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C&C Generals:Destructive Hour

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Posted 16 July 2008 - 06:57 PM

~General Changes~
All Factions Have a Super Units although we are thinking of making this paradrop only science for balancing.
Faster Menu's [X]
Most Building Build a Little Faster [X]
-Command Centers 25s, SupplyCenters and Power Plants 5s, barracks 4s, Defenses 10-15s, Tech Centers 27s, Airfields 24, Warfatorys 15s
all Cargo's will have 5,000 Health not 1,000 [X]
Supply Docks and Piles have 500% more Supplies [X]
'Boxes' worth 100 not 75 [X]
MineFields More 'Dense with mroe Mines'
Mines Do More Damage
Demo Traps Do More Damage
Make Hero Locomotor (Copy Colonel Burtons)
Supply Collectors Carry more
Oil Derricks Give More 2.5K Initial 500 Gradually
Car Bombs Do ALOT more
Ability to give Teammates $$$?? Give Teammate a Unit

Holes Spawn Infantry? - 2 Rebels and Missile Defender

Radar Van Gets Radar Jammer Upgrade/Ability

-Demo General-
Terrorist Ambush - Not Replacing Rebel Ambush
Scud Missiles have Mini Explosions..like Fuel air Auroras

-Stealth General-
Stealth Tank UVScorpion
Scud Missiles Are Stealthed

-Toxin/Chemical General-
Nerve Grendes for Rebel
Spawn Toxin Fields

-all- Satilite Hack(internet Center) Allies able to see, prolly more $$$
Uranium Power - Colored Smoke
Add EMP ability to Gattling Cannons
Flame Turrets - Firewall Ability - AOE
Internet Centers Hold 10 Hackers
Radio Transmission Truck - Detect Stealth, Garrisionable 5, Calls Small Artillery Strike, Upgradeable To call Airstrike (napalm Strike for Nuke)

-Nuke General-
Radiation Field Ability
Radiation mines - After Explosion Radiation Field
Red Guard Incinerator Grenades - Like flash Bangs

-Infantry General-
Fix MiniGunner's Bone 'attack Air' (look at art and see what bone to put?)
Capture Buildings Faster
Mass Recruitment Barracks - Make New Red Guard and Missile Defender, make new barracks

-Tank General-
BattleMaster AutoLoaders Upgrade
-Rename Tank AutoLoaders
-Effects all tanks(battleMaster and Emperor)
Mass Production Warfactory

petrificated Armor Upgrade instead of Composite Armor
Sentry Drone Upgrade
-Tank Rounds instead of machine Gun Upgrade
Squads Upgrade for Barracks
Fissure Bomb, Stealth Bombers Visual Effects little Weaker Than Daisy Cutter
Paradrop Cash Crates
Paradrop Pilots!!!!
-All USA-
Engineer Infantry - LandMine Special Ability
Allies able to See Intelegence
Lower Time to switch between Straegies

-AirForce General-
Advanced CounterMeasures Upgrade (a Second upgrade?)
-If not, Just make Countermeasures "advanced" and make it better
Faster Reloading Upgrade
Pilot Gets Gun
Jet Locomotor Upgrade
Special Power - Airstrike
--Upgradable to Stealth Fighters or Auroras?
Make a New Aircraft(Graphically)
-Bombs Like Arurora
-Special Ability:4 Bomb Carpet Bomb Recharge:50000 miliseconds?
Mass Production Airfield
Pilot Training Facility - Build Pilot for cost

-Laser General-
Particle Lasers Upgrade
-Gives Comanche Laser instead of Machine Gun
-Gives Laser Rifleman Stronger Laser
-Makes Laser Tank and Laser Defenses Stronger
Paradrops Laser Infantry Not Normal
Make QuadLaser Tank
CounterMeasures Has Better %
Avenger Locomotor Fixed to AvengerLocomotor not Crusader
Laser Strike?
Laser Airraft?
Laser Drone

-SuperWeapon General-
Patriot Fuel Missiles
ICBM Enable
Fuel Air Aurora
Mini Fuel Air Raptor
Fissure Fire

-EMP General-
EMP Raptor
EMP Firebase
Upgrade:EMP Tank Shells
Tank/Air Jammers?
EMP Special Power Recharge Fast
EMP Mines Upgrade
Paradrop Jammers?
EMP Patriots
EMP Warheads

We are also looking for team members and such to assist in new unit and building graphics.

~~Movies of our mod~~
Movie 1
Movie 2
The Chase
Demo GeneralToxin General
Stealth General

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