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Posted 31 October 2003 - 10:23 AM

Tiberian Sun Update:
After GDI and Nod destroyed CABAL with a little help from us, we returned to our underground tunnels and caverns, and were prepared to live out our lives in peace with them, and so we were unprepared when a menace came crawling out of the deepest depths of the earth. A legend told of this creature, called by many the Great Wyrm, this creature, at latest estimates, could be measured in the ton's, and as it stretches for over 1 kilometre, you would be either very brave, or very stupid to dare to roam the deeper network of tunnels.

The only defence against this creature is to be on the surface, or very close to it, as it appears to shun the upper levels of our tunnels. Still, you need to be on alert at every instant. Our priests call this creature Shailat-Hul, and claim that it forebodes the ending of the world.

The splinter groups that remain of the Brotherhood of Nod are little trouble to us, as they had grown weak in their ways, so any vehicle that dares to use our underground tunnels without our permission is most often swiftly dealt with.

The only real threat to us, apart from the Wyrm, is the Nod General Slavik. With his command center Montauk, he is able to use our underground tunnels with ease. Out of respect to GDI, we withhold our attacks on him and his vehicles. However, sometimes casualties are unavoidable, as every so often one of their vehicles stumbles on one of our traps designed to ensnare and trap the great beast.

GDI have been very helpful, as well as generous with their technology, and that, combined with what we have been able to glean from the Tacitus, has ensured our short-term survival. However, the future is clouded, and not even our clan elders can foresee what lays ahead. Choose your way carefully commander, for the wrong decision at the wrong time could cause the destruction of our entire race.

Firestorm Update:
Well commander, I guess what they say is true. You truly are the chosen one. Having survived over 50 years, buried in the ruins of our former city, existing only on the tiberium life-force itself, you have done what no other Forgotten Elder did. Yes, it is 2091, the year predicted for the chosen one's return, and with the discovery of you, the prophecy is fulfilled. You survived the great EM storm, and the numerous attacks on the city built over where you lay trapped, as well as the predations of the Wyrm's offspring.

You mean you did not know? The Shailat-Hul was finally destroyed, but at a terrible cost. On that day, fully over half of our men lay, crushed by the great Wyrm's death throes. How were we to know that the carnage was not yet over. It seems that the Wyrm was very vulnerable to Solar light, and with the help of some of the most advanced technology that we have, we opened up a shaft, straight from the surface, all the way down into the Wyrm's lair. It was like watching waxwork melt under intense heat. It was horrible, yet at the same time it was the sweetest thing ever seen, as everyone who witnessed it knew that the Wyrm would attack no longer.

After it died, we surveyed the wounded and the dead, and prepared to move out. Just then, there was a rippling in the Wyrm's still melting flank. Suddenly, they burst out, hordes of them, miniature replicas of the Wyrm in every aspect, and so we believed that the Solar rays would do the same for them as it did for their parent. We hesitated, and in that instant, they struck! They could see us, by some process, and were even immune to solar light. Now, we had no defense, and nearly everyone who was there were slaughtered.

The creatures got away, and we were left to pick up the losses. It seemed an impossible task, but we managed. Then they started attacking again. Now, nothing could stop them, and our best weapons were useless against them, and their acid liquid. It appeared that instead of blood like us, what was coursing through their veins, if they had any, was pure acid.

Then we discovered a new possibility. What if we moved to the surface, and there planned the downfall of these creatures. So we agreed, and we transferred everything to the surface. How were we to know that they would attack us even there.

Harassed by the Wyrmlings from beneath, CABAL ( yes, he is still activated), Sons Of Kane (the former Nod Priesthood), and Slavik's Forces (they resumed their attacks on us soon after you disappeared), we believed we were doomed. However, GRF (Global Rescue Forces, you knew them as GDI), as well as an unusual circumstances, helped us to survive. We discovered that although the Wyrmlings can chew through solid rock very quickly, they cannot digest concrete, and so do not chew through it. In that way, our bases are protected.

The other circumstance is outlined here, in a GRF report:

It appeared that our probes that we had sent toward Alpha Centurai had finally arrived, 70 years later. We were as surprised as anyone when the emergency signal came in from them. The signal showed a fleet of Scrin ships surrounding the solar system. Most of our probes were destroyed, but 2 made it down to one of the planets’ surface. It showed a harsh, Tiberium-infested world. Soon after that, even though our scientists had proved it impossible for that type of star system, Alpha Centurai went supernova. Now we were in a dilemma.

Predictions were that the first wave of particle traveling at FTL speed would hit us in a month. We prepared for that, but we were unprepared when the particles hit our atmosphere and created a global EM pulse. One unexpected side effect of this is the EM Storms. The EM pulse affected the Ion storms that normally plagued us from time to time, and now whenever one hits, it blankets the whole area in an EM field. All electronics were affected, except for the ones in specially constructed facilities, such as your CRS that you and Slavik were both housed in. The software to keep you both alive was still running, but the software that was supposed to wake you in 2050 was outside, and got wiped.

GDI, as you knew it, ceased to exist. We reformed into a group whose sole purpose was to protect the earth, the Global Rescue Forces (GRF). We eventually recovered and everything went back to normal around 2049, but then our scientist informed us that another wave of particles would hit us in 2090, and if earth was unprotected, the radiation in the atmosphere would become so high, that only single-celled organisms would survive. However, a solution presented itself. If we could build a shield in space and have it at exactly the right position, the particles would be dissipated. We even were able to mount it on the Philadelphia, and use the Ion generators there to power the field. The shield was not to be a solid mass of metal. Instead, it was to be a mass of electro-statically charged wires. When the particles hit these, they would be destroyed, releasing energy. While we were able to complete the work around 2080, ahead of schedule, we found out why the star went supernova. It appears that the Scrin used Alpha Centurai as a staging base for their armada of ships.

They made the star go supernova, and were using the slower shockwave to propel their ships toward earth. Normally, it would take them at least 70-80 years to get here, but with the shockwave propelling them at close to light speed, they made it in 48. By that time, we knew and were able to develop our own series of spaceships to defend the shield, and Nod, now called Slavik’s Forces - The Black Hand Of Nod (SF) in honor of you, helped by developing a series of fighters as well, and creating a multi-phasic shielding that was singularly resistant to the Scrin weapons. The shockwave was diverted, wiping out half of the Scrin fleet in the process, but they are still a force to reckon with. Also, the civilians who we used to protect have formed their own group, the Civilian Marine Corps (CMC). The WPL have been making sporadic attacks at our and the Forgotten bases, but mostly they have left us alone. Now you are both up to date on the recent history, get out there and defend the earth!

It appears that this report was intended solely for the GRF and SF commanders, but with our advanced computer technicians, we were able to receive the signal.
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Posted 06 January 2004 - 03:54 AM

How's this? There will still have to be some minor details added, but If no-one has anything to add, then this will be the base for the Forgotten Conyard. What is going to happen is that when they have built something, a small crate will go across the tracks from one side to the other. Some things to be sorted out:
1. Remaps: Where and what should they be.
2. Direction: What direction should the crate go? Left-right, or right-left?
3. Concrete: What should be done about the rest of the concrete? should it be left there, or deleted, and if so, how should it be shaped?
4. Crane: Should there be a crane on it? Bear in mind that although there is a crane on the mcv, that can be changed if needed.
5. Buildup: This is going to be hard, since I have no reference points off of other buildings to use. Any ideas as to what it should do?

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