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Ryan Rand

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#1 Rafv Nin IV

Rafv Nin IV

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Posted 07 September 2008 - 11:18 PM

Name: Ryan Rand
Sex: M
Hair: Very dark brown (it looks black unless you examine it closely)
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: Slender and light.
Age: 16
Pre-Outbreak Profession: High School Student
Weapons: Trekking poles, ice pick, .243 hunting rifle (with a telescopic scope--single shot, bolt action--46 cartridges left)
Other Items: His backpacking/outdoors gear. I'm a bit of a hiking nut myself, so bear with me on what I would throw together in seven or eight minutes (clothing in the clothes section): ultralight frameless pack, ultralight sleeping bag & pad, lightweight "pocket rocket" stove with fuel (enough for several more litres of hot water), iodine tablets (enough for several more gallons of water), 2 Nalgene water bottles, headlamp (only a few hours of battery left), two lighters, a pocketknife, 50 ft of cord, compass, map, tarptent (it's a type of ultralight tent that isn't very substantial), 3 freeze-dried meals left, sunglasses, aspirin, bandages, pack cover, spotting scope with tripod.
Clothes: Wearing--polyester shirt and a nylon long-sleeved shirt, nylon pants, synthetic hiking socks and liner socks, trailrunning shoes. In pack--extra socks (2 pairs of each type), fleece jacket, polyester long underwear, silk balaclava, stocking cap, lightweight waterproof breathable shell (jacket and pants).
Description: Ryan is dirty and grimy, as he left soap and such luxuries behind when he struck out into the wilderness. His hair has a strange look, as he cut it without a mirror and with a pocketknife, but at least it is out of his eyes. He has lost much weight as a result of his poor diet--despite his blatant ignoring of the game limits of his past life, he is unable to get enough calories to counter the many miles he hikes each day to pass the time. Although his upper body looks weak, his legs are strong and thick with muscle. He has not shaven for weeks, but because of his youth has not grown a full beard.
Background: Ryan lived much of his life outside, and is a skilled outdoorsman. He left his town before the virus reached there and began a life as a solitary young man in the mountain forests. He moves on backcountry trails, but camps and hunts well off of them.

I'm assuming if my character dies, I just make a new one, right?

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Posted 12 September 2008 - 08:32 AM

Yes, if your character buys it then you're welcome to make a new one.

Also, approved if you can think of an entrance :shiftee:
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Oh for fuck's sake!

#3 Rafv Nin IV

Rafv Nin IV

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Posted 12 September 2008 - 02:31 PM

I'm gone this weekend, but I'll post a background story that gets me to the group when I get back.

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