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Posted 25 July 2008 - 03:17 AM

can you guys re think and make ORB as a side or at least avaible on skirmish mode?
ORB doesnt have many MS but it as some lol

Ms list :
* MBF-M1 M1 Astray
* MBF-M1+EF-24R M1 Astray Shrike
* MVF-M11C Murasame
* MVF-M11C Murasame Reconnaissance Type
* MVF-M12A Ootsukigata (Long range murasame )
* ORB-01 Akatsuki
* ZGMF-X19A ∞ Justice Gundam -lacus faction
* ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam -lacus faction
* MBF-02 Strike Rouge (with all striker packs and the ORB made IWSP and lightning striker )
* GAT-01A2R Slaughter Dagger (five units are given to the Orb Union, following the signing of a security treaty between Orb and the Alliance )
* Astray prototypes (Red ,Gold ,Green ,and Blue and their upgraded versions )

Ship and others list :

* Aegis class
* Archangel
* Heli
* Izumo class (Kusanagi)
* Kuraomikami class
* Takemikazuchi

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Posted 27 July 2008 - 04:13 AM

well you know, if we ever get to FoC (and I mean a very BIG if), Terminal will be the third faction, including Orb forces with it, most likely.
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