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CTF-Scabeiathrax Beta

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Posted 06 October 2008 - 01:46 PM

Known issues with CTF-Scabeiathrax, beta one.


  • Windows in the reliquary rooms do not have collision
  • Need blocking volumes to prevent map escape around edges of reliquary and comms buildings
  • Need additional mesh work to prevent hammer-jumping and rocket jumping over walls in junction and middle canyon areas
  • Corridors need blocking volumes to help prevent players running backwards from getting stuck on beams
  • Central pillars in the entrance arches have awkward collision (especially with bots), use blocking volumes.


  • Terrain needs mesh work on cliff edges
  • Two reception and laboratory areas are currently identical
  • Lighting in many areas needs brightening
  • Reception corridors need better floor mesh work


  • Lifts need longer delays on stopping, and better bot support.
  • Translocator still given to players, despite disabling?
  • Bots are a bit simple

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