitent people want to make good, talk to me and I am willing to teach you how to make quality well written sites that will be more accessible, better findabilily, easier to manage, and easier to impliment across a range of mediums for a very long time. Its called doing things right, which most of you, if you made the effort, are well capable of not getting wrong.

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