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Posted 31 October 2003 - 10:25 AM

For 100 years since the second Tiberium war, the WPL has looked to peace and one man in particular to lead them to their golden age. Out of the ashes rose a man commanding loyalty and respect from his people. His name was Wisdomius, but soon he was elected to rule and became: The Duke Wisdomius. Under his rule the WPL prospered and flourished and welcomed their golden age, where almost all disease was wiped out, where their was no more violence or poverty or pain. The Duke even formed a 20 year alliance with the GRF, to help pass on their knowledge.

The Scrin Appear…..

Realizing that war was coming and that the normally peaceful WPL would have to fight or be wiped out, the Duke ordered that a referendum be held to decide that to do. 78% of the WPL citizens decided to fight. A mass production of tanks and aircraft were prepared for the assault, knowing that they would only have little time before the earth came under attack. During this time they also realized the power that they held, and that the side that had an alliance with the WPL stood the chance of winning the war, even against the seemingly invincible Scrin. Deciding that the GRF was trustworthy with their first alliance and that they were the best chance for the earth, the WPL re-instated the Kar’me their alliance of trust and honor with the GRF. Quickly the world saw the Power of the WPL, with their Rocket tanks rumbling across the field and the huge Devastators roaming the battlefield searching for NOD or CABAL forces.

The Evolution Campaign…..

The WPL/GRF Kar’me was successful in repelling some attacks against the earth from the Scrin. Analysis although of the battlefield has informed us that even with the power of the GRF, we can’t win. Therefore we have made an Alliance with Slavik. Knowing that he is not entirely trustworthy, we realized that together we make up ¾ of the power needed to fight off the Scrin, SOK and CABAL. What we needed though was one more side. One more faction to assist in the greatest war ever. The Duke Wisdomius came across The Forgotten leader and decided that that was the remaining power that they needed to ensure victory for the 4 way alliance. The battlefield is set, the future is waiting, let nothing stand in the way of victory for the GRF, TF, SF and WPL, for the struggle against the enemy shall show the true power in the World and that united we stand, we can not be beaten.
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