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DataRun: The Budget

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Posted 04 May 2008 - 02:42 PM

The worst thread of them all. The one dealing with money.

Modding should be free, but there's always something that's going to cost a few bucks. So we'll be wanting to put some money aside to cover production costs. Since I'm running the show, I'll try and put forwards as much as I can. However, if anyone feels they would like to put in some donations, they'd be much appreciated.

First things first! DataRun requires that we film Live Action sequences. We'll need two actors, but these guys will be student friends of mine who will work for a few beers. The cost we can't avoid, is that we need to build a set and all the props, we need to hire a proper camera, and we need lighting and audio. We'll also be doing post-production in After Effects (I have a copy).

I have given Dave (our manager for this part of the project) a rough estimated budget to do all of the live action work required for the first release.

Also, next generation graphics require next generation materials, and we have a devastatingly short deadline. It may be prudent to buy in professional materail sets so that we can get our texture maps done as quickly as possible to a very high standard. http://www.arroway.de seem to have a number of texture maps that could be ideally suited to this project; tiles, stone and concrete packages. They are also reasonably well priced.

  • Live Action Scenes:
    150-200 GBP / 296 - 395 USD / 192 - 256 EUR
  • Arroway: Concrete - volume one:
    38 GBP / 76 USD / 49 EUR
  • Arroway: Stone - volume one:
    46 GBP / 91 USD / 59 EUR
  • Arroway: Textures - edition one:
    38 GBP / 76 USD / 49 EUR
  • Arroway: Tiles - volume one:
    38 GBP / 76 USD / 49 EUR

I'll update this thread when money is put into the fund, and when materials are bought, with a full run down of costs.

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